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the meet part 1

Damien Kain

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*Kain thinking to himself*


Kain : I still cannot believe I'm stuck. Stuck in a rut that I will never get out of, never to see the light of day. The days

pass and the DVDs holding our matches become more used, minute scratches appearing on the CD due to

massive usage.


I just can't wrestle as well as I used to without him. He was power, and I was speed. We were the top tag team

in CCW and NWA, but his untimely end brought upon my own downfall. I mean, I have a 6-13 record in CCW, a 1-0

record in NWA, and (most shocking of all) an 0-2 record here in OCW. I feel like complete utter shit, and so are

my records.


I ask myself the same question every day: Should I continue wrestling? Now the answer right now is... Yes. I

need the money, and I need some way to stay fit. Wrestling takes care of both criteria, and something else...

the passion to wrestle.


Unfortunately, the passion I once had for the business is dwindling at a slow rate, though that is way too fast. I need something to rekindle the wish to wrestle...


So that is why I am asking to Reminders... of what happened.


Yeah, I'm still thinking of how Sebastian got arrested. (My twin brother) Still thinking of the time Zain called me and told me the worst news. Still remembering my visit to the maximum

security prison I cannot reveal the name of.

Still remembering our time in the limelight. Still... in sheer nostalgia.


As my plane lands I rush to get a cab to my hotel.

as i arrive to the hotel i quickly check in and head to my room.


When i lay my bags down my phone rings as I

answer the person on the other end says ill be right there.


It's a beautiful sunny day in downtown Toronto when suddenly a green 1969 Chevy Nova SS Coupe pulls to a

loud screeching stop right outside the doors to the building. The driver loudly revs the engine a few times

before idling for a few seconds and finally killing the ignition. The soon to be TV Champion, Arnaud then steps out and slams the car door.

The guard at the door looks like he's somewhere between irate and scared

as he stares at the large man walking towards him.*



Guard: Um Sir, you can't park there.


Arnaud: Back up buddy or you are about to have one hell of a headache! I'll be right back down.


*Arnaud roughly pushes his way by the guard and proceeds into the building, ignoring the protesting man

behind him. Arnaud walks directly to the lobby elevator, steps in and the doors close behind him.*


Then the scene then quickly changes to the top floor lobby as the elevator dings, the doors open and Arnaud steps out.*

*Almost running into D. Kain*


D.Arnaud: Just the man i wanted to see.Lets grab a drink we got alot to talk about.



Kain: Sure u know a place?


Arnaud: Of course,you are in Canada.I own this place!


*Arnaud sees the the guard and walks over toward him,then slaps him on the face on drops a 20 in his shirt pocket*


Arnaud : Here go get a cheeseburger or something for your trouble.


*The scene opens to a scenic view of Club Dejour. where Kain and Arnaud start walking the there vip booth.


The divalicious diva carrying a tray asks for there order.


Kain: I'll take a Voka and grapefruit juice


Waitress: And you Mr. Arnaud?


Arnaud: Water no lemon.


*waitress then winks her I at Dorien*


Arnaud : Ok Mr.Kain lets talk business and business is money.


*scence pulls away with both of them talking*


more to come

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