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  1. Damn no love for the champ who brought CCW to OCW i see...
  2. Aries when you make money like me you can call your self what ever you want Don't forget it's $eth
  3. Steroids weaken muscles and bone density making it easyir for set backs just saying .....
  4. i have some people you need to talk to......
  5. *camera fades in on a news desk with the display reading ESPN MMA Live. Camera slowly panning up revealing the host as the show starts.* Host: Good morning ladies and gentlemen you are watching MMA Live and I am your host Tanner Evans, and we have a special guest with us today. The former K1 Grand prix champion and 1st American to become Open weight Jiu jitsu world champion, the G.O.A.T of MMA, the OCW superstar and now finally the sober $eth Irvine. $eth Irvine: *the camera zooming out revealing $eth as he is sitting next to the host drinking a red bull.* You keep giving out intros like that then I am going to have to bring you on the road and just when I walk into the room I send you out first. *starting to laugh as he sips on his drink.* Tanner Evans: Done, when and where ever you need me I am there will be your own personal hype man. *laughing* how have you been? The whole world has been a buzz since hearing about you walking into an AA meeting. Knowing you personally from training together I was in shock that you finally did it, was glad though. $eth Irvine: Been doing good been sober now about a week and its going great it’s the best I have felt in years. Able to start lifting again getting back in shape and feeling like me not needing to be under the influence of alcohol to do that anymore. Tanner Evans: Speaking of getting back into shape we going to see you step back into the cage? $eth Irvine: *shaking his head.* As of now that part of my life is over with I have done everything I could do in a cage and have nothing left to prove. If something interesting comes up hell you never no. Tanner Evans: Whats next for you in your new life then if we are not going to see you fight again? $eth Irvine: at this point of my life I am just looking to go back home, get back in a wrestling ring where I started. I have always stayed in touch over the years with OCW from some of the guys to the back and some of the management. I can honestly say without OCW I wouldn’t be where I am today. Not just because it kicked started my career but because they constantly pushed me to rehab, paid for my treatment would look after me. Tanner Evans: How many times were you in rehab? $eth Irvine: Was there probably 3 or 4 times. 1st time I walked in the door and was thrown out within an hour because I started drinking. Till this last time probably about a month ago is when I got out I stayed their 4 months thought I could handle it and I couldn’t started drinking again. Tanner Evans: Was their ever any backlash from OCW about all these failed attempts? Or you have any backlash in general maybe from sponsors. *Pointing at $eth’s “Irvine Knows” Nike shirt* $eth Irvine: Well that’s the thing again I got to thank OCW because I never once received backlash from them. The best way to put it OCW and the people who run it is like a family to me and they make sure I am treated great and taken care of. Which is why everywhere I go you always hear OCW superstar, making sure people know where I came from. The same thing goes with the sponsor the two biggest being Nike and musclepharm right now. When I was contacted by them I immediately called OCW and the first thing I heard was you need to tell them about your drinking and make sure they understand you are working on staying clean. Which I did and was put in the contract that they were aware of my drinking so if push came to shove I couldn’t ever be cut because of my problems. Luckily never needed that clause though. Tanner Evans: So with this return to the ring when will we see you back? $eth Irvine: still working on that part I want to next week but that is not in my hands at all I actually was at Summercide. I was able to hang out with some of the guys, hell I actually got to meet half the roster as only a couple guys their actually know who I am. *laughing* It was great to be there had a surreal moment as I snuck down to the ring after the show ended and just laid in the ring. Tanner Evans: What was going through your head as you laid there? $eth Irvine: How blessed I am to have OCW watching out for me and how they are always there when I need them most.*finishing his drink.* Tanner Evans: Before we send it off to break here you have anything you want to say? $eth Irvine: *laughing as he puts his empty drink down pulling his phone out and showing Tanner the picture* A fan actually made this shirt for me and brought it by the gym and I honestly can’t think of anything better to end on then “Keep calm and sober on”. *The camera fades out as Irvine laughs as it fades to black.*
  6. When did it become the lightweight title?
  7. Least his weakness is a legit weakness and not like a buffet or anything food related like yours
  8. See he even admits the side effects from P.E.D use. Parker should have a * next to him in the hall of fame because he was juicing
  9. 20$ Parker test positive for P.E.D no way Parker Is all natural.
  10. Agree with everything you said about all that. Wasn't hating on the match or picking at little details. I liked every part of the match from the style of play to the moveset to the finish and the rescue. From when i saw the ppv card and till now i thought it was a way to make tibby the guy. then i saw the match and i realized it was to make frost which is great. but best part was what i never thought about and the match being because what you missed out on which ks a great way to move forward with. can't wait to see more nothing but respect for those involved
  11. how many times has nate "past the torch" now editing to add more. Slow day at work this is what has been stuck in my head. been thinking about the whole turch passing thing and more i thought about it more i thought tibby did not need the turch. now i havent been around in a while but from what i saw durring my absence was that he was alrdy the man. didn't need to beat nate or anything he is the guy right now rather he is heel or face he is it. beating nate is just a feather in the cap is all for him. Probably reading to much into things if their was a passing of the turch it was to frost as he saved nate. frost doing like nate has done in the pass always coming to.the rescue of his friends. I see frostbecoming the good reliable face that when push comes to shove frost is their at the end of the day Writing this on my phone so spelling may be a issue.
  12. Parkers return video is great. Never would have thought that was possible great use of the game. can't hide money tho as parker looks like he is rocking some dre beats
  13. *scene opens up inside a conference room, all tables moved up against the walls filled with drinks and snacks. The chairs arranged in a circle all of them facing a podium placed between two of the desk in the circle. Every chair is filled but one. A man is standing at the podium with a women standing to his side.* Man: Last weekend… is the happiest weekend of my life… The first time I held my own second child in my arms…. *The man pauses as the door in the back opens as a man with a hood quietly walks in shutting the door behind him and keeping his head down not looking up adjusting the group as he leans against the wall.* Women: Carry on Josh you are doing great… Josh: Thank you Mrs. Hicks… *looking over at the man in the back before shaking his head and continuing.* Since the birth of my first child I was unable to do anything right I felt for my family, the baby would cry, my wife would yell and I couldn’t take it and I began to drink. But I got through it all and I am standing here today, 10 months sober now and I could not do it without any of you. Thank you all, in closing my name is Josh and I am a recovering alcoholic. *Mrs. Hicks smiles and reaches out embracing josh with a hug as the room claps and josh walks back to his seat and sits down as Mrs. Hicks takes the podium. Looking out at the man in the hood in the back still with his hood covering his head as he hangs it down.* Mrs. Hicks: That was a wonderful Josh thank you *The Claps start to die down, Mrs. Hicks looks over at the hooded man by the door as she starts to address him.* Mrs. Hicks: we are all glad you have come back to see us. *Pausing as she waits for a response but the man doesn’t even look up.* everyone here has been where you are standing, too afraid to ask for help, not wanting to admit they need help. But the truth is we all need help, we all need each other that’s why we are here. That’s why you have been coming here every week now for over a month. *The man pushes himself off the wall as he starts for the door, Mrs. Hicks running after him.* Mrs. Hicks: I am not going to let you leave this time. You think standing against this wall is going to help you? You think keeping your head down wearing that hood over your head is going to stop you from drinking? You are wrong and everyone in here knows this for a fact and wants to help you. *Mrs. Hicks grabbing his arm with one hand and the other reaching for his hood as he quickly grabs her hand to stop her.* Mrs. Hicks: The first step is the hardest that’s what we are here for, there are no enemies in this room. *Mrs. Hicks keeps looking up at the man as he sighs and releases her hand. Allowing her to pull his hood down off his head as the man lowers his head keeping it down so she can’t see his face. Pulling his arm away as he walks up to the podium, the group begins to clap as he gets up to the podium as he leans down on the podium keeping his head down as he slams his fist down into the podium and slowly looks up.* Man: *Taking a deep breath* my name is Seth Irvine… and I am an alcoholic…. I have been my whole life…. *the group goes silent as they sit in shock then the whispers begin to start but is quickly put to a stop by Mrs. Hicks.* Irvine: I am drunk right now, I have been every night I have walked in here. Would leave my house every night with every intention of stepping up here to talk, But I would get half way here and have to stop. One drink would turn into 5 and 5 would quickly turn into 15 and so on. Then would stumble my way here and stand in the back of the room to avoid anyone seeing me. Irvine: I am sure most of you by now have figured out who I am. I am the same Seth from OCW, the same Seth that was an alternate member of the Olympic wrestling team, the former MMA, K-1 and Boxing heavyweight champion. Yet after all that I am not half the person any of you are. *The group starts to clap as Irvine quickly cuts them off* Irvine: do not applaud me. *Slamming his fist harder down on the podium* I do not deserve your applause. To the people who know me from what I have done in my career I may be one thing in your eyes but the truth is I am nothing but a good for nothing drunk Irvine: My family, friends and my brothers who I have shared my blood sweat and tears with just be a part of something I never respected, have all gave up on me. Part of me wishing one night I would just not wake up and I can end all the problems I have caused them. Irvine: yet I am still revealed by my fans that seem to just turn a blind eye as they don’t want to see the person that is a drunk, and see me as someone to look up to. They all cheer me ask for pictures and autographs when they see me. Yet it takes every single ounce of my well been to not let them seem shaking as I sign those autographs not to let them smell the alcohol coming off of my body as they take a picture with me. Hoping I can make it another few minutes before I fall apart and let them down. Irvine: *standing up straight looking out to the group* I can no longer hide behind my drinking. I will not allow myself to sink further down into the bottle. I Will never lie again I cannot keep living like this, this is not how you should spend your life as man who has been given chance after chance again to make it right. Tonight as I stand before you this will be last night I will ever have a drink; the last night I ever hide myself from a group of people who are only trying to help. One day at a time I will prove to everyone I lost I am worth the pain I have caused and I will make it better. (Been awhile, suggestions are welcome)
  14. Saying I got destroyed is a understatement
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