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Ambition debut for many rookies

Shamulua Jr

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The Highly anticipated debut of the wreslter from the isle of samoa Agamu Jr. should pack seats in the ambition arena come january 23rd in mexico city.


After Training in Miami Florida for almost 5 years his potential was recognized and pushed! Reporters have informed us that agamu has been focusing on his Striking Game as well as his Cardio, and he is going to need it as well as every other ocw rookie in that locker room.


After agamu jr's childhood of dreaming of one day stepping into the ring in ocw he will finnally will get his shot against another rookie who is no easy victory in Kadir Yasan. both men looking to make a very big impact on Ambition, Not everyone gets the chance these rookies have recieved so every move is crucial.


the ocw fan base has been raving about alot of the upcomming rookies including UNBEATABLE matsuda,Patolomia,Royce Bentley,cody storm, and many others.


for the first time in a long time ocw has superstar potential in the rookie locker room.


everyone is warned if your a wrestling fan do not miss out on maby one of the most highly anticipated Ocw Ambition Events in history! Live in Mexico City, January 23rd.


By joshua shields

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When Shamulua's Music hit's you know one thing is certain, you are about to witness non stop destruction on his opponent, careless of the victory, yet so determined to unleash pain and suffering.
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