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  1. I was kinda shocked this site still existed.
  2. Before one clicks the video however they must input their date of birth. If the viewer is under the age of eighteen they are greeted with another video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsKO_r76kfQ Speculation insist that the video was put up for Matsuda; the Asian badass doesn’t enjoy curse words. <3
  3. Days ago the dedicated OCW fans were treated with a compelling pilot that involved Brian James and Aries. Some were talking about what it meant while others just ignored it. Did it mean Brian James wasn’t going to return as Kang? Was he gonna return at all, or was this just a message that Brian James hated OCW and hated his famous labeling of The Kang? It also rose suspicion on Aries actions. Some felt he had done it all, there wasn’t any reason for him to return. Others felt the man had one more good run in him. But their questions were slightly answered within’ the hour as the story continued. They last left off with a serious breakout within’ Brians biker bar. The female bartender had dialed 911 and it resulted in Brian James and Aries in an overnight cell, with Brians biker compatriots of course. Once the anxious viewers pressed that small play button they were viewing Brian James and Aries sitting within’ this cell on a wooden bench painted a dark green shade. They were bruised and cut pretty good, but it wasn’t anything they weren’t use to. Aries gazed slightly over towards Brian James and Brian James noticed and did the same. After a generous second or two Brian spoke. Brian: All the bullshit aside, what was the real reason you appeared all of the sudden? Aries had already relayed the answer to Brian during their previous and ungenerous encounter. The prosperous Aries arrived because he thought his agent had set up a session with Brian’s bar to help promote the mans establishment. Aries hadn’t thought his agent would go behind his back in an attempt to get Aries back into OCW’s four cornered hellhole. As such Aries simply repeated himself. Aries: As I said, I thought I was there to promote a restaurant by simply being there. My agent sets it up, I go there, eat and talk with people in hopes they enjoyed their time. It helps the establishment out because the customers come back and I recieve a pretty penny. But I believe my agent set this one up knowing there wasn’t a profit. He set it up in an attempt to get me ba... to get us back into OCW, and I gotta say, it’s working for me. Nothing like a bunch of guys blowing each other back with forceful pushes. Brian had ignored Aries last... odd sentence and traversed his eyesight towards the ground. Fuck returning to that shithole, Brian thought. Pretending to be someone you’re not is the worse, and making money out of it doesn’t justify it. Brian was no better than a politician that faked out his followers. Or some religious dope who took money from those that were easy to persuade and convince. Thinking upon the matter the biker gazed once again towards Aries and spat near his feet. Brian: Well fuck that, I’ve got no damn intention on returning. Faking like I’m some guy who cares about the people. Spitting out witty comments for a cheap laugh, in hopes those cheap laughs help profit the company. Thanks for laughing now go buy the newest Kang James shirt, pffft, shit is so damn fake it makes Jersey Shore seem real and enjoyable. Aries quickly gazed at the liquid that hit the ground and moved his feet, once done the prosperous superstar gazed once again at Brian. The man had a point, but then again Aries never really faked being anyone. In fact, he was shocked Brian wasn’t Kang. He was shocked the whole Kang thing was just an act, because Brian had done it so well. Aries: Well Jizzums, you didn’t have to blow a wet one near me. Though I’ve never faked being anyone. I’ve always been myself. Brian: *smirking, Brian replied* A retard can’t fake being smart, because in the end he’ll always be a retard. Aries: *nodding the superstar replied back* Right, but I’ve always been myse... wait. Brian gave out a deep hinted chuckle while once again gazing towards the cemented flooring while Aries thought upon the bikers comment. The OCW superstar had eventually picked up on the comment before just giving out an awkward silence. The man still gazing towards James had continued the conversation. Aries: Either way, if you don’t return my agent will just continue his pursuit until you do. So you either fall off the edge again so he can’t find you, or you return; and honestly, I’m kinda leaning towards wanting you to return as well. Brian: *shaking his head gently he replied* Fuck, why not just fire him and find another agent, or go solo? Aries: *shrugging Aries continued* He’s my sisters boyfriend; never liked the lad but I would never hear the end of it if I let him go. Also, that’d be helping you and as I said, I want you back slapping my hand. Brian started to realize he wasn’t going to get outta this situation without some bargaining; and even with bargaining he was still going to get the shit end of the stick. He needed to kick someones ass, someone who dug him into this situation to begin with. He already kicked Aries ass so the likely candidate was Aries agent. Besides, Aries just said that he never liked the man and Aries sister has no control over Brian. Brian: God damn it, fine. Give me the agents name and address and I’ll return. But I don’t wanna hear shit about Kangs past accomplishments, or anything about Kang. I return then I return as me, not this Kang bullshit; and I’ll only return for a year. After that year I’m done, not doing anymore than a year and no amount of convincing will work. Well that seemed like a fair bargain. Aries gets what he wants, if only for a year and their tag team returns. That and the superstar hadn’t put deep thought into why Brian wanted his agents name and address. Aries figured, the less he thought about it, the less he could be blamed when something finally happened. So Aries accepted his offer and spoke letting Brian know such. Aries: Alright, sounds good, can’t wait. My agents name is Nathan Gaines and he lives on 102 Willberry Boulevard, Marksmill New Jersery, 33219. Brian: *Brian gave out a slightly confused expression since Aries seemed serious* Gaines, really? Aries: *Chuckling the superstar corrected his joking error* No, I just wanted Gaines to get his ass kicked, never liked that douche. It’s really Justin Jones 3359 Rustardvans St, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, 36724. Brian simply gave out one slight nod before the OCW sponsored video finished. TO BE CONTINUED...
  4. Upon the OCW.com website their lay various stories that provide insight for OCW fans. Stories that if not seen, can hinder ones thoughts on developing situations. One such story is Aries particular life outside of OCW. As one can guess, the future legend has sponsorships and various deals that when attended, he gains a generous contribution towards his bank account. Since the OCW superstar hasn’t been active in quite some time these generous contributions help him with various living expenses. One ‘various deal’ that Aries is attending is a sit and eat at a Bar and Grill called ‘Beer and ****’ which Aries believes is just Beer and four star quality food. However what Aries doesn’t know is this Bar and Grill is owned by Brian James, his former OCW Tag Team Partner and an old compadre. Nonetheless once the viewer presses play they’re greeted with Aries inside the Bar and Grill and talking to an attractive bartender. Though the bartender doesn’t seem all that thrilled. However the viewers can immediately notice this isn’t some average Bar and Grill, it’s obviously a biker joint. The type that doesn't really welcome just anyone, so the fact that Aries is there isn’t making the ‘customers’ all that comfortable and welcoming. But the future OCW legend doesn’t acknowledge that his presence isn’t welcomed and continues some slight conversation with the bartender. Aries: Hey there you sweet cockthrobbing female I’m here for a quick eat and oral session with some of the customers. Apparently your owner paid some good money to promote his restaurant by having me here. In truth the Bartender hadn’t the slightest idea who this man was. She, at first, figured he was crazy. Second thought was this was some stupid ass attempt to pick her up. But as her optics scanned his facial expression she could tell, this retard was serious. This man thought Brian James paid money to have this unknown figure visit the area and help promote Beer and **** so she played along. Bartender: Oh? You’ve arrived so soon? Well Brian James is right over there. *She says nodding her head towards a general direction. Which has a boatload of bikers drinking and having a good time.* Go over there and talk to him about your payment and whatever else. Aries would’ve looked over in that general direction but something caught him by surprise. Did that woman just say Brian James? He thought to himself, contemplating if he was going crazy. He kinda missed his old tag partner but not so much that he’d start to hear his name when it’s not even said. So instead of looking he kinda got serious, beaming his azure eyes on the woman. Aries: Hold up, did you just say Brian James? As in, former OCW wrestler Brian James? As in, my old tag partner? Bartender: *The woman gave a slight shrug* I don’t fucking know; I’ve only known him a couple years and I don’t ask him about his personal life, just like he doesn’t ask me about mine. Ask him your damn self. Aries was confused, Brian James wouldn’t seek out Aries unless something was really wrong. Besides, even if his old buddy did seek him out he could’ve just gave him a ring. Why all this secrecy? Aries knew his agent wanted him to return to the ring, so maybe this was some secret plan done by his agent. Meet up with his old tag partner and return to OCW. Nonetheless the man couldn’t be in the same building as Brian and not say hello. So his oculars turned towards the massive group of bikers. They were all dawned in the latest hardcore biker apparel, which now made Aries even more skeptical. He started second guessing as he walked towards the crowd. Telling himself that this isn’t Kang, Kang wasn’t the whole biker type. But as his feet stopped and he approached the area he spoke. Aries: Kang, which one is Kang James?! Eeer, I mean Brian James. Brian knew then and there who it was. He hadn’t planned to see Aries in a place like this. The area was in the middle of nowhere in Texas; and was a famous stop for the hardcore bikers. It was a place that Brian used to get away from OCW, and the fans of OCW. But here his old tag partner was... Aries. Brian’s eyes gazed over towards the man as everyone else looked over towards the OCW wrestler known as Aries. Brian: Haven’t been called that in quite a while. I got away from that shitty lifestyle a long time ago. Can’t say I’m pleased to see you to be quite honest. So why don’t you do us both a favor and take your shit stained lips back to those double doors and head on outta here? Brian glared at the man with an intent to kick his ass if he didn’t leave while Aries was confused. He hadn’t left Brian on bad terms, they were still pretty good friends until Brian fell off the grid. But Aries looked around and could tell things were gonna get ugly. While the man looked, Brian had gotten to his feet and walked over to his former tag team partner. Aries looking up at Brian, he replied. Aries: Seems I’m stuffed with a large amount of sausage in my mouth; I have nothing to say. That caught Brian off guard, the hell did Aries just say? What type of man would go and say something like that? Brian glared at him somewhat confused but could tell he wasn’t leaving so after a minute or two of waiting the biker hit him with a hardcore uppercut, jabbing his throat in the process. The punch landed successfully and knocked Aries back a couple of feet as his digits grasped his throat and the former OCW Champion started coughing profusely. His eyes turning bloodshot and his upper body bent he attempted talking. Aries: Jesus, it feels like I’ve been fisted by Shaq... Brian looked at Aries with no remorse and hoped this would convince Aries to leave, however he hadn’t continued the beating. He stood there awaiting Aries retort as the former champion continued coughing for several more seconds before looking over at Brian. Regaining his composure Aries walked over towards him and started whaling several punches into Brians upper forehead with force. Each punch knocking Brian back a foot, and the former champion wasn’t letting up. However this caused a fellow member of Brians biker gang to come rushing in and tackling Aries as it triggered an all out barfight. Soon thereafter the Bartender dialed 911 as the injuries started becoming severe but in the center of the screen everyone could see Brian James and Aries beating the hell out of one another. TO BE CONTINUED...
  5. This thread has enlightened me, how's about we all start using the RKO and watch this emo cut himself?
  6. Seems like this Jookie kid is Kanye. "I'm gonna let you finish but I just posted all over Riot bruh, all over it!"
  7. So I think the last comment I made on a show I marked for Matsuda. But I'm doing it again, yea, I'm practically blowing the dude but he's Asian so it isn't that bad. Shall I start a Dimsmore and Parker PPV match campaign?
  8. I just gotta ask bro (Leon), hows it feel? Sucks don't it?
  9. Debatable, god knows I need the cash. You pay me to put a promo up you better fucking believe I'll put a promo up.
  10. Sounds fun, sign Kang James up for Team Japan. Clearly he's Japanese.
  11. Can't be '07 because he'd just have continuous head trauma since he was a Jobber until like '08 or '09. On a losing streak?! All good, request a match against Valmont.
  12. Damn, why all the hating on Valmont?
  13. A promo of sorts that I wrote for Riot weeks ago but it didn't make the show for whatever reason. Not a big deal, however since it wasn't posted on Riot, I'll post it here. was bored a week ago and thought of the idea and figured my dude could work the angle perfectly. During the commercial break one commercial begins as the viewers TV screen shows a television room. There is an individual sitting on a sofa chair but whom this character is, at the present moment, can’t be deciphered. The room has wooden walls of mahogany color. A lush cream carpeting that seems smooth to the touch and several Old Spice products throughout the expanse. The individual is watching something on the 50” LED TV which appears to be Kang James vs Adrian Bold. But still, the character hasn’t really moved so the camera can get a good look at the individual. However suddenly Chuck Norris appears as his palms hold a plate with a well prepared sandwich, and he gently puts the plate onto the table near the chair. Chuck Norris: Your sandwich is finished, enjoy. Suddenly the individual in the chair turns towards the camera, however he does smoothly and calmly. The man appears to be Mr. James (also known as Kang James) and a relaxed face nods at the camera. Mr. James: You can too, with Old Spice Champion.
  14. Wow, what I a mindfuck. I was 100% positive you died of AIDS.
  15. On some side notes, Hollywood reminds me of Kip Conrad. Watching his entrance I nearly thought he spelled Hollywood wrong. The finisher kick outs have always been gay, hate the idea that it's easy to kick out of a finisher. Loved it when once you were hit with a finisher (granted some dumb luck) the match was over. Made actual kick outs all that more exciting and actual finisher reversals more impressive. Now it's just like *shrug* I haven't watched the show intensely but I also like that no one is overdoing their entrance. Keeping it short and sweet. I like this Lazarus dude as well, you can tell he's trying and that's all you really need. Doesn't even matter if you're not good at the game, as long as you're determined this game doesn't exactly require a whole lot of skill. Basically everyone who put some effort into the show one way or another, good stuff. Oh wow, I made a constructive post *pats self on back*
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