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Most if not all the fans caught Josiah Cross's cameo on OCW Ambition. Josiah Cross interfered in an official OCW Sanctioned match. Now in OCW this isn't anything new, However Mr.Cross is not a contracted OCW Performer, or a free agent.


Josiah Cross acted in an unlawful manner. The mood backstage is somewhat mixed, quotes cited below.

"Do we really need to see another veteran (contracted or not) assaulting a rookie?"


"We have laws, for this kind of thing, we put our bodies on the line daily, and for someone to just run into the ring like that is disgraceful and downright dangerous"


"Its bad enough we have Guy Fausto running rough shot all over the place, now guys who don't even work here are going to have at it as well?"


"This is our show, this is our moment, if he wants some he needs to get his contract and take his dumpy ass back to RIOT"

The veterans have an entirely different opinion.


"He gets attacked by some punk, and instead of being able to take care of it, Mngt has him running though hoops, its typical BS"


"I am glad, someone else is taking the fight to these young punks, they think they can do whatever they want"

"Its about time the gauntlet has been thrown down, we where here first, we worked our asses off to get here, and now these pukes think they can just come here and hit the big time, think again jerk offs"

Cody Storm could not be reached for comment at this time. In addition OCW Mngt are furious. Josiah Cross has been fined at this time in the amount of $15,000. When asked why charges were not filed, Mr.Sensation said this.


He was fined, and quite frankly I want to see what happens this Tuesday!. Sure I could bury Cross in legal work I can afford it. But this business is about entertainment. And it doesn't matter if its the OCW Fans, or my own!


Tune in this Tuesday for OCW RIOT!


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 15-06, 18:20 Tiberius Dupree make him tap with brownie mix


"Booking Wrestling is the most thankless no-win position anyone could ever be in. When things go well it's the talent that makes it work. When they go badly, it's because the Booker doesn't know what he's doing." - Eric Bischoff


Jookie: what website do we upload to againi for got

Our Hero: uploadafraud.com

Jookie: fuck u boricua


"I'm like Smythe, except Good" - Matsuda


OCW works best when it’s a melting pot of different ideas and opinions coming together to create some cool ass shit. It’s at its worst when people are only invested in their own/their pals’ content." - Paul Pugh

"I'm 5,9" - Ry

"I'm sorry if this sounds mean but OCW shouldn't be allowed to vote" - Jake Allen

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