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  1. NYPD arrests Nick Peters for trespassing and aggravated battery during OCW event By Peter Phillips | 8/5/2023 The NYPD has arrested former OCW star Nick Peters (known as Solomon Caine) after he hopped the barricade at an OCW live event and assaulted three wrestlers and a security guard. He has since been charged with trespassing and aggravated battery. Peters and OCW previously settled a lawsuit in July regarding the former star's refusal to appear for the company. Part of the settlement required Peters to make a final showing at Riot 606, and banned him from entering any OCW events afterwards. It is unknown if Peters made said appearance, as he did not appear on-camera during the episode. The incident, shown live on TV, saw Peters strike one wrestler in the face with a metal claw and incapacitate another. A security guard who attempted to intervene was also incapacitated and thrown from the ring. Wrestler "The Last Blacksmith" rushed to the scene with a blunt weapon and after a brief scuffle was able to drive off the attacker. When NYPD arrived on scene, "The Last Blacksmith" and Peters were found in a backstage parking garage. The attacker was arrested without resistance. "The Last Blacksmith" was also arrested but was released following clarification of the situation. More information will be provided on this story as it is available.
  2. Online Championship Wrestling and Nick Peters agree to settle Delaware court case By Steven Michaels | 7/4/2023 After weeks of back and forth between Online Championship Wrestling (OCW) and performer Nick Peters (aka Solomon Caine) regarding alleged breach of contract, the two parties have agreed to an out-of-court settlement. The settlement, expected to be approved by the Delaware Court of Chancery as soon as today, bars Peters from appearing at any OCW events indefinitely. This excludes Riot 606, which is explicitly carved out as Peters' last appearance for the company. In a statement, OCW indicated that Peters' appearance on Riot 606 would be a public apology to the fans, "nothing more, nothing less." Eichner & Mallwart LLP, the firm representing Peters, shot back by clarifying that the settlement does not include a guilty plea or any acceptance of alleged wrongdoing. More information will be provided on this story as it is available.
  3. Online Championship Wrestling files suit against performer Nick Peters By Mike Murdoch | 6/16/2023 After weeks of speculation, Online Championship Wrestling has officially filed suit against Nick Peters (aka Solomon Caine) in the Delaware Court of Chancery. The company is officially registered and headquartered in the state. The suit was filed shortly after Peters failed to appear for a scheduled match against Inness Quartz at Riot 604. OCW alleges that the performer has failed to appear on numerous occasions, violating the terms of his contract. Eichner & Mallwart LLP, the law firm representing Peters, has denied that the performer's contract requires specific appearances. It seemed likely that Peters would appear on Riot 604, with OCW going as far as introducing him with a video package highlighting some career moments. However, the company instead aired a brief voicemail that saw Peters explicitly (with double meaning) claim he would not be appearing. It is unknown at this time how the voicemail was obtained. Unconfirmed rumors say that the appearance on Riot 604 was expected to happen and smooth over tensions between the two parties, but Peters backed out at the last minute. More information will be provided on this story as it is available.
  4. Seltzer Report Newsletter Highlight - Peters takes the piss The following is an excerpt from the Seltzer Report Newsletter published weekly by Gabe Seltzer on the Seltzer Report website. Subscriptions are available for just $4.99 a month. Support professional wrestling journalism today! --- Sources close to the Nick Peters (aka Solomon Caine) and Online Championship Wrestling situation say that talks between the two parties fizzled last week. OCW management presented Peters with a set of appearances beginning with last Friday's Turmoil 297 in exchange for dropping their lawsuit, which Peters rejected. The performer derided the deal as "Kentucky-fried horseshit" and that "he had no reason to return to the company" when he could be "sipping margaritas in Miami with the mamis instead." Management has maintained that they will go after Peters for breach of contract soon if he refuses to appear with the company. Eichner & Mallwart LLP, a law firm recently retained by Peters, claims that the performer's contract has been fulfilled and requires no additional appearances. Eichner & Mallwart refused to comment on his editorializing. With talks on the fritz and the accused now retaining a law firm, the dispute is closer than ever to a courtroom. But, as wrestling goes, anything can happen.
  5. OCW allegedly preparing legal action against Nick Peters By Stephen King | 5/18/2023 Insider sources within Online Championship Wrestling, the largest professional wrestling organization in the United States, say that the company is preparing to file a lawsuit against performer Nick Peters for breach of contract. Nick Peters (also known as Solomon Caine) last appeared for the company in July of 2022 as a guest commentator during Wrestlution 16, a major annual event. His last match for the company occurred in July of 2021, a month after an impasse between Peters and OCW management nearly resulted in Peters failing to renew his contract before a landmark match at Wrestlution 15. Since then, OCW management alleges that the performer has failed to appear at various events to serve in a backstage role despite explicit contractual obligations. Multiple attempts to contact Peters have reportedly come up short. Particular frustration has been expressed at the lucrative nature of Peters' contract, which granted him a match for the Pride Championship among other perks. This story will be updated as more details become available.
  6. I'm glad we got to see a showcase of fresh OCW talent in the fatal four way tonight. Pep Diaz could use a little work in-ring though. I could never imagine an OCW legend like say, Paul Pugh, constantly avoiding engagement and making unnecessary flavor pins in front of others. If you want some pointers, I'm always here to help a rookie.
  7. I want to preface the following by saying this is my two cents on the matter. This is not responding to anyone in particular, or representing anyone's view but my own. There were three jokes between me and Brian during the whole video. One was near the end of Baxter's entrance and followed up with "there's nothing sexier than this main event", one was following a reversal at the beginning of the match that Parca did not respond to, and one was during the sign-off. Only one joke during the match, a short quip. It was by no means the entire commentary, and in my opinion it did not take away from either of the competitors. We spent what I felt was sufficient time discussing the recent history of the competitors and putting them over as legitimate threats. Could we do better? Hell yeah! I sometimes think that I'm too repetitive, and I'm sure I could find other complaints. The discussion of "is this something that belongs on commentary" is a fair one to have. To say it overshadowed the whole match, now I take issue with that.
  8. The "Sanctum Buries The Wrestling Club" video seemed very weird. I don't see the purpose of a five minute chronology of TWC matches filled with weird comments like: "Aisu would later join TWC. LOL." This could've been cut-down and turned into a text promo, the second to last quote had some character to it. There's definitely also a discussion to be had about building your opponent up in wrestling and not burying them for burying's sake. If there's ever a Discord beef moment worth calling out in OCW, it might be this one.
  9. It could have been required to pin your opponent first before you can bury them, which would've been adequate cover for pinfalls (without cover, why were they pinning?) and not too ridiculous in my opinion. But without getting into the weeds too much, I understand your point.
  10. Ortiz and Quartz was a prime example of the best OCW has to offer. There's history. There's high-quality content all around, from the pre-match hype to the bell. Japanese announcer introductions is such a beautiful nuance that I wouldn't have even thought of in this situation, but they did. And then the match. It was close, plenty of big moments. Sometimes "comp is comp" can put high-value builds in a weird position where one is clearly better than the other, but this was a competitive match between two skilled people. 5 stars all around, in my opinion what should have been the main event. Perhaps light could be shed on this, but why the cinematic kickout in Emp vs. Valk? The pinfall could have put a definitive cap on the "comp is comp" portion, and launched into the cinematics of the Buried Alive match which were very high-quality. Instead it seemed to be blurred lines.
  11. I'll kick it off. I think it was discussed briefly in the Twitch chat, but beatings should be short and impactful. Beating someone with a baseball bat, bashing them off of a car, hitting an elbow drop off the car, and then hitting two finishers all while the guy no-sells it takes away from the beating (which is also a fault of the game's interest in no-selling). Always glad to see content, though.
  12. Anyone who advertised a webshow promo segment can address their royalty checks to: Nick Pepperoni 123 Salami Dr. Dookie Pot, TX 12345
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