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Auditions- part 1

Karim TGO

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*The scene opens, with a door saying

" ✰✰✰Auditions✰✰✰ "

The door opens and Karim is seen sitting at his ivory desk.*







Karim: Send in the first one...


*A petite girl enters with a worried look on her face*


Karim: Mrs..... Phillips? Thanks for coming today... and last night, *wink-wink* . But any way, business is business... Now, we both know there are some jobs you are very good at but tell me, what makes you think you have what it takes to be MY vallet?



http://doulifee.com//Storage/aceatt/EdgeworthInv1/1-2birdie-yayd.gif Mrs Phillips: Well sir, I um... I'm like totally your biggest fan, when you approached me last night at the bar, well um... I pretended I didn't know who you were, but really I've been following your work for quite some time now... hee hee.




*Karim stares blankly*


Karim: Wait... you're telling me, that you lied? You lied to get all up on *takes a breath* DEEEEEEEZ NUUUUHHHHTS!? Karim doesn't deal with mark arse fan girls like yourself...





*Mrs. Phillips becomes nervous*


http://doulifee.com//Storage/aceatt/EdgeworthInv1/1-2birdie-sadd.gif Mrs Phillips: I... um... I'm sorry , I thought that this would have been the best way to get the j...






Karim: Oh!!! "I theh this wed beh the best weh to geh the..." Get the fuck out of my office... This isn't an audition to be my fucking groupie. If i wanted someone to travel around with me, cradling my balls in their mouth, I'd have called one of the OCW ring rats.




*Mrs. Phillips leaves the office in tears*




Karim: And brush your teeth! Next!!!

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