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  1. Haha.. I was thinking exact same thing as I was listening to it. He sounded more like he was from Rocky 3.
  2. If I may chime in I understand the discussion thats been given about my match. I personally didn't have a problem with how it ended. Mainly because I suck at kicking out so if Irving wanted to give me another chance at staying alive to go for sub it my fault i didnt reverse it. On other hand I get why a pin must happen first just to keep others from bending the rules. Something I know Irving doesn't do nor did I feel like I was wronged in our match. I enjoyed the match honestly. It felt like old times with also a semi big fight feel to the match. Still love that theme of Irvings. So I'm not trying to step on toes, or disagree with anyone. I'm just sticking up for a guy who I know is a fair person. :) Now onto Turmoil I just got home from work, and will hopefully post more thoughts about rest of show, and all the hard work others put into the show very soon.
  3. Cameras fade into frame as we see the inside of an empty Turmoil arena. It's already pre set, and ready for tonights Turmoil 197. Inside the ring is sitting two individuals. Both on their seats, and one of the individuals is Stacey Clark. The other is Vincent Valmont. Stacey:"Hello, and welcome Valmont. It's been a while since OCW has seen you inside the ring or accepting interviews for that matter." Valmont:"Thanks, Stacey. Yes it's been a while...it's been 4 long years since I showed my face, and competed in OCW. I must say honestly it feels damn good to be home." Stacey:"I'll try to keep this brief as you requested. Shall we get started?" Valmont:"I appreciate that, Stacey. I request this interview to be brief just because I spent my entire career building myself up off words then going out there to prove it right, but as history will show that is what got me into trouble with the backstage my last run here." Stacey:"Indeed so, Valmont. So do you have anything else to add onto the heat that was on you from management, and backstage that made you walk away 4 years ago?" Valmont:"Not really, Stacey. I don't want to go into a full confession, and end up puttng foot into my mouth. Instead I will be a man of my word, and this goes out to anyone, everyone, and those in between that I, Vincent Valmont apologize. This is sincere, real, and from the heart. I regret so much throwing away my career over words. It wasn't my actions inside a ring, but rather what I said, or did outside of it that got me into hot water. I basically walked into my family's home, and burnt it down. I rubbed so many people the wrong way, and made myself public enemy number one." Stacey:"As history shows that seems to be about everything wrapped up inside a nuthshell for you, Valmont. Just sitting here across from you, and talking with you again 4 years later I can honestly say I believe you, but I'm not the ones you made enemies of. However I do hope you find peace in this return, and the bridges you may have destroyed can once again be repaired. Now onto my next question, Valmont. Rumors have been in circulation over the internet for almost 4 years that you would eventually return to OCW anyway. Ever since the show card was posted for Turmoil 197 as it marked the return to you in OCW many have wondered why now?" Valmont stands up, and paces the ring. He walks along the ropes as he rubs his hand over them. He walks to the turnbuckle, and comfortably sits on the top rope. He stares at the empty arena, and empty seats as he briefly closes his eyes. He cracks a smile and reopens them. Valmont:"Honestly I thought for a while I would never return. I put myself in a self-imposed retirement, and with the birth of my 2nd child my beautiful daughter my life was complete. I was happy, and in peace. A changed man so to speak. Then days go by, weeks, months, years, and that itch returned. Noo Stacey... not that itch! I'm talking about the itch to compete. It's why hall of famers return again, and again to compete in OCW. They get the urge to fight. Because teachers educates students, doctors saves lives, a cable man installs crappy cable service it's what they do. Fighters fight... no matter what they say, no matter if they think they've burnt out, but deep down they all got the itch to compete. To be the best, to be recognized as the best, and to establish your own legacy among many other greats. So over time I felt incomplete inside like I had unsettled business to finish. My name..my career, and all I've worked so hard to achieve it boils down to my legacy I leave here in OCW. I be damned if I was going to let my career, and legacy be tarnished with how I went out the last time. So I chose to walk into the OCW HQ, and talk to the man himself, and worked out a contract. I didn't care I didn't receive a legends contract, nor that I get paid less than before. I'm not here for money, or for special privileges. I want to compete with all these young bloods, and great new talent, and even familiar faces." Stacey:"Interesting to hear the story unfold about your return, and I agree there's alot of new talent here in OCW, and alot has changed as well. Speaking of change you actually have a match tonight against someone else from the oldschool of OCW. A former champion who's been around as long as you, but neither of you haven't faced off in singles action in your careers, but only a couple of times. None other than Seth Irving. In what yall's match is being built up as a old school rumble. Now the real question is what is your thoughts on Irving? Also if any doubts on your return be cut short if you go into the match, and don't live up to the hype. Perhaps fall to your expectations, and lose. Maybe even lose badly in first match back. Granted it's been 4 years since your last match in a OCW ring, but in your opinion does any of that matter to you?" Valmont gets off the top rope, and goes to sit back down in his seat. He grins a bit, and closes his eyes once again taking a sigh of relief with reopening them, and smiles. Valmont:"Let me say I respect Irving. He's a fighter like me. I know I won't get nothing, but his very best in our match. If I don't step up he will beat me. However to say I lose the match in any fashion then get discouraged. That's only half true. I will care if I lose tonight, but will it effect me moving forward? Hell no in fact I gurantee two things. First I will bring everything I have against Irving, and he will get nothing less from me than he will against me. 4 years or not I will show the whole world who I am, and what I have left in the tank! Now for number two whether I win, or I lose. It doesn't matter right now because the only thing that matters in my first match back is sending a message to the lockeroom that I'm still one of the most dangerous guys inside this ring, and my return is just beginning." Stacey:"Well I appreciate all the time I have shared with you(Stacey looks toward the cameras), and this will be airing live now on OCWFED.COM, as well as a repeat showing prior to Turmoil 197. For me, Stacey Clark, and my special guest, Vincent Valmont I thank all the OCW fans for viewing this. This won't be our last time chatting with Mr. Valmont as part 2 of Don't call it a comeback will air next week following 197 heading into Riot 500, Turmoil 198, and more possible questions to be answered. Goodbye!" Both shake hands as Valmont leaves the ring to go prepare for the return matchup against Seth Irving for Turmoil 197. The cameras slowly fade out as the cameramen and Stacey start packing things up as the show is about to start soon.
  4. Maybe this whole return thing was a mistake on my part. I seriously think no matter what I'm gonna do now or in the future or how good it might be it will never ever please certain people. Got left in a storyline at last minute. Did a match with someone I didn't want to, but didn't have much choice. I mean I'm having a blast... never had so much fun like this before.
  5. There's a difference between laying down, and then doing a scripted ending after we did the original match. Damn I swear man... you act like I made you look bad. Also don't even attempt to go there, KD. You're a cool guy, but don't you ever imply I asked you to lay down. Got me twisted with someone else. I only asked to base the match off the real results. Hows that asking someone to lay down? I kept the original match. Would that make it feel better for you if people saw original match? I think you wouldn't but then again IDK anymore as there's no rules in matches anymore.
  6. Originally I was going to go that route, and end it with that as I knew it woulda made more sense. I just wanted to end the thing with a decent match instead of the other one. I really wanted alot more out of all of it, but I got left with an angle/storyline that had no future because of certain circumstances.
  7. This again? Really? I told you exactly what the hell I was gonna do before I did it and right then and there after the match was over. I also told you I wasn't going to let Matsumoto beat me down for minutes with a chair and cause me to win by DQ which is what you pitched. After I declined I told you what I was gonna do. Nor was I going to let KD or Matsumoto interfere in any of the matches.
  8. It was very clear I had to lose by pinfall or submission since I didn't lose in that fashion the gauntlet would continue. Maybe I shoulda put that in the promo. I know I made it a bit confusing, but in the same context that if a champ loses a match by countout he still keeps his belt. Well mine ended in a draw so I didn't lose nor I won, but it would still continue the gauntlet. My ultimate plan for the whole gauntlet match was kinda killed off. Which sucks, but it was the cards I got dealt with. So what you see is what you get. :(
  9. *Here at OCWFED.COM we're very excited to announce that OCW's Summercide PPV is just hours away from kicking off. With everything going into tonight's show it looks like it's going to be huge. Alot of different outcomes are expected tonight, and none is more controversial than Vincent Valmont over the last few weeks. It seems OCW management booked him into that 3vs1 gauntlet match as punishment for actions taken by Mr.Valmont. What wasn't reported about the match until today is that after the actions taken place at Riot 391 where Mr.Valmont was suspended, but fount a way into the building. After being caught he was then arrested, and charged with trespassing that same night. One OCW official that works with the head management of OCW talent relations had this to say on behalf of the stories unfolding around Valmont.* "We can't think for Mr.Valmont. He has to do that on his own. We will not keep giving him chances only to wash them away with his crazed ego, and lunatic behavior. He is a menace, and is a serious threat to the life of OCW. Mr.Valmont has made it clear since his return he's only after himself, and that's all he is caring about. We want to inform Mr.Valmont that what he's done against the refs has caused a major ripple inside OCW. No longer are referees wanting to ref their matches. In fact they begun to go on strike, and protest until either they got raises, or until Mr.Valmont was fired. Now we strongly agree that Valmont attacking refs, and other innocent individuals without any motive, or reason is unacceptable. WE WILL NOT TOLERATE THE BEHAVIOR FROM A ONE, VINCENT VALMONT. That is why we here at OCWFED.COM like to inform Mr.Valmont if hes reading that his match at Summercide isn't going to be pretty. He's really gotten himself into some trouble that I don't think he can get himself out of. Tonight ladies, and gentlemen Vincent Valmont will not only try to defy the odds in a gauntlet match, he will not only fight 3 other men, but also he will be fighting for his job! That's right ladies, and gentlemen if Mr. Valmont is to lose any match just one single match by pinfall or submission then he will be fired right there on the spot, but not only fired he will receive a lifetime ban of ever returning into OCW again. The paperwork is already printed by our lawyers. This action seemed to not only please our stockholders, but also pleased the refs into finally showing up to work, and do their jobs without no protest. The replacement refs that has been used in OCW for several weeks have been currently let go of their duties. This is all I wish to say further say at this time. Enjoy the show tonight!" With the news leaking out about Vincent Valmont's match at Summercide nobody has seen or heard from Valmont since Riot391, and many speculate if he's going to walk away, and quit once again. Nobody from OCW, or close friends have been able to get any comments from Valmont all week which is unusual even for himself. Many folks have started to believe that he's already quit, and walked away. There's been no proof to back up those statements, but also at the same time there's been no denial that things have been kept quiet from Valmont, and his agent since that night at Riot391. After days, and hours of calling, and leaving messages in hopes to catch some story from either Valmont or his agent we finally was able to receive this comment from Mr.Valmont's agent just shortly a while ago.* "It's with great pleasure I want to confirm that my client... the beast itself... the future OCW Heavyweight champion, and hall of famer... VIncent Valmont WILL be at Summercide to fight for his job. Not only to fight, but to dominate. My client is clearly upset at the way OCW has treated him since his return. Tonight my client, VINCENT VALMONT... will do the unthinkable. He will not only beat 3 men... he will hurt 3 men... not only hurt 3 men, but destroy 3 men. Tonight my client will keep his job, and continue to do what he does best...conquer everything in front of him!" Here at OCWFED.COM we're just hours away from Summercide. As the time draws closer, and closer we will have all your latest information regarding anything, and everything that is OCW related including Summercide. Please continue to check back here for all your OCW information.
  10. I actually enjoyed listening to it. I share some opinions, others I didn't. Not a bad thing. I also respect the honesty shown, and also the advice thrown around. As for me I know most won't remember who Valmont is. I haven't done anything relevant in a while. My own fault. However if anything I will bring up from the past about me I can say this is when I was active back in the day I was active. From 2007 when I finally debuted in OCW on the xbox360 up until I fought my first Lution main event at Wrestlution5 and further on in 2010. Not missing hardly much time over the course of almost those 4 years straight working way up from hc champ to heavyweight champ. Wasn't easy by a long shot. Doing mainevents, feud after feud, and putting in all the hours, effort, and content. Something that shouldn't never be bragged about, but always expected out of for anyone. I know thats the past I fully am aware, but I'm only saying all this because I want to get back to that same level of content, and being reliable that I used to be. I agree that I'm more of a competitor than a writer, but the main thing I just want to say in my defense is that since I came back I know 99 percent of my shit has been late. Excuses or not I never intend to show disrespect to Park for submitting late stuff, or to anyone else for that matter. Except for the late submissions I have put in content each week since I returned except for this past riot392. Only missed one match out of being booked each week so far since returning and that was for storyline reasons only. I have stepped up in helping others with matches, or vids. I tried to attempt a feud. Also I shouldn't have any blame thrown at me for the handicap match at all. That's fine it's your opinion, Pugh, but dont throw me under the bus for the sake of doing so please. I'm not upset so don't take this as that. Like I said I do respect the honesty and will take the advice. I just want to show that i'm going to keep trying to get better, staying active, and finally getting shit done more often in on time. :)
  11. Just saying I intended not to put any content into Riot392 for Val. After finding out some things that I won't go into discussion here, but ultimately led the decision not to post anything this week. I wasn't lazy, or forgot. I just didn't want to this week because plans have been changed or atleast my plans. Instead I got a shit load im working for Cide. However like I said some stuff has happened behind the scenes that I won't talk about. I do agree about Riot. However so far from the rps I read, I haven't been able to watch any vids yet, but so far the RPs are looking good. I haven't read all RPs. I'm halfway into the show. Although I'm actually going to be one of few that probably will be home all labor day weekend so ill get to do watching, reviewing, posting, and submitting.
  12. I didn't think I wrote in a way that seemed confusing.... Oh well... this thread is full of win anyway.
  13. Just explaining that my RPs for Riot was done to setup something. It'll all be explained at Riot 392, and Summercide. The point behind them was due to Val suspension from the promo backstage I made a few days ago. I know the rps probably seem like they wasn't leading to anything, but they're. I'll take the advice, and try to make myself become a better writer. :)
  14. *OCWFED.COM has finally revealed the scoop on all stories so far that has gained alot of interest with no answers or details regarding them. Until now as OCWFED.COM has recently picked up on some recent big breaking news that has erupted from the aftermath of the past few weeks. Here's a list below of everything that has finally been made public to the fans, and everyone else. Starting with the violent attack at Riot 389 involving The Family, and Wonderful Wesley. After the match between A.C Cobra, and Wonderful Wesley there was an attack. The injuries, and whereabouts regarding Wesley's health was kept silent until today. The news broke out as Wonderful Wesley finally went to the hospital. There has been reports that despite the painful attack that caused broken ribs, mild concussions, and a dislocated shoulder to Wonderful Wesley at Riot 389 he had refused from friends, family, and even OCW to seek medical treatment. After several days he finally checked himself in, and learned of his injuries. On his social page just hours ago he informed his fans, and everyone of his problems. Not just the injuries, and causing him to miss OCW time, but also the drugs that was fount in his blood work at the hospital. It seems Wonderful Wesley was still on drugs, and that's the reasoning behind the silence since the attack, and the refusing of medical treatment. Now the question remains up in the air... even if Wonderful Wesley can heal back up to fight another day, can he kick his addiction behind him, and even if then will OCW even accept his return after all this? We'll continue to watch for anything new in this tragic story. Now moving onto another superstar that has made clear over the past week that despite his injuries suffered at the hands of Vincent Valmont he will return. Dorian Arnaud was viciously attacked after his match with Valmont back at Riot 389. Arnaud was the victim of a devastating finisher through a table off the top turnbuckle. The awkward landing made it a very scary moment to have witnessed live in audience. Mr. Arnaud suffered a broken neck, and a broken arm. He suffered alot of blood loss. Right now despite the high hopes from Mr. Arnaud of returning OCW officials have already leaked the severe danger of the injuries done to Mr. Arnaud. One OCW official commented very shortly that "right now his return to the ring is out of the question. Right now in his condition he might not ever be able to wrestle again. To come back early, or at all without being fully ready of the risks is not only very wrong, but dangerous. I highly recommend Mr. Arnaud to retire, but the choice is left to him." Now as for the man who did the attack to Mr. Arnaud, Vincent Valmont was recently hit with more trouble other than his actions against Arnaud. It has been released via statement from OCW management, and member.* "It's with great regret we wish to inform that because of the countless aggressive actions taken by Mr. Valmont on our referees over the past weeksis not tolerated, uncalled for, and will be stopped. It's taken us a little while, but we finally reached a fair punishment for Mr. Valmont. That's why as of today August 21st, 2014-August 28th, 2914. Mr. Valmont is suspended for one week without pay. He is also to pay a fine of a total of $20,000. Also banned from Riot 391 because of his actions of recent past weeks that means his match is canceled until a replacement is made. We also wish to inform Mr. Valmont that here at OCW we won't tolerate anyone breaking the rules, and thinking they will suffer no consequences anymore. If we have to we will make the example out of Mr. Valmont. The last thing OCW needs is to get into legal trouble, and lawsuits by our very own refs just because of one man changes all of that. So to please the refs, and to also avoid any lawsuits, and court. We reached a settlement with the individual refs that Mr. Valmont has attacked. Also the add to the $20k fine for Mr. Valmont he is to also pay an addition $10K fine or else suffer further suspension without pay, or worse. That is all I have to say regarding this incident. It ends NOW." *Here at OCWFED.COM we will have all the very latest news and information regarding this story, and any other story within OCW. Check back always here at OCWFED.COM. Your #1 source for all things OCW, and beyond.*
  15. I wrote it while watching the PPV. So with me stopping during the ppv to write the review after every promo, and video it was probably close to between 2-3 hrs.
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