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Hostile in Hawaii (DupreeTV Ep.2)

Tiberius Dupree

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*Again Dupree's camera man is late, the camera is bouncing up and down as he rushes to meet Dupree in a motel once again. But this time Dupree is just checking in, while checking out the receptionist's cleavage. He turns around just as the camera man walks up*


Dupree: Wow what a suprise your late again, probably using your camera to look up grass skirts eh?. Anyway let me get settled in upstairs, I got quite a few things to say this afternoon.


*The camera man follows Dupree up the balcony steps into the cheap motel room on the 2nd floor. Dupree puts his bags down, and pulls out the unbalanced wooden chair and sits, the camera man fumbles with the camera until he gets focused*


Dupree: First before I get into it, let me give my prayers to the victims and their families of the shooting in Tuscan, Arizona. We often take our lives for granted, and at any moment it could all be over. See that's why I'm here in OCW, it has always been my dream to be an OCW superstar.


*Dupree takes a deep breath and rubs his forehead and continues*


Dupree: Dragonflies, every moment in my life has been leading up to my debut on Ambition. From my first glimpse of wrestling on the telly as a kid, I knew at that instant what I wanted to be. I trained hard, sacraficed friends and family to follow my dream, and now I have an opportunity to take a giant step towards that dream.


Trey Hostile is the man I face in my debut. From what I understand he is the brethen of OCW superstar Brandon Hostile. Much like Trey I also have wrestling in my blood, I may not have a relative or sibling here in OCW but I have trained at the HTK Stronghold with some of the best the industry has to offer. I've learned countless submission holds, agile impact moves, suplexes and various strikes. But I'm going to be honest none of that really matters, because my heart and tenacity are my strongest weapons.


*Now Dupree is looking dead into the camera, the camera man zooms in a little too much, then backs out again*


Dupree: Trey I have nothing against you eh, but see this is what do, and what I do best. Wrestling is my life, so when I enter that square circle on Sunday I put my life between those ropes. So unless you plan on ending my life, your going to have a tough time putting me down.


*The camera man strafes to the left as Dupree gets up from the chair and starts unpacking his bags tossing random items on the bed.*


Dupree: So on Ambition Trey you and the rest of OCW will finally understand why I'm your girl's favorite wrestler...


*With his classic half smile, Dupree concludes as the camera fades*


Dupree: And yours too.

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