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  1. We should let this angle play out before we dump all over it... Plus it may result in the death of Leon!!!
  2. Did Versus just die on Riot??? The rest later... Show was actually pretty good... But did you guys just kill Versus?
  3. Just cause I can't mark out twice for an Eddie Allen sighting... This PPV was a 9.5 for me... Shitty servers ruined it... Have to get matches started earlier... I marked for the following. -Booby and Kass -TKF tag win -A man they call Nate -Pugh vs trash spider -Mugens CAW -The entire Pre-show -Leon's Sepiroth entrance -The effort of the black king all weekend -Betterness putting over Buffness -The evolution of Bill Ding I'm sure there's more... But we're on a serious roll so far this year!!!
  4. That's what I'm talking about Jay... SICK entrance video
  5. And of course you respond with more internet gangster behind the keyboard... At least you'll be cool on the internet... So disappointing!!! Keep hating!!! Looks good on you...
  6. Whoa there bud... I've been writing Stacy Clark much longer than you have... Also I do think it's time to stop shitting on Prince for being an active rookie here... he's doing nothing but trying to contribute... my serious suggestion is that if you have to criticize do it constructively. It's honestly time for some of you guys to stop acting like internet bullies... just makes you come across as IRL losers...
  7. We even did the match twice and it completely slipped my mind the second time.. I can't get the logos for Riot online for some reason... I'll overlook the unecessary overreacting to say that when I'm on with some time I think I need someone to go over downloading shows with me and deleting all the shitty ones I have... I also need the fancy pre and post video graphics...
  8. Congratulations to the new legends... Well deseeved... Great way to end the year!!!
  9. no you old Goat... I was saying that because him and KD are Main event tier the win and loss doesn't matter as much. the show is more important than the result.
  10. You have a great storyline to build with the Black heel turn that is happening... Also Dennis once your in the main event wins and losses don't matter. Your in the same their as the person your fighting... So the actual match performance is as important as the win. Playing clean, hitting spots on the fly... That's what the lower card guys watch for and what they look to move up for.
  11. This Dennis Black Heel turn has been interesting. I actually question your sanity. But it's been interesting!!!
  12. Happy Holidays Y'all... To a successful 2017 for all of us!!!
  13. You're having a moment Dennis. Which is actually fine. But critique is a huge part of this whole thing. It means people are watching. Take it and keep winning cause that's what you like doing. Don't let haters spoil your fun. We should really make a rule about eating multiple finishers tho if it's such a problem. I had a moment like this with the Steve when Mad Mike Tylered someone to hit a finisher years ago. So I honestly know where your coming from. Of course there was no kicking out of finishers back then so the grey areas weren't as clouded. But this reminds me of me, and I turned out great!!! ;)
  14. THIS is the danger with letting things slide. Take this perspective tho Dennis. As soon as Leon became finishable he hit his comeback perk. Which he shouldn't have, to avoid the wake up taunt. K.D used that comeback as the wake up taunt and hits his finisher which is what would have happened if Leon hadn't have hit his comeback button. Now does a champion have the right to hit comeback right as they become finishable? Yes but this falls under ethics. Does KD hover in hitting this finisher right away? Absolutely, anyone who disagrees is doing way more damage than good. Leon and KD being both vets decided that the finisher was fine under the circumstance. So all was washed and the finish stood. That's what happened based on what I saw.
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