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  1. If it's the 3rd finisher then it's the same as the 3rd impact finisher. You have to die. No crawling, no mashing to avoid tapping. Just put the controller down and die. If they use the sub finisher as the 3rd finisher on an uninjured body part and you don't tap even if you put the controller down then that's their fault and you carry on the match. That's how I'd deal with those situations.
  2. If it builds more momentum for a future signature then I agree wholeheartedly with your point.
  3. It doesn't give you an advantage over an impact finisher guy. If you have an impact finisher which works on the head and their body is red then you can still hit it. Say you hit 2 body finishers. Then the 3rd is a head finisher. They have to die to the head finisher, even if their head is only yellow. Whereas if you had a submission head finisher there's a chance of escaping if they're only yellow.
  4. "Pugh: It's actually funny, once you wade through the river of tears, and you look at the Nielson ratings, Wrestlution 8 had already hit the 6.0 vierwship mark, when the show was only 3 matches deep...setting a new OCW record." I distinctly remember the pair of you, in the opening promo, telling everyone to tune out until your matches. So it hit 6.0 DESPITE your efforts.
  5. You guys are absolute dicks! I had a legit "holy shit" chant going for Majin and you took it away from me!
  6. Not entirely up with what's going on but from first impression Matsuda appears to be Kim Jong-Un.
  7. Just watched Raze vs Dimsmore. For the entire match I thought Raze was going to win it till Dimsmore pulled it out at the end. That's the mark of top guys, they can win when it looks beyond them. I like how Dimsmore switches in some arm moves and submission holds during the match but I think that might hurt him competitively. I like it since it seems purely designed for visual appeal which is something I personally like to see versus everything being strategically for a competitive advantage. What I don't like is that from watching Lution and this one Riot match I've seen too many of those quick short punches for my liking, too many people have them and it seems to just be to gain an advantage. The no sell of the finisher was also shitty, Dimsmore does indicate in his sig on the forum that there's a bug with it but perhaps Raze didn't know or he hit a few buttons by mistake, not much of a big deal but visually it was a bit of an eyesore. Good match from both guys though, I enjoyed the series with the kendo stick early on, they mixed the 'Extreme Rules' element in nicely, enough that I could tell it was a No DQ match but not so much that it was overkill.
  8. Watched 3 matches in full so far. Aries vs Spoon I knew was going to be a good match. I was expecting Spoon to win going in. From my experience playing both these guys in the past I thought Spoon was always good at countering in-grapple moves while Aries was always better at blocking initial moves. So I thought Spoon would pull it out. It was a good tight match. I was disappointed not to see the Closeline From Hell though. Malu vs Leon. Wasn't sure what to expect here. Never really know which Leon is going to show up for matches and I wasn't sure what the deal was with Malu. Malu looks a decent bit smaller than I remember when I faced him many years ago but he still looks absolutely beast at the game and it never looked like Leon was going to win this one. If that's Leon's last match (yeah right) then it will go down as the most weaksauce retirement ever. Frost vs McGee. I literally had no idea about either of these guys going in to this one so it was a new experience for me to watch them go at it. Frost's moveset is awesome, I love all the suplexes. Not really a fan of the little quick jab punches which both guys seem to have though. Tight match all the way through this one. One thing I will say is that the game somewhat screws with the credibility of things. That sick ass powerbomb off the top rope should end anyone but it just gets a two count here. Overall a nice match and I hope this means the TV Title is a properly respected belt again as it is still my favourite belt. Also just to note. I had a problem with the first promo but not the same one everyone else had. "Pugh: The man run's around here trying to collcect title shots and nymber 1 contender matches like he collects food stamps...Well his big mouth wrote a cheque his skill couldn't cash..and that cost him this title i nthe first place." Runs doesn't need the apostrophe, 'collcect' and 'nymber' is weak as is 'i nthe first place.' Usually these aren't big deals but on the big show this is sloppy work. Not sure if it's because this was written last minute or something and I don't want to be too harsh since Pugh looks like he done a load of work for this show but everything on Lution should be well polished.
  9. A more pressing issue is the fact Leonheart's on it once.
  10. The amount of times I was gunning for those damn GM positions and now I'm being passed over by Smythe? Enjoy....your...show....
  11. Parker: You see...You tried everything in your power to hold me down...for 6 years I've been here....I've had to watch as people like Chris Ryder...Trevor McManus, KDangelo, Aries and that other thing with the hairline and melted face, All that does is remind us how you couldn't win it when those people were around. That being said, 'Our Hero' is even more of a dick since he put Jobberheart on the 'we built this' list and left me off.
  12. I might even sit through this one just to see you get your ass handed to you.
  13. I guess my disappointment in where Leon ended up going is also an issue for me. When Leon beat Nate and Guy he was so vanilla then when he got the MF of the year song I marked so hard. Then the fact it sort of fizzed out for me left me disappointed. I'm not saying I don't enjoy Leon on the show, I do. I would just like to see something a bit different. It's like when Cena was the mystery number 30 in the rumble a few years back. I marked because of who he is but soon enough I was just disappointed that he was doing the same old routine again.
  14. Without an audience you have nothing. And someone like myself that isn't involved in the show is more likely to be able to offer some opinion without being too obsessed with what I'm doing. I also editted the glaring error in my original post.
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