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    I will bench you and your best friend.


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    Football, Working out, Vagina


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    Jensen 707

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  1. I want to join but you might quit again....
  2. Why does Parker come out to DX?
  3. Oh you guys are SOoooOOOooOOOO mature!!
  4. Says the sore loser who can't spell defense
  5. I mark the FUCK OUT for Mayhem...still holdin it down
  6. jeeeshhh (Happy Birthday Nate)
  7. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSE9Qk9wkig]YouTube - Keyboard Cat REINCARNATED![/ame]
  8. Why the fuck do you think I work so hard? I'm going to ban every single one of you except for Cross
  9. I've heard a lot of speeches in my day and the desk on the first page gave me the chills. I've been here since late 2006 and loved every second of it. I've put my heart into this site and feel like my career ended on a very high note. I wish I could still compete to this day but you better believe when my football stunt is over wheter it be next fall or in years I will always remain an active member of this community. I was the fucking NorCal Kid and never thought my ass would be on the east coast but here I am in Virginia and I've met a couple guys from this community I've been talking shit to on the web for years. We all come from different walks of life whether you work at an airport or for god damn blizzard...whether you suck a mean dick dressed as a pirate or get mad puss like Braddock. We are good people and a true community that's why OCF failed because we let others in.. This place is the shit and despite my smart ass remarks I respect each and everyone of you(except Dane Xavier). Great Show, Great People...... I can't wait to actively compete again after college lets keep this engine running for a long time. I'm done now.... Rule #34 -BOLDO
  10. white kid trying to have swag is what is going on here
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