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    The first Light Heavyweight OCW Champion in OCW history, a former EX Champion, Tag Team Champion and Television Champion, nobody can say that Chris Ryder wasn't a major player in the world of Online Championship Wrestling.


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    Sheffield, England


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    Musical production, Video games, Technology


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  1. Congratulations to everybody who won their respective awards and of course congrats to those inducted, genuinely happy at every choice of inductee, definitely well-deserved.
  2. Put me down as a maybe, if I have the game by then I'll pop on.
  3. http://i.qkme.me/35igll.jpg
  4. So after watching Riot tonight there are a few things I'd like to comment on: Justin Rox is still a curtain jerker, HA. Jaysin is about as athletic as an 80 year old alzheimer's patient with parkinson's disease and wants to prove that fact tonight, this made me chuckle. Smythe is a fucking weasel. David Jackson and Vincent Valmont need to form a tag team already. Jookie Marley does NOT live in that house, there's no way a Jamaican who smokes that much marry jew ana can afford a house like that, not unless his surname is Marley. Also Jookie is mad at a Spider? LOL Dane wants Vincent to kill him, Vincent is a convicted rapist Dane, not a murderer, the man has standards. A Spider has his hands on the EX Division Championship, so I take it Jookie suffers from Arachnophobia and encountered Spiderman or something? I am now listening to a Spider talk about wrestling in Japan, my life is complete, good promo too. Tyro Kraven is still awesome and I'm surprised Dimsmore didn't fall over on the way to the ring with that towel over his head, I assume he's a fugly fellow though and is being forced to wear it, in which case my apologies. GOD DAMN COMMY FISH HEADS! Trolololol Parker. Jesus Christ is coming to OCW, and he's bringing his boxing gloves (I hope). Jaysin thinks he's the Karate Kid (hell he probably WAS The original Karate Kid) and midget Aries looks more threatening than actual Aries, I lol'd, Nate pwns his opponent and makes him tap like a girl and the sky is blue and the grass is green and this is about as common place as a paedophile in a school playground. MY WEEEERULD! Vs. Da' Fire | Winner: My ears The theme songs alone make me love this match, but I watched the match as well and it was pretty awesome. Triple H and Undertaker end the show, with some epic movie trailer music playing in the background, BAH GAWD WILL HE END THE STREAK?! And that's it, feel free to click on The Magical Dog of OCW in my sig for my thoughts on the whole Dane Xavier situation. EDIT: I forgot to mention Carlos Cruz Vs. Clownshoes, match took shit load of time to load and when it did I felt an overwhelming sense to kick a puppy after seeing Clownshoes, Cruz kicked butt though, so no puppy kicking was initiated. Also Pugh and Matsuda, not sure how I missed that, fucking pages must not be loading or I have the attentiveness of a kid with ADD. in any case Pugh talks shit and slaps the Sudaman, but is met with a boot to the face, lulz were had by all and by all I mean me. Also Jim Black talks to a Ghost and his friend Omerta, we have fucking Jesus Christ, Spiders and Ghosts running around OCW, it's a wonder we're not on the SciFi channel right now.
  5. I guess we're allowed to rape people on the show again. Nobody tell Valmont.
  6. Point made, the effort that would have to be put forth from everybody in OCW itself would be huge, and for it to be on a weekly basis would be asking a heck of a lot. Still, this show is a testament to how far OCW has come along since it started with nothing but written content, I remember how amazed everybody was when we began recording matches and now look where we are, it's unbelievable. This is why I think one day, in the not too distant future, we'll have fully recorded shows (roleplays & commentary included) on a weekly basis.
  7. I completely understand that, that's why I said it was basically a pipe dream and I'm happy watching Unleashed, because I know how much would go into making a full-length show every week.
  8. I wasn't around for that unfortunately, but I heard about it from a few active members. I was talking about a more frequent format than that though, like a weekly release.
  9. The visual presentation of this show is absolutely amazing, I know you've talked it down before Pugh, but the quality of this show compared to practically anything else E-fed-related out there is astounding and I'd be surprised if this didn't reach a much wider audience through Youtube sooner rather than later. If there's anything to nit pick on it would be commentary, it just feels awkward listening to the both of you talk which some times overshadowed the matches themselves, perhaps over time that'll change once you both get more comfortable with the role but I just thought you'd appreciate some feedback. I really hope one day we can have this sort of format moved over to Riot, it's a pipe dream I know (voice-overs from every wrestler, all the visual footage required Etc.) but it would really rejuvenate interest in OCW if people saw our shows were produced like Unleashed every week. But I can definitely settle for a recap show of this quality in the meantime, to everybody involved you're doing a fantastic job, keep it up.
  10. Absolutely amazing show, congrats to the winner of the main event.
  11. Regardless of what certain people think about my title run, I have to agree that Dupree has the quality to hold the gold for a long period of time and also has the skills Roleplay wise to make for good storytelling, which is a crucial combination to have (that sadly not many people possess) if you want good character development, Smythe needs to get off of his back, from what I've heard this lad's been working like crazy to get where he is right now and if that's true then he deserves this victory and nobody has any right to shit on it. So congrats to The Fire and to everybody hating shut the fuck up.
  12. If I came back, you'd be parking my car. You wouldn't get a tip either, not with that attitude.
  13. I only have two fans? ME? HAR KIND SIR, HAR AND HAR AGAIN! Maybe in some crazy world where pigs fly, Satan walks the earth and Wrestlers write love letters Stevens, but not here.
  14. I knew the popularity of OCW would dip once I left, I didn't know it would be THAT bad though.
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