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    Starting in a small promotion in Asbury Park, NJ Sean Anderson, better known as Nathan Gaines, made his name by capturing the NJEFW Tag Team Titles on six occassions with tag team partner Chris Callhoun in their acclaimed tag team "The Thrillseekers". After the team broke up in late 2005 the team engaged in a year long battle that capped with a World Heavyweight Title match. However, before the match Nathan Gaines was signed to an OCW contract. Since late 2006 Gaines has seen ups and downs OCW capturing the CCW Heavyweight Championship and the EX Division Championship all while still looking to write his legacy here in Online Championship Wrestling


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    Hoboken, New Jersey


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    Long walks on the beach and crying while listening to Michael Bolton


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  1. Correct that was back before he became The Steve.
  2. WRESTLER NAME: Nathan Gaines HOMETOWN: Nowhere Maine HEIGHT: 6' 1" WEIGHT: 205 THEME SONG: Skillet "Hero" SIGNATURE MOVES(S) Whisper in the Wind FINISHERS(S): Mick Kick NOTABLE FUEDS: Steve Jones, Malu, Matt Wilson ACCOLADES: 1x CCW World Champion, 1x EX Division Champion Biography: In 2006 Nathan Gaines made his OCW debut after spending the early 2000s wrestling in various Indy promotions throughout the world. Upon his debut Nathan Gaines entered into an alliance with 2 other rookie wrestlers, Steve Jones and Samuel to form the Youngbloodz. After limited success with the group Steve Jones turned on the group to join ToP. After a short lived feud with Steve Jones, Nathan was stuck at a cross roads in his career. Lost and without guidance Nathan was taken under the wing of Legend and Hall of Famer Recon who would become a stabilizing factor both professionally and personally during this time. With Recon by his side and a renewed confidence in the ring, Nathan's career seemed to be trending upward. In what proved to be a career changing moment, Nathan accepted Recon's offer to reform a new version of the legendary faction The Militia along side old friend Samuel and the powerful Maniac Matt Wilson. With strength in numbers the Militia achieved some success with Matt Wilson winning the NA Title and Samuel holding the Hardcore Title. During this time Nathan developed a relationship with Jenni Wilson who was the younger sister of fellow faction mate Matt Wilson. This budding relationship ended up causing a riff within the faction and eventually The Militia dissolved after Matt Wilson and Nathan's internal strife became too much for the group to manage. After an epic trilogy ending with a steel cage match, Nathan and Matt were able to put aside their differences and both move forward. After various battles waged throughout the years, Nathan's in ring style started to slow and develop into a more methodical style. Along with his in ring change, Nathan also formed an unlikely friendship with Deano Horse, OCW's most flamboyant superstar. As The Odd Couple, Deano and Nathan achieved moderate success and challenged for the OCW Tag Team Championship at Wreslution III. Even serving as associates for the reformed Rev Inc. Parting on good terms, Nathan and Deano went their separate ways and continued to team off and on throughout the rest of their careers. Towards the later part of Nathan's Career he took part in the newly formed CCW Brand. In what is one of Nathan's highlights of his career, he engaged in a lengthy blood fued with Malu over the CCW Title, eventually winning the title in a thrilling ladder match. After holding the belt for a few months and eventually losing the title, Nathan would enter into OCW's EX-Division where he would eventually win the title which had previously been held by the likes of AJ Phoenix, FixXer and Tyler Ewanchuk. Shortly after winning the title and then losing it to upstart rookie Jookie Marley, Nathan announced his in ring retirement. After his wrestling career ended, Nathan and his family relocated to a farm in Maine where Nathan operates a wrestling school and helping run local wrestling events. Never too far removed from his OCW home, Nathan has and always will be an ambassador for the wrestling promotion he called home.
  3. No one's gonna comment on the Boss singing the "Facts of Life"?
  4. Great job setting the tone of the character. I like the movie star "I'll be great at everything" aspect. Has a lot of possibilities to work into storylines and methods for actions. Looking forward to seeing the future of Maxx Edwards
  5. Awesome Promo to counter what happened. Plays up the ego side of the character, but also the "chip on the shoulder". I think one of the most underrated skills in OCW has always been being able to stay conceptually relevant after a title loss. That's what separates the good characters from the great. As a fan, I don't really care if the character/wrestler loses. It's about how he keeps me interested in what he does next. That doesn't always need to be a title, but how does the character build up and keep the story going until the next title shot comes around. Nice work Code!
  6. Great description and way to paint the scene. Very captivating!
  7. I love Malu! He was one of my rivals when CCW first started and the depth and potential of Malu is the best.
  8. The camera pans in from an aerial view to a country style farmhouse. We see tall grass swaying with a weak but steady summer breeze. Through the tall grass we see an old brick path leading up to an over-sized wrap around porch, where there are two wooden rockers and a closed screened door The sun is setting behind the house and as the camera comes closer to the door, we can hear the noise of a television playing in the background, without clear discernible audio. As the camera enters into the house we see a long hallway which to the back leads to an open kitchen where we can see a woman with long blonde hair pulled back while she cooks an elaborate meal. To the right is an old wooden stair case with hand rails that are painted white but with chips along the way showing, the many miles put on the staircase themselves. The camera pans left to a living room where we see the television we heard previously playing. On the screen is the opening to OCW programming. Jeni Wilson-Gaines: Dinner is almost ready Nathan, can you head upstairs and let Sean know. Nathan Gaines: Just one second and I'll head up there. Is he on the computer again? Jeni Wilson-Gaines: You know him, he's obsessed with watching old wrestling footage. He's definitely your son and my brother's nephew. Nathan Gaines: You'll have to blame his godfather Recon for that one. As the camera pans back to the hallway we see on the the wall leading up the stairs pictures of a bygone era. At the top of the stairs is a memorabilia case. The camera goes up the stairs, and in the case is a CCW Heavyweight title and a picture of Manu and Nathan Gaines backstage after their ladder match. On the shelf below is a EX Division Championship and a picture of Nathan Gaines with his wife Jeni and his brother in law Matt Wilson backstage at the arena. Just as the camera pans out we hear in the distance Nathan's voice Nathan Gaines: Time for dinner Sean. Sean Gaines: Just a few more minutes I'm just about to see the end of Kage vs Ortiz. Jeni Wilson-Gaines: Sean, dinner, now! Sean Gaines: Fine!! Coming As the boy comes down the stairs and starts to head towards the kitchen, he turns left looking at the television playing in the background. The camera, which is now behind him turns with and sees the OCW logo on the screen Sean Gaines: Dad, do you miss it at all? Being a part of OCW? Nathan Gaines: That's the best part of OCW Sean. Just cause you stop wrestling doesn't mean you're not a part of it. Next time OCW comes to town what do you say we go and catch up with old friends? Jeni Wilson-Gaines: Boys!! Dinner now! With that the camera pans back out of the house the way in which it came as we see the picture of the farm house in the distance
  9. Been a minute since I've logged on to OCW or watched anything, but I got to watch on Youtube and the show and production value were awesome! Obviously was partial to the Legends Main Event since Nate and Pugh were around back in my time. Great job by all though! Definitely fun to get back into OCW and enjoy the show as a fan!
  10. I feel like this is an on going argument that recycles itself every few years. As it has been pointed out, this is an efed where storytelling and feuds factor into success more so than straight competition. I like to think of the people that focus solely on "wins and losses" as Halo People. With that game its all about who can have the most kills at the end of the allotted time. Who ever has the most kills is usually recognized as the best. In OCW its almost the exact opposite. While wins and losses do count for something, the people that tend to be most successful here are the ones that can tell stories and progress feuds regardless of what the outcome is. I know this is probably ancient history, but back when I feuded with Matt Wilson, we had a best of 3 series (stretched over the length of about 2.5 years) When Matt and I had our first match at a PPV, we had a scenario where if I lost the storyline would play out one way. If I won the storyline was set to play out another way. The only way to really be successful in OCW is to find strong people to build feuds with, be creative with brainstorming ideas, and always have different avenues for a story to play out based upon the outcomes of matches.
  11. Riot Review Leon's Promo- Leon comes out and I like how he has stated off saying that security is beefed up. That's usually an indication that someone or something big will be happening. I think Leon does a great job of coming across as psychotic enough to make you think he honestly feels like he believes that the moves he's making are to help OCW. After catching up on the last 3 weeks of Riot and Chill Faktor I'm eager to see JCS return. Dupree-Madison - Not really feeling this Role Play between Dupree and Madeline. I'm not a fan of women being role played in OCW and sometimes interaction between men and women wrestlers comes across as strange. Either way I like Pato's spot here as I think it added to the comedy. I was a little disappointed as I feel like Pato wasn't featured on past Riots after Chill Faktor as much as someone who had just wrestled for the title should be. Heavenly Kai and Queen Ann Morgan Always interested to see the created women to see what sizes they are. Both CAWs seem pretty proportional. The moveset was pretty solid and the folow was pretty good. Not a fan of women using diving moves as you rarely seem women as high flyers. Either way I was impressed with the girl in white( Still learning who is who) Austin Lee Promo I like the name and I think its cool when wrestlers have monikers in their name. I know I'm nit picking here but I hate when there are blatant spelling errors in promos. Just take a few minutes to proof read and if you can't spell a certain word just use Google. It just helps you wrestler get over in a better light when it seems like you've taken the time to make sure your RP is "tight and Needy" Trisha Waldrop should get hazard pay as she nearly gets run over. I like how Austin Lee plays his own entrance them in his car. Very Zack Ryder Feel. As a cocky heel this is a nice subtle touch. **More to come shortly
  12. **The Camera scene pans to a moderate sized house situated around 300 yards from a Natural Lake. The snow is slowly melting away as rain continues to fall. The fog from the lake has begun to form upwards creating an eerie yet artistic sense. Out of a Victorian Door in the back of the house steps a middle aged man. He has shoulder length straight black hear, and a salt-n-pepper beard. He is of athletic build, and there is definitely the semblance of a man who was once in peak athletic shape. He is wearing a flannel button down shirt paired with faded denim blue jeans and cowboy boots. In his hand is a dark half empty Bud Light Bottle. After a few steps out onto his patio, the man stops and looks around. He takes a swig from his beer bottle and walks over to the low lying brick wall that outlines the patio. He places a foot up on the top of the wall and takes a deep breath. Just then a cracking sounds is heard in the distance as a tree branch breaks under the weight of packed down snow. Nathan: Sounds just like my back. **Nathan takes another sip of beer** Nathan {outloud to himself}: Its days like today that I miss the road and the action. **Just then the door opens again and out comes a 7 year old boy and very attractive woman. The boy his bundled up in a winter coat and wears a hat with mittens. He has a genuinely excited look on his face as he runs towards Nathan. The woman who has a bob style bleach blond hair style, watches her young son run towards his father. She is dressed in black yoga pants and Light Blue Tanktop. She stands on the inside of the door, clearly not dressed for the warm, but still Northeastern weather.** Jeni: Sean make sure you stay close to your father. I don't want you getting lost in that fog out there **The boy runs up and jumps into Nathan's arms, who has placed his beer down and turned around. He picks his son up and spins back around to put him down on the ground.** Nathan: Maybe I don't miss it as much as I thought I did. Sean: What'd you say dad? Let's just head down to the lake. Can we skip rocks on the pond? Nathan: Sounds like a good idea to me. I race you there! **The father and son run off into the fog near the lake as the camera begins to pan out on the New England colonial house**
  13. {1:42 PST}: Carlos Cruz was seen entering the arena in a hurry with a brown bag....Security questioned him before Cruz took off running. No word yet on why there was such a commotion
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