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  1. A video starts playing with a portion pulled out from a recent hour-long sit-down interview between Mugen and Gabe Seltzer. The camera focuses on Wrestling’s #1 Journalist Gabe Seltzer as we jump in mid-interview. Gabe: So, you are in this undisclosed location at the moment but we have learned that you and Wrex did do a small tour of Japan as part of your SCUM x TOLMC Holiday Special. Mugen chuckles for a moment as we see him sitting in a large reclining chair wearing a bright red festive blazer and matching red pants. Mugen: You know, that special was supposed to be for our Japanese fans only and word wasn’t really supposed to get out about it but I guess it’s this day and age now right? The internet spreads word fast when it comes to these things. Mugen pauses for a moment to take a sip of his festive cocktail that is in a comically large Christmas tree shaped glass before continuing. Mugen: Yea, so we did a small little tour, 5 nights, 5 matches amongst a random assortment of talent. Sometimes it was good, sometimes it was kinda sh**. Gabe: Will the special get a worldwide release? We saw a teaser for it at the Animol House Charity show. Mugen: Honestly, there was no intention to release it worldwide. I think the teaser was sent in by a hardcore fan of ours to OCW management. I hear the only way you can see it is if you go on Instagram and find a big TOLMC fan in Japan who recorded the whole thing on his vintage camcorder from the mid-2000s. Gabe: You know the demand must be great, I’m sure you could pack theaters like Beyonce or Taylor Swift did with your Holiday Special. Mugen has a hearty laugh as he takes another sip from the comically large glass. Mugen: Gabe, you’ve known me for what….15 years? When has it ever been purely about the money? This one is for the fans. This is for the day 1s. This is for the family. Gabe: Speaking of Animol House, did you watch? If so, what did you think? Mugen pauses for a moment as he gathers some of his thoughts and nods along. Mugen: Drago and I may not be best friends anymore but there is one thing we can always agree on and that is we do it for the animals. If EMP wanted me at the show, I would have shown up, no problemo but let’s just say, I wanted to still stay on the low for now. Mugen: I may not have participated on the show BUT I did have my assistant send in a donation on my behalf because at the end of the day, it’s for the animals. Mugen takes a sip from his glass again before he starts to shake his index finger towards Gabe’s direction. Mugen: There is one thing I do want to talk about though. The Last freaking Blacksmith. Mugen motions for the camera to focus in more closely on his face. Mugen: This was a charity show for the animals. But of course, you had to put the spotlight on yourself. You had to become an animal yourself. I liked the little horse head you brought back, that was cute. Mugen slides himself closer to the camera. Mugen: Do you know what they do to horses that can’t compete anymore in the horse racing world? They don’t have a happy retirement, they don’t get to frolic in the fields and live the rest of their lives. They get a bullet to the head and they get put the f*** down. Mugen pauses as his eyes dart around the people in the room and back to the camera. Mugen: I will be the one to personally make sure that you can no longer compete anymore in OCW. No more title shots, no more disgusting cheap attacks, no more Horsey. I’m putting the challenge down now, you, me, Safety First Rules. A presto amico mio As Mugen gathers himself back into his seat, the interview continues and the clip finishes.
  2. The scene starts out backstage last week at Turmoil 293 as Mugen and Drago are spotted in the catering area of the Barclays Center. They aren’t eating the food that the rookies are eating because well, gross. They are instead just taking a breather from yet another spectacular Bonanza taping and are people watching. Mugen: Look at him, he’s so gangly and pale. Yuck Drago: She………she look uh……..cute doe? Mugen: Old sport, you could do better. Call her what she is, a WH— Drago puts his hand over Mugen’s mouth to stop him from finishing his statement. Mugen relents and puts his hands up to prove he’s done with saying what he intended. Drago: What going on with you? You and Emp acting strange lately. She barely even want to talk to me. Is everything ok? Mugen: I’m fine. That DOC fellow is always on my mind though. Gotta make sure I’m ready for him. No telling what kinda tricks he might pull. Mugen pulls out a pack of cards out of the inside of his jacket pocket and tosses them everywhere making an absolute mess. Mugen: Also, our FEARLESS LEADER is probably busy doing business meetings or taking phone calls or whatever fearless leaders do. Drago: That what you calling her now? This is what power do. Turn people crazy. Mugen: HEY. You better watch it with that slander. Drago: Or else what? She gonna send TOG to beat me up? Before Mugen can retort, the pair notice DOC walking and talking to someone on the opposite side of the room. Drago notices Mugen giving them a seething look so he attempts to say something to calm down his comrade. Drago: Don’t let them distract y—-- Mugen instead does the exact opposite. Mugen: HEY DOC, I’M GOING TO EAT YOUR LUNCH AT THE ANNIVERSARY SHOW! Drago smacks his forehead in disbelief. Drago: What wrong with you? You need focus. Mugen: Focus schmocus Mugen starts making a beeline towards DOC who himself is making his way towards Mugen. As the two nearly come to blows DOC laughs it off. DOC: Not tonight broski, Anniversary is just a few short days away though… Mugen: OKAY! AT THE ANNIVERSARY SHOW I WILL PROVE TO YOU…..TO HIM…. Mugen points at a sound guy. Mugen:......TO HIM Mugen points at Drago and then he finally points in some random direction. Mugen:.....AND TO OUR FEARLESS LEADER THAT………..that when I mean business……… Mugen puts his finger in THE KANG’s chest and smirks. His hand gets smacked away as he continues his rant. Mugen: …….you will not get the best of me. We might be both coming off some Ls so I hope you bring your best because I want no excuses. DOC: Oh don’t you worry, bruv. At Anniversary, I’m gonna remind everyone that the KANG didn’t go anywhere. DOC puts his finger in Mugen’s chest to return the favor. DOC: And maybe you should consider leaving your distractions at home, too. DOC looks at Drago auspiciously as he makes his way past Mugen and Drago. Mugen looks at DOC seething quietly. Mugen: (In Mocking Voice) bla bla bla nothing here to distract me Drago:Well……th- Mugen: Let’s get out of here, we got more important business to deal with than people watch Drago sighs as he sees Mugen walking away still muttering to himself about DOC. The scene fades to black.
  3. Mugen

    Training Day

    The scene fades in as the cameras turn the corner and into what looks like the P3 Fitness Center. We see the Lord of the Lariat, The Emperor of the Enzuguri, the King of Kindness, The Sultan of Safety, The Messiah Of the Multiverse, Living Legend Larry Mugen in the flesh clanging and banging like he's never clanged or banged before. He finishes another set of leg presses as he steps off the machine to towel himself off. It should be a lazy Sunday but there's nothing lazy about Mugen at the moment. He starts speaking without every looking directly at the camera. Mugen: Kassidy......freaking........Hayes.......old sport we go back a long ways. Mugen stretches his neck as he continues to towel himself off. Mugen: Some might say that back in 2017, I made you who you are. You remember. The Purge. The Compliance Paint. You are a product of my body of work just as much as that rat bastard Ryu Matsumoto claims to be your father. Mugen goes over to the mini-fridge in the gym and grabs an ice cold mango seltzer. He cracks it open right before taking a big sip and does a little shimmy of happiness. Mugen: Now that's the good stuff. Kassidy, in some ways, you could even say that Kasstianity was born out of The Purge. I mean honestly, I should be charging you for royalties because I know exactly where that face paint is manufactured. Mugen takes another big sip before continuing on. Mugen: So this week on Turmoil, we are going to take it back to 2017. We are going to take it back to the glory days of OCW when yours truly ran wild with a crew of madmen and madwomen. When yours truly had the gold around his waist. When yours truly was your senior, Kassidy Hayes. You may have beaten me, mind you after several tries, but you never surpassed me. I will show you what it is like once again to be in the presence of The Overlord himself. Mugen starts walking away seemingly finishing up his rant. Mugen: You know what, I'm not done yet. Mugen wags his finger as he does a little spin and comes back towards the direction of the camera. Mugen: As I was working out this week, getting myself into game shape, Empress reminded me of something. Mugen points at the Japanese flag hanging in the ceiling of the P3 Fitness Center. Mugen: OCW Red Sun Rising is in a few weeks and I don't have a match. OCW returns to my motherland and it's just not right if I'm not on the show. So that being said, I'm calling my shot. Anybody who wants to get in the ring with yours truly, just say the word. Mugen points at the camera now. Mugen: But understand you are not going to get Safety First Mugen. You are not going to get one half of the platinum platonic partners, shout out to my comrade Drago. No. Mugen wags his finger at the camera a la Dikembe Mutombo Mugen: You are going to get the Lord. Of. The. Lariat. You are going to get somebody who will beat you up and down Roppongi without breaking a sweat. I will drag you through the streets of Shibuya and smear your blood on the walls of Ikebukuro. Best believe I will take the head off of whichever poor soul wants to walk in the ring with me. Mugen smirks for the camera as he looks away and raises his hands in the air. Mugen: I'm back baby. Win or lose, I'm bringing back the violence. Peace! Mugen blows a kiss at the camera with a crazed look on his face as he walks away. The camera fades to black.
  4. Day Before Summercide - Night 1 The scene opens up in the parking lot somewhere in Clearwater, Florida. As the camera scans across the vast parking lot, we see a bright neon green R32 Nissan Skyline pull up to a spot. The door opens to see The Lord of the Lariat, The Messiah of the Multiverse, The Sultan of Safety, Mugen walk out in a matching neon green outfit without P3. Mugen: Let’s see if this place can help me finish getting what I need for tomorrow…… As Mugen walks we see him pull out his phone to open an app with a shopping list of items. He reaches the front entrance of what seems to be a Home Depot and smiles. Mugen: I’d be surprised if they didn’t honestly. Already got the baseball bat and the Asian beat stick….check check. Mugen ticks off the couple of items he has already seemingly acquired. As he walks in, a cheery female employee walks up to Mugen ready to help. Employee: Hello! Welcome to Home Depot, can I help you look for something? Mugen: Why hello overly cheery woman, I have a list of items that I need for a wrestling match that I have tomorrow. Employee: Oh gee, are you one of those guys who do those violent matches in the backyards? Light tubes and barbed wire and all? Mugen chuckles at that statement. Mugen: Oh haha, no. My match with Cort Marshall is Safety First. I’m one of those really safe wrestlers that likes to introduce some extracurricular activities just to spice it up. It's just like when Empress wants to intro........I'm getting ahead of myself here. The employee’s look changes to one of confusion as she has no idea what that means. Mugen: It seems that I’ve confused you but nonetheless I think you will be of much help to me today. Mugen points at his phone with the checklist app open. Mugen: I still need to procure these few items. I need your finest wooden tables, your tallest, sturdiest ladder, your sledgiest sledgehammer and quite possibly some lighter fluid. Can you assist? Employee: Well of course, we have all of that here! Mugen: Well you and I are going to have a swell bonding moment today. Off we go! Mugen points ahead as the employee starts to lead Mugen around the store. The scene fades to black.
  5. We open with the light from the TV reflecting onto Mugen and Emp who is wrapped up in a blanket on the couch surrounded by snacks in Mugen’s Majestic Mansion with the echoing sounds of people screaming, gunfire and explosions in the background. Emp mouths the words along with the guy on the TV “GET TO THE CHOPPA!!” Emp: I love this movie.. Arnold is seriously such a badass in this movie. That ugly mother fucker didn’t stand a chance Emp mutes the TV and looks over to Mugen who is dressed in a custom made Mac adult sized onesie and throwing popcorn into the air and attempting to catch it in his mouth. She starts to imagine Mugen with his muscles rippling while dressed in military gear covered in mud and fighting off a man-hunting alien monster. Mugen: Ehh he’s not so tough did you see what I did to Wrex? And don’t get me started on what I would have done to Rust Chole if I actually took him seriously. Mugen eventually realizes the movie has been muted and looks over at Emp who is just dead eyed staring at him with drool dripping out of mouth. Mugen: Are you okay? Do I have something on my face? Is it butter? Mugen licks his fingers as he rubs his face trying to see if there is any butter but no luck. He then snaps his fingers in front of Emp’s face trying to get her to snap out of it. “Hello, are you in there?” Emp blanks a few times and wipes the drool from her mouth. Emp: So why don’t you? Mugen: Why don’t I do what? Emp: Why don’t you take him seriously..maybe you should be more serious. Maybe it’s time the roster starts to show Mugen...no no..P3 the respect they deserve. Mugen does his best recreation of the thinking emoji and looks into the empty space above them. Mugen: You’re right. And you know what the first step is to redoing your image and becoming more serious? Emp: Hitting the gym? I’m ready. Mugen: No silly. Mugen reaches behind him and grabs his laptop. Mugen: A MAKEOVER! Well specifically, NEW ATTIRE! Emp: I’m not sure if that’s what I was thinking. Mugen boops her on the nose. Mugen: Boop. Come on, this is exactly what is needed. Look, I’ll even take care of you. Mugen puts the computer in between them two as he starts researching ideas for is attire. Mugen: Black and Red……..meh, done too much. Emp: Way too much. Mugen: White………...too messy. Emp: Way too messy. Especially with all the blood. Mugen and Emp are seen flipping through a few more pages before their eyes widen together looking at something but we can’t really see what it is. Mugen: The colors………..black………… Emp: And gold…………..I love gold. Mugen: This is it, this is what I…..excuse me, we need as part of our makeover. Emp nods as she looks at Mugen trying to picture him in the new attire. The longer she pictures this, the faster she seems to zone out. Mugen: And now, as promised. Let’s see what we can do for you. Mugen looks over at Emp and cracks an award winning smile similar to even rivaling that of Tiberius Dupree. Mugen pats her on the back, knocking her out of her dazed state of mind. Emp looks at the smile on his face and starts to get concerned. Emp: Oh uh um, what did you have in mind? Mugen grabs Emp by the arm and yanks her off the couch. The blanket as well as junk food goes flying all over the floor. Mugen drags Emp into the next room and sits her down on a salon chair. Mugen: A fresh hairdo with a new attire will help bring out the new you… I mean us. Emp rubs her buzzed head and stares at Mugen a bit confused. Emp: I didn’t know you knew how to style hair plus, I don’t know if you noticed but I don’t really have much hair left. Mugen: Oh I noticed..but don’t worry I’m not the one working on your hair. Mugen claps his hands twice and almost like magic a hair stylist appears behind Emp. Emp: What the? Where the hell did you come from?! Mugen: Don’t worry this is my hair stylist. His name is Juan Caliente Sanitation “JCS”: This is what you give me to work with Well, honey, I've seen worse. We're going to turn this sow's ear Into a silk purse… Emp: Sow’s ear! Excuse me! Juan slams a large case on the counter in front of Emp. He slowly opens it and starts laughing with an evil Maniacal laugh. Emp looks over at Mugen with a look of fear on her face. Juan: Don’t move this won’t hurt a bit…..at first. Now where did I put that stapler? Emp: Stapler!!?? Juan: Trust me darling. Let’s try this first one out. Juan tosses a wig on Emp’s head and turns her around to face the mirror. Emp: Um…………………...it’s a little too green for me? Juan: Darling you right, let’s try something else. Juan reaches into his case and pulls out something else that only makes Emp’s eyes widen. Juan puts it on her head and turns her towards the mirror again. Emp: Why is there a crown built into this wig? Juan: Why not darling? Simply put you are a queen and you need to know that. Mugen: This is true, well spoken Juan. Juan: Okay okay, last one. Let’s try this one out. Juan pulls out something very extravagant and pops it on Emp’s head. Emp: I literally cannot see. Juan: Blocking the haters darling! Mugen: Can’t let them get to you! An annoyed Emp takes off the wig and throws it at Juan but as she is just about to hit him, she sees something in his case of wigs and actually looks pleased. Emp: How about this one? Without taking it out, Juan takes a look and nods. Juan: I think that would be perfect. Mugen: PERFECT! Look at that, makeover complete! The scene fades out as Emp reaches into the case for the wig.
  6. Fancy French Music starts playing as we see the P3 logo fade into view. As the logo fades out we find ourselves in what looks like a modified P3 Soundstage 5000 full of famous French landmarks. As the crowd applaud in French, our favorite people come materializing onto the stage from behind the replica Eiffel Tower on the stage. Drago: Bonjour! Mugen: Mesdames et messieurs Empress: Bienvenue à P3 Bonanza! The crowd who are now roaring in French and we even spot the Sensational Impersonator with his trademark French mustache and beret sipping on his coffee. Sensational Impersonator: Hon Hon Hon Maddafu*** Mugen: Welcome to our special French edition of P3 Bonanza. Drago: Croissant! Empress: Why are we doing all of this by the way? Mugen: Excellent question! I can answer that one. Mugen points to the 70 inch Megascreen 5000 TV next to them as we see the French Flag pop up followed by Rust Cohle’s face. Empress shrieks at the sight as Drago puts his hand over her eyes. Empress: THAT UGLY FACE! Mugen: It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s just Rust. They say, keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer. I think the best way to truly understand Rust and to keep him closer is to embrace being French. The crowd starts clapping in French to show their agreement with what Mugen just said. Drago: We also invite very special guest. Live via satellite from Paris. Empress: Who? Who?! Mugen: A good friend of the show, and resident French Expert. Pierre Escargot! We see the image of Pierre Escargot pop up on the Megascreen in his trademark outfit sitting in his bathtub holding his phone. Pierre: Hon Hon Bonjour mes amis Mugen: Pierre! Old sport! I am so glad that you could join us. Pierre: S'il vous plaît retirer ma chèvre de mon arrière! Drago: What that mean? Pierre: Please remove my goat from my rear end! HON HON HON Pierre removes a toy goat from the depths of his bath tub. Pierre: BAAAHHH!! HON HON Empress looks horrified as she completely doesn’t know what is going on. Empress: What is going on?! WHO IS THIS GUY?! Mugen: It’s okay, he is a good friend. Pierre, do you think that I can defeat Rust Cohle at the 16 Year Anniversary for his championship? Pierre: Hon hon Hon! Hé regarde! Il y a un autre idiot qui brandit le drapeau blanc! Mac barks in French. Bubba roars in French Pierre: Hey look! There’s another idiot raising the white flag! OH! HON HON! Mugen: That’s right! I’m going to make Rust raise the white flag. I’m going to march up to the Palace of Dumb Onion and I am going to take what is rightfully mine! BYAHHHHHH Mugen gets worked up and so does the studio audience as they get sent into a frenzy. Mugen points at the camera and so does Drago and Empress who are standing next to him. Mugen: Pierre, you can give this message to your fellow Frenchman directly. Mugen reaches inside his jacket pocket and pulls out a baguette. Mugen: This will be you at the 16th Anniversary Show! Mugen starts ripping the baguette into pieces and throws it into the roaring crowd. A piece hits our Sensational French Impersonator right in the face. Sensational Impersonator: Sacre Bleu Madafu---- We’ll Be Right Back
  7. http://ocwfed.tv/recapshow/Riot/2020-11-13/p3bonanza.png The sound of a gong plays as we see the P3 logo flash across the screen along with random Japanese characters. The logo slides itself across the screen again as we find the camera placed on a makeshift stage in a Japanese supermarket. An exploding poof of neon green smoke suddenly reveals our favorite people, Drago, Empress and Mugen. Empress: Konnichiwa Mugen: We Drago: Are All 3 Together: P3 Drago: Live in Japanese supermarket somewhere. Mugen: Full of fantastic Japanese whiskeys and beers…….. Empress: Full of delicious snacks….. Drago looks around and spots several………….otaku………….NERDS………...wearing anime shirts with words that they most likely can’t read and a visible disgust forms on Drago’s face Drago: Full of weird persons. Mugen: Hey now, hey now. They are people after all too. One of the white nerds turns and spots Mugen and bows to him, "konnichiwa Mugen-san. You are my favorite puuuuroresu fighters in the world." A horrified face also forms on his face after listening to the strange pronunciation of Japanese by the otaku. Mugen: But why? Empress: Oh they aren’t that bad. Let’s take a tour of this fantastic supermarket. As Empress walks on, Mugen and Drago motion for the cameraman to follow them. As they move around the supermarket Empress waves towards the fans and tells them to come along. We notice that the regular studio audience has also made the trip and they are following the pack as well. Drago and Mugen continue to look around in disgust as we see The Sensational Impersonator destroying a green tea ice cream cone. He looks directly at the camera. Sensational Impersonator: MATCHA MADDAFU****! Drago: He definitely make an example out of that ice cream cone. Empress glances over at Drago and bites her lower lip. Empress: I’ll make an example of your ice cream cone. clears her throat and drags Drago into the supermarket I mean let's go check out the melons! Japan is known for having probably the most expensive melons in the world. Mugen: Folks, she’s not wrong……..wait what? Suddenly a fan wearing a Dominion shirt for some reason spots the group and starts yelling at Mugen. Dumb Onion Fan: RUST COHLE IS THE BEST HON HON! YOU CAN’T KEEP UP WITH THE FRENCH BAGUETTE. Mugen looks at him bewildered. Mugen: Um…….GRAHAM! Mugen claps his hands as GGIII pops out of nowhere and tackles the Dumbonion fan and throws him through a food stall. Mugen: Seriously though, did you see him last night at King of OCW? Drago: I was not impressed by your performance. Empress gives two thumbs down. As P3 and their loyal crowd make their way through the supermarket, Mugen stops at the meat section. Mugen: Ah my favorite area of the supermarket. The meat section as it perfectly describes everybody in OCW. Mugen grabs a few packages of the finest wagyu steak and gives them to Empress to hold and display for everybody. Empress does her finest Vanna White and moves her hands around and slaps the meat before pointing at Drago. Mugen: See, on this OCW roster, there are two kinds of people. People who eat their steak properly, medium rare. And then there are dummies who like to eat their steak well done. Mugen grabs a package of meat and throws it into the roaring crowd. Drago: Who eats well done?! Mugen: Well, I’m pretty sure Jookie Marley is a well done eater. The crowd starts to boo. Mugen: I’m not just positive, I’m 100% positive that Vincent Valmont is a 100% WELL DONE CHARRED TO BITS STEAK EATER. The crowd really starts to boo and start getting worked up. Mugen: BUT THE WORST OFFENDER OF THEM ALL! Drago: Oh no, not this guy. Mugen: THE WORST OFFENDER IS RUST COHLE. HE LIKES TO PUT KETCHUP ON HIS WELL DONE STEAK LIKE AN ANIMAL. Empress: KETCHUP! AHHHHH! Mugen: AHHHHH! Drago: AHHHHH! GGIII: AHHHHHH! Real monsters, mate. Fred: AHHHHHHHHHHH! Mac: WOOF Bubba: ROAR The crowd all AHHHHHHS in unison too. Mugen: Me? I am a real man. I have my steak like I like my women. Ra…………………………………. Drago: Huh wuh? Empress conveniently interrupts, holding what looks to be a giant melon in her hands. Drago scratches his head at the gargantuan….melon. Empress: They used to give these as gifts to people in years past as a sign of respect and appreciation. And well Drago, I appreciate….you! Drago: Oh, thanks…. As she’s about to hand the melon over, one of the previously mentioned otaku nerds makes a beeline for it. Running with his arms behind him like a lunatic. Otaku: OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! However, the otaku fails to grab the melon and instead bumps into Empress. The melon falls on the floor and is smashed to pieces. Some bits and juices fly in Drago’s direction. Drago: So much for appreciation. He steps out of frame to go clean himself up. Fred: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GROUND! An incensed Empress grabs the otaku by the throat and screams several threats and obscenities in Japanese. Otaku: Ooooooohhhhh AH!!!!!!! IT SEEMS MY TRAINING HAS FAILED ME! Mugen: GRAHAM! Before Empress can murder somebody on live television, Graham grabs the otaku nerd and throws him through a window and into the butcher area. Mugen: As I was saying. Rust, old sport, when we do face again in a few weeks. Not only will I defeat you in the good name of steaks. But I will eat you alive you chocolate filled croissant you. Mugen doesn’t look behind him as he reaches and grabs the first meat he can find, which happens to be a large sausage. Mugen: THIS IS GOING TO BE YOU! SMOKED AND EATEN BY ME. THE KOBAYASHI OF OCW! Mugen throws the sausage in the crowd and it hits the Sensational Impersonator right in the face. Sensational Impersonator: MADDAFU…… http://ocwfed.tv/recapshow/Riot/2020-11-13/wbrb.png
  8. It's head canon that you were Rich Evans the whole time now.
  9. I think I can speak for Spider and myself as the original two madmen of this project that we would like to thank everybody involved. As you can see from the credits, this has fully evolved into something much more than just a cinematic comedy match between Spider and I from two years ago. It has taken a village to put together something as silly and as fun as this. From the reactions I've heard so far, it has all been well worth the time. Speaking for myself, editing the whole thing took up a lot of time, but thank god for the pandemic and quarantine life already screwing around with my sleep schedule. It has been a lot of fun challenging myself with doing new random silly things with this year's edition. I can only hope that the next chapter will be even better. So shout out to Jake for providing the amazing commentary as usual and really putting his own spin on it. Shout out to Spider for believing in my creative spin on this particular edition. Shout to Empress for her amazing video work. Shout out to Pugh for giving us some perfect footage to work with into our narrative. Shout out to Jay for giving me some notes on how to cut some stuff for the final version. Shout out to Dupree for basically inspiring this whole series. Shout out to Versus for giving me the idea of making it a glorified card of matches. And of course shout out to Drago, Nate, Kass, Dimsmore, Minio, Baker, Jonny D & Suda for all contributing ideas, content and helping with the process. And thank you all for taking the time out to watch. Stay tuned for the Director's Cut featuring a completely Youtube-unfriendly soundtrack, extended scenes and eventually for Battle for Time and Space 5. Thank You :)
  10. 9:45 AM - 12/25/2019 We find our lovable legend killing legend man himself Drago Cesar walking around in the P3 Offices holding a piece of paper in his head with a series of numbers. As he makes his way to his desk he puts the piece of paper down as he takes a seat. He reaches over to what may be one of the last not wireless phones in the world (no, seriously they are endangered species now, facts) and dials in the number on the piece of paper. Drago: I still have no idea how this guy have direct line when he in prison. How he do such thing. Drago waits as the phone starts ringing. Deep Voice that’s not Mugen: Mugen’s Cell. What you want motha*****? Drago’s eyes open widely at the voice of somebody he’s never heard from before. Drago: Um, can speak to Mugen? Tell him it’s his comrade Drago. Deep Voice: Aite. AYO MUGEN, ITS YO COMRADE DRAGO! We hear some small commotion as we hear Mugen fumbling to take control of the phone. Mugen: Y’ello Drago Drago: Comrade, it good to hear from you. Merry Christmas. Who was that guy? Mugen: Merry Christmas! Oh, that’s just Darnell, he’s my secretary and MY BITCH here in prison. Nah I’m just kidding haha but no seriously he does take my calls here. Mans still has to run a business here. Drago: How is prison treating you? Mugen: Pretty good! So we going to record that message for the fans of the P3 Bonanza? Drago: Sure what could possibly go wrong? We start focusing the scene on the phone as Mugen begins to speak. Mugen: Great! Well honestly, prison is not too bad when you have money saved up like I do and that everybody in prison has now signed up for the income funnel which is fantastic because that means money keeps coming in to the TOLMC ventures and we keep on being able to fund the P3 Bonanza even when you have those crazed maniac versions of ourselves from 2016 that are in our world now as I hear that their world completely blew up into smithereens and now we have to keep them around but that’s quite okay because we can support them since they are us technically and we are them so we are all one just like that movie with Jet Li called The One which by the way, I was showing to the boys here in Cell Block 6-9 what up gang gang speaking of which I’m pretty hard in prison now, like I would shank a mothaf**** if they looked at me wrong and I mean I’m harder than when Sean McGee was going hard in OCW going all up in there winning shit and just taking it from behind like full force, shouts out to Sean McGee, fellow Pine Performance Center Alumni just like some other folks like Wrex who I hope is doing swell over there on Turmoil wrecking it because THAT’S WHAT WE DO and shouts out to Empress who I hope is killing people, I mean not really killing people, just “killing” (Mugen is during furious finger quotes with his free hand) them dummies over there in the women's division and while I’m at it might as well shout out Bill Pine himself who is my mentor and god bless his heart, he might be the best mentor I have ever had in my life and I’ve lived a pretty full life and met a lot of people but in terms of the wrestling business Bill Pine might have done the most for me because look this is a man who spent years toiling in Japan as a gaijin who never received any recognition for his work because the f***** politics of the awards show couldn’t recognize a gaijin even though he was having some of the best matches in Japan so fuck you Japanese equivalents of Gabe Seltzer, Gabe Seltzer is the real truth when it comes to wrestling journalism because that is a man who will give you the truth, the truth and nothing but the truth because that is one honorable man and he is the man who gave me and Matsuda a 6 Star Match back at the Tokyo Dome in 2015 and I’ve always respected Matsuda up until recent events where he tried to hurt us but I mean back in the day we were tight and we rode the towns together on a regular basis and even though he fucked us over a little we still got the better of him not just in The Battle for Time & Space 2 with Ryu Matsumoto but also got our first Grammy Nomination because of our hit song, speaking of Ryu Matsumoto, I hear that rat bastard is now the double Light Heavyweight Champion in OCW and you should hear it first from me that his days are numbered he is a no-good son of a bitch who I will put back into The Cube and he would still be in The Cube if it wasn’t for those dummies Jaysin Sensation and AC Cobra for not knowing what they were dealing with in the heat of the moment, like honestly I don’t even understand so f*** you AC Cobra for dealing with the dark arts that are way beyond your level of comprehension out here acting like you were Jessica Jessie with just regular life yea that’s right I just compared you to a woman, a blonde haired woman speaking of who else is blonde, shouts out to the man known as Tiberius Dupree who I know we haven’t seen eye to eye that often over the years but I am not going to lie that you were the one that put all your heart into those matches just like I did and I trusted you out there to put on an all time classic and even though I had to wear the dress I made your hair purple which is the color of grapes and everything is grape, I mean everything is great in prison especially when I’ve got the respect of all the guys in here because just the other day I was showing them some wrestling techniques and they were all getting really into it, I mean we even got some of the guards into joining us although I’m not so sure they were really wanting to join us, I think one guard broke their femur or something I’m not sure but it was just an accident because that's what happens when you face a bunch of guys that don’t have years of proper training like I do to do certain things in wrestling so that’s how a dropkick goes all bad, speaking of dropkicks shout out to Bobby Minio my old pal who I hope is doing well even though somehow that no-good scoundrel Ryu Matsumoto defeated him, keep your head up but not too up because that’s how the guard got hurt because he kept his head up and then he landed all weird and I mean it was like a mean crunching sound we heard and if you can remember, next time you come visit me, bring me some Nestle Crunch bars because those are my favorite things to eat because they have the rice center and before you go on about oh hey Mugen likes rice because he’s Asian (laughter is heard in the background from the other inmates) you are probably right but I do have to say it’s great to know that you are doing well out there in the real world and that the show is going well and just to let you know that they filmed an episode of Scared Straight in here the other day and we are going to show you what life is really like in here for those poor juvenile delinquents, one reminded me of some old OCW guy that you may remember, shouts out to RD Money, because when the kid started talking to me about how he stole a whole box of sneakers from the local shoe store I felt like I heard about this before and then it all hit me like a sack of bricks, speaking of which some guy got smashed in the face here last week with a sack of bricks, I don’t even know how one would get their hands on a sack let along a sack full of bricks but that’s what goes on in here and why we going to have a TV show episode here and it’s going to be really fantastic just like I hope how you are doing Drago thanks for holding down the fort, I’ll be out real soon if all of our wonderful loyal fans were wondering even that Mr. Sensation doppleganger we have in the crowd and especially can’t wait to see my goodest boy Mac when I get out and I’m definitely going over to my restaurant to have a big steak dinner because you know of all people that red meat is the best meat for a scrumptious meal especially when it’s cooked a perfect medium rare not well-done like some of the squares out there like their steak like who would do that to a perfect piece of meat, it’s just criminal activity for one to be doing things like that but I digress, I just want to say thank you to all of you and especially my good friend, the Living Legend Drago who has managed to keep the show going on for several weeks now and making sure that we are going to stay on top of the entertainment world. Peace and Love, I hate you Ryu Matsumoto, F*** You, I’ll put you back in The Cube right where you belong next to your son and grandson and I’ll take those two crazy Brit boys and make sure that they slap everybody in the tag division across the face because they are the future but definitely not me and Drago because that would be just rude and I’m not rude I just speak the truth out here, once again Peace and Love from yours truly to the whole world, the galaxy, the universe, The Emperor of the Enzuguri, The Lord of the Lariat, The Sultan of Safety, The Suplex Savior, The Messiah of the Multiverse, The King of Kindness signing off. There is just silence as the focus turns away from the phone and towards where Drago was sitting and he has completely fallen asleep from the Mugen rant…………. http://ocwfed.tv/recapppv/15%20Year%202019/wbrb.png
  11. As I explained many times before to your feeble one dimensional brain. You were represented by the C4 Sports Agency, a subsidiary of TOLMC. Employer of one Duane Hobbs. Not C4, the group once comprised of Pugh, Bobberino, Matsuda and myself. Bingo and I wanted to bring back a link from the past that technically never ceased to exist and give our matchup some reason as to why it was happening and help build up something more. Also, Bingo's actually useful and knows how to do stuff properly. #JustTheFacts
  12. Mugen's 12 Pack - Boob the beast at writing per usual. Good job keeping C4 alive. - Fury vs Moore is nice and easy match although the music made me want to mosh. - I'm not letting Molly near Heather, Furiosa and Alexa - I think Rust Sensation is better than normal Sensation - I pictured the Quartz and Drago RP almost like Jim and Dwight from The Office. I dig it. - Capo putting in some solid work with this one. Let's see where this one goes. - Just noticed the thumbnail, it looks slick. More YT optimized. Wrex, we will see each other one day and show you safety. - Harvey.....Harvey......Harvey...... - Shep is on fire, Cort is in for a world of trouble if Shep can show out like this again. Sorry Boob. - That's one expensive Off White hoodie that just got splattered on the car. - Code sneaking one out, Bingo you are still a weirdo <3 - Might we have some new blood for the Magic Empire commentary team? Still might be best to get Yake a counterpart in the booth. Quartz once again proving that he can go toe to toe with the top, but not able to finish it ;)
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