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The Essence of Pro Wrestling


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{It’s 530am Hawaii Standard time. Lucas Dimsmore is awaken by the alarm clock in his hotel room.}




(He tried to reach for the snooze button without moving anything but his right arm. He continues to miss the button)


Lucas: (Half awake)…. What…. The…. Hell???




(He finally pulls his head up off the pillow and shut the alarm off. He sits up on the edge of the bed, grabs a t-shirt off the floor, puts it on and stands up to stretch.)


Lucas: Mmm, 530 comes way to early.


(He walks over to the bathroom, grabbing a towel on the way and closes the door behind him)


{About an hour later, you see Lucas walking thru the lobby of the hotel with his gym bag in hand. He stops at the front desk}


Attendant: (In a very cheery manner) Aloha Mr. Dimsmore. You are up mighty early.


(Lucas gives him a very cold stare. He doesn’t seem to be awake yet)


Lucas: Just point me in the direction of the coffee.


Attendant: It’s over there to the left.


(Lucas turns and walks in that direction. As he gets to the counter where the coffee is, he overhears a TV with an Ambition commercial on. He doesn‘t stop to look at the TV. It just plays in the background.)


TV Announcer: Catch the new wave of OCW Superstars this Sunday at the Stan Sheriff Center on the University of Hawaii at Manoa campus. As OCW presents Ambition. Featuring Cody Storm, The Nearly 400lb Patolomai, “The Canadian Dragon” Tiberius Dupree, and in the Main Event. The international sensation, The Unbeatable Matsuda makes his OCW debut against Kadir Yasan. Bell Time 7:00pm. Get your tickets NOW!!!


(By the time the commercial is over, Lucas is done and takes a sip of his hot cup of joe.)


Lucas: Umm hmm


(He grabs his bag and heads out the hotel towards the rental car place. As he walks in, you see the face of customer service rep light up. He’s in his early 20’s. But seems like a huge OCW fan by his reaction)


Service Rep: Hey, aren’t you Lucas Dimsmore???


Lucas: (Reluctantly) Yea


Service Rep: WOW! I can’t believe it. I’ve never a pro wrestler before.


Lucas: Yea, I bet you can’t.


Service Rep: Are you fighting at Ambition this Sunday?? I got floor seats.


(Lucas takes a long sip of his coffee before he answers)


Lucas: Yes I am.


Service Rep: Awesome. Who are you facing?


Lucas: Someone named Royce Bentley.


(The Service Rep gasps)


Service Rep: Are you serious? He’s one of my favorite wrestlers. You may have your hands full with him.


Lucas: I’m sure he would be one of your favs.


Service Rep: Huh?


(He puts his bag on the ground and gets real close to the young employee)


Lucas: (In a very low tone of voice) You see son. There are a lot of wrestlers in OCW, quite frankly in the world of pro wrestling, that have clouded your juvenile mind that wrestling is about the glitz and the glamour. That it’s about flashy moves, slick talking and a “BALLIN” lifestyle.


(He looks away for a second. Chuckles to himself and turns back to the Service Rep)


Lucas: (low tone) Royce needs to be taught a lesson. A lesson in the art of wrestling. I wasn’t trained how to talk on the mic. I didn’t get in this business to make “Straight Cash Homie” or whatever the hell that means. I came here to bring back the true essence of pro wrestling. I’m going to strap up, walk down that aisle, and teach him a lesson in pure technical wrestling.


(He backs away from the Service Rep)


Lucas: (normal voice) And that’s only the beginning. I plan on freeing the minds of all the OCW fans that have had to suffer thru the fluff that they have become accustom to here. And you young sir, can be the first one that comes into the light and sees the truth. And don’t worry, you don’t have to thank me now. After I give Mr. Bentley what he has coming to him. As I look in to the audience and see one single person standing and applauding the seminar that they have just witnessed in the ring, I will know then, that my efforts were appreciated.


{Lucas hands the Service Rep his coffee. Takes the set of keys out of his hands and walks towards the door as the scene fades}

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