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  1. Sorry to post over the Lution thread but I just want to say how amazing this was. I'm so glad I got to join in with the viewing party for this as I thought everyone was getting ready to watch Lution haha. I can appreciate the time and effort that must have went into this so just wanted to take the time out to say how much fun I had watching this. Bobby Minio is comedy gold "Hey Drago, are you still using that Paul Dundee gimmick or did someone tell you that anytime is too soon to bring Steve Irwin to a wrestling ring." LMAO I loved how you used games like Here comes the pain, Def Jam and overcooked 2. Dan trying to break the disc at the end reminded me of Mr Burns... Then Nate as Thanos right at the end has me exited for the next installment. Great job to Mugen and everyone who took part in this and thank you for making myself and Jay laugh so much xD P.S Jake is amazing at commentary and makes everything that much better ^^
  2. And one week later... I been away from home since Monday so I got some catching up to do. Just want to give a big shout out to Drago. This is a match people wanted to see last May but the timing for me just wasn't right. I thought with us both being gone for a long time that Wrestlution was the right place to do this match. In my mind, I wasn't sure how this match was going to play as I know Drago still has it and me not so much haha. I was just as shocked as everyone else how the match went. Anyone that knows me, knows I can't kick out for shit. Last year I would land the most finishers but lose most of my matches because of the kick out system. This is the only time you would really see that from Leon with it being Lution. If I was getting my ass beat I'd stay down after 2 but somehow, I made a come back and this really added to our match. Everything we did story wise played well into the match. We defiantly went with a "less is more" approach for this feud. I hope you enjoyed it and this match is up there with my Parker one now. Thanks again bubba xD When I joined the viewing party we were at the end of the Turmoil championship match. I got to re watch the match but out of all the 4 people involved. I didn't think it would be Austin that would be the one walking out with the championship. So congratulations dude. I caught Nate vs Parker which was a pretty decent match. You can tell both men were not at their best and the running move really screwed Nate at the end :( Looking forward to catch up on Lution but just wanted to say my piece now before it gets any later. I defiantly feel the frustration with the game though, with so much being broken but sadly it's never going to change with the people involved making these games. WWE 12 was on the right step but for whatever reason, they reverted back to the older gaming engines. One day I hope for an amazing wrestling game but I know it's not going to be anytime soon. Like Nate said though, with the right people you can still have fun.
  3. I looked back to some of my 09 written work and some of it was terrible. That was mainly because I only used to spend 20 minutes on writing something but now I end up spending hours or coming back to it haha. I am defiantly older now but what i got to remember is a lot of people are going to read this and all though I am no Versus or Dupree. I want people to enjoy our content :cool: ---------------------------------------------------------- Riot 502 Been a very hectic week and I'm not going to be able to one of them big reviews. However in short... I am really glad we're going to get to see THE STEVE in action again at Lution and against Cort. I saw your last match at Riot 500 and I'm looking forward to see you guys fight it out once again. Still don't know all the new guys that have come in while I have been away but good to see you putting in the work. Especially from Cyborg, Quartz, Rust, Telos and Valkyrie (awesome name btw) This is how you make it to Lution. When I left H20 was just finding his place and now he's one of the main stars on Riot. Love your work with Bobby and you're doing a good job playing the heel haha. I like this whole good light thing you got going. Poor Bobby got pissed on. You just got to up the ante now Bobby and make H2O eat shit. In the finale, all I could picture was KD shouting "SISSY!" Haha. I didn't see this coming but defiantly interesting. Kass is doing a good job with the championship and all I need to see now is my dude Spider somehow creep his way into this match. This killed me haha... Just remember Bobby it could always be worse. Much worse. You could be... Apologies if I have missed anyone off but all in all this was a solid show leading into Lution.
  4. The 3 I picked all made it in, was it only me who voted? Haha. I was back and fourth between Spider's and Tibby's. I just remember the NA championship having the white strap and that's what makes the NA unique to all the other championships.
  5. When I look at Riot 500. I think back to all my years here and it's amazing what we have all achieved. I have made some good friends here and worked with a lot of great people over the years. I was lucky to be around for both the Golden Era and the Ambition Era of OCW. To think when I first came here I was only 18 years of age. Damn I feel old now haha :( This place has gotten me through some of the most shittiest times of my life. I was never the most outgoing person when I was younger mainly because of my anxiety. I know there are a lot of people out there very similar to myself which is why I am glad this place has always been here. It's not just a game, this is a community and years of hard work and dedication by so many people. Jay has been doing all this for over 14 years. A lot of people would have given up years ago but you kept this place going even through OCW's darkest times. I know I have not always been the most easiest person to deal with and infuriated you on many occasions haha. Even then you would still help me out when I needed it and you were a big part of bringing out the best in me. So thank you Jay <3 Here's to another 500 episodes of Riot ^^ Moving onto the show itself. H20 is one of my favorite characters right now, I like what you have with Dimsmore. I am behind story line wise so I am trying to catch up. I remember seeing your match with Tibby and I jumped up out of my chair like a child when you won. A lot of people have been rooting for you from the beginning and was a long time coming. I am so glad you're going into Lution with the championship. It's good to see Austin finally reach the top of the mountain and being the Turmoil champion. That's all I ever wanted from my times with you as Sid haha. You always have good intentions and try to help people but if you want to keep hold of that championship. You better get practicing because Kass beat the shit out of you lol. Speaking of Kass. I said it at the start of the season but I mean it when I say you're one of the best on the sticks right now. I like to see you be more of your own character though without coming out to other people's entrances. I not been following the shows so sure you have a plan for it but I just want to get more behind your character because you have the skill. Just people need to take you more seriously and it's hard because I don't know what you're going for character wise. I don't know much about Rust and Quartz but I enjoyed your match. I thought Rust had it but soon as you got Quartz red you just couldn't finish it. You both defiantly got potential though and keep up the good work. I am trying to catch up with the shows so hopefully learn more about your characters soon enough. Poor Heather http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/30400000/Molly-Holly-nora-greenwald-aka-molly-holly-30492850-232-245.png I knew the fatal four way match was going to be a brawl with the people involved. Mez still giving boots to busta's haha. I was pulling for my dude Sean but in the end. KD walks out with the win. Good shit man. I marked for The Steve but god your hair :( It looks more like the real life Steve now haha. I enjoyed the match and a big fan of Cort. I thought Steve was going to win this but Cort by the skin of his teeth gets the win. Congrats bud. The Ghetto videos never get old. Telos looks like he means business. H20 is taking over Riot 500 haha. I like Valkyrie and looking forward to see your next match. Cool name by the way. I wish I could have heard Jay during his match with Dimsmore. Damn wasn't expecting that lmao. I can just imagine Jay's laugh during that match all the way until the end. Poor Dimsmore :( Spider is another one of my favorite characters. I love how he embraces the trash gimmick. I wasn't expecting to see Matsuda, you know this is going to be a crazy match with these two men. Matsuda like myself always goes over :) Bobby Minio tried but he wasn't on the H20 level at Riot 500. Drago looks like the terminator haha. Defiantly glad you got to fight Mugen. So much history between the two of you. Love Mugens entrance. After watching this match I need to get training. Fuck my life. In case you missed it here's what happened after the match as it's not on the show... B-17 is the perfect example of someone who can come back after making a few bad decisions last year. Good to see you in the Turmoil main event and glad Malu is back too. This was my second favorite match of the night and Austin Lee could be in trouble. Big win for B-17 as Malu isn't the easiest of opponents and is the second person to beat Leon at Lution... Jerk. I know I always say this but it's still true even now. Tiberius Dupree has the best entrance in OCW. The theme, the gold jacket with the hair and that entrance is simply amazing. Good to see you back for Riot 500 and we're getting a Summercide rematch here folks. The leader of the Golden era vs the leader of the Ambition Era and boy this match didn't disappoint. Main event for a reason and the best match of the night for me. Back and forth all the way and Nate just wouldn't give up. That submission came out of nowhere and wasn't expecting it. Great match and Tibby has got to be feeling good after that one. Hopefully get to fight you again one day Tibby. All in all great show, sorry if I missed anyone but keep up the good work peeps. I am hyped for Turmoil 200 and Lution.
  6. Haha that's great you all actually came up with a name for that. Back when I was dm'ing last year. I would often do that to people. Especially to people who expect me to play cat and mouse all match, isn't that right Wrex? Haha. I have had a lot going on recently but I am trying to catch up with the shows. I agree with Bobby and great to see 6 pages of discussion without any drama. Great work and hopefully have a bit more of a detailed review soon.
  7. On a more positive note... Nice to finally see H20 win the EX championship. I know you been working hard to capture it and it's finally paid off. Great job man. Kass I remember you telling me about the chamber, really cool of you wanting this match and not only that but beating everyone involved. Great job, you're probably one of the best here right now on the sticks. That was a massive win.
  8. Just going to throw this out here because fuck it... I was honestly contemplating on coming back for a Lution match but every time I log on here or discord, all I see is some high school level of bullshit that reminds me why a part of me left originally. The reason certain people aren't here anymore is nothing to do with emotional issues. That always gets mentioned when you say something that someone doesn't like but a part of it is because the game isn't that good, the other is real life and then the biggest part is the drama. This place is supposed to be a hobby that should be fun, something people come to be apart off to escape the bullshit that goes on in the real world but when that said hobby becomes exactly like everything else, it's time to say goodbye and find a new hobby. I mean Gentleman Jack might be a flake but I can't blame the guy. I think I rather sit in a hot tub getting stoned out my face all day than read all this shit. Now you might be reading and thinking this is not helpful but I want it to be. I am pretty fucking dumb but it doesn't take me to notice there is a huge disconnect here with folks. The Bunny D cash in was ruined by a spoiler but like everyone else watching this match. I would have marked because I am a fan of Jonny D and then being disappointed when you find out it isn't Bunny. That's normal and to hate the person who did this but whatever the angle. That's a heel's job to get you to hate them. All this could have been avoided though by giving Jonny a simple heads up. That being said, I think the main reason you're all going off on one though is because you all have beef with Dennis right now and like the hoots always do, you will find anything you can to shit and use against him. Don't take this as me taking sides because believe me, there is some shit I seen Dennis say to people that I don't agree with like wishing death on one of the nicest dudes in OCW Drago :( Going off topic from the pay per view now and saying something I should've said before I left last May. One thing I agree with Dennis on is the disconnect between Turmoil and Riot. I thought discord was supposed to bring both brands from PS4 and Xbox together but even a year nearly after being gone all I see is you all shitting on one another. Take hoot chat, it's cool you guys all chill. I do that with my friends over on PS4. But you guys make it come across as some high school popularity thing where you're the cool kids and everyone else can eat shit. Then like how Dennis tells people to go die, you just remove people when you don't agree with them. AT least that's my impression I get from it. One thing I saw recently on discord that annoyed me was the shit you all gave Vincent Valmont. Granted he fucked up over something from 4 years ago but he didn't deserve all that shit he got and it was completely unnecessary, especially after he apologised about a million times for it. You didn't even give him a chance. What message do you think that gives everyone else new and old? I mean you wonder why people leave but it's not because they need thick skin, it's because they can find better things to do in their time. There is constructive criticism and then there is just plain shitting on people because you all have an agenda and the way this is all going, you're just going to lose good people or cause Jay to close down the site. Not telling you all to hold hands and sing kumbaya but you all need to work together to make this place better. I'll leave you with that and... http://www.abc.es/Media/201305/22/pinguinos-volar--644x362.jpg
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