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The Tension Builds


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{The scene opens back in Nesquehoning, Pa at Lucas Dimsmore’s Cabin. You see Lucas using his bench press behind his house snow flakes fall to the ground sporadically. Can’t really tell if they are new ones or ones falling from the trees. As the camera walks past him you see Charlotte Dimsmore peeking out the window. She sees that he’s not coming back in just this second and hurries to her cell. She opens and dials a number. As it rings, she continues to peek out the window from a distance to see if Lucas is coming back in the house. The call goes to the voicemail of whoever see was calling.}


Charlotte: (almost a whisper) Hey…. Um… Dupree. (Sighs) It’s Charlotte. I just wanted to apologize and explain what happened in the back with me, you and Luke. And… uh…. I shot you a text Monday… But you were probably busy or something. Just give me a chance to explain please….


(She peeks once more as she sees Lucas starting to make his way in the cabin.)


Charlotte: Call me back.


(She hangs the phone up and meets Lucas at the door)


Charlotte: Luke, you haven’t said two words to me since we got back. What is ya problem? Didn’t you say you wanted to talk this out??


(Lucas walks right by her and in to the bed room to change out of his workout clothes. She follows behind him.)


Charlotte: HELLO??? You are not really gonna blame me for ya loss are you??


(Lucas stops mid-way thru taking his t-shirt off and storms over to Charlotte standing in the door way. He gets face to face with her, staring dead in her eyes. The look on his face is pure hostility. But just as he starts to say something, He takes a deep breath, takes a few steps back from her. Finishes taking his shirt off and throws it in her face.)


Charlotte: YOU SORRY SON OF A……


(She takes the shirt and throws it right back at him. He catches it and fakes like he going to rocket it back in her face. She doesn’t flinch and he just drops in on the floor at her feet and makes his way to the dresser to get a new shirt.)


Charlotte: One, You can’t in ya right mind think I had anything to do with you losing to ya twin brother… (Chuckles) And two, Deuie invited me. Since you never let me in to that side of ya life.


Lucas: (With an appalled look on his face) You just happen to met this poser in an airport bar, hop in a cab with him and fly with him to San Diego. Now you have a pet name for him?? Maybe your masters degree from Georgia Tech can tell me what the hell is wrong with that picture.


Charlotte: My psychology degree doesn’t pertain to lunatics like you.


Lucas: Wow, way to use your highly educated vocab to come to that conclusion.


(She walks over to him and gets in his face)


Charlotte: You see, It’s sly comments like that which has me pushing for this divorce. After 8 long years, 5 years of marriage, when ever we have an argument, you wanna knock me for the work I put in. Do I sense a hint of jealousy?


(Lucas grins and tugs on the hair on his chin with his hand)


Lucas: You know, If you would have just listened to me from the jump and kept your nosey ass here and waited until I got back from the road, all this would have been avoided. But like always you want to live on Planet Charlotte. And do things your way or no way.


Charlotte: No, If you would have been the man to me that you were a few years ago, then things would be how they are supposed to be. But ever since “The Incident”, You have been a completely different person.


(Lucas waves his hand in her face like “Get the hell out of here” and starts walking to the kitchen area. Charlotte continues to follow.)


Charlotte: You are aggravated 24-7, You haven’t shaved in I don’t know how long. It’s like this wrestling thing has been ruling your life the last handful of years. I want the old Luke Dimsmore back. And if I can’t get that, then I’m out the door.


(Lucas takes a sip of his Powerade.)


Lucas: First, I told you to never mention “The Incident” again. Two, people change over time. But for you to just want to up and leave is a little ridiculous.


Charlotte: (Shocked) Up and leave? It’s been 3 years. I can’t deal with this anymore.


(He finishes drink and places it on the counter top.)


Lucas: Look, we have been together way to long and been thru way too much to end this now. We can get thru this.


Charlotte: Yea ok. (She turns her back to him) You just don’t…..


(Charlotte’s phone rings and she walks over to it. She checks the caller ID and it’s Dupree. She hurries to the front porch and closes the door before she answers.)


Lucas: (Dumbfounded) What the F……..


(Lucas heads to the front porch.)


Charlotte: Listen, I’m sorry bout how things went down Sunday…… No, no… I should have mentioned to you bout him, but I just didn’t know …


(Lucas walks over and grabs the phone from her ear.)




(Lucas launches the phone into the front yard and it disappears into the snow. Charlotte looks out to the yard in disbelief. Then turns to Lucas and tries to slap the taste out of his mouth. He catches her hand at the wrist. He smiles.)


Lucas: Well, that’s the feisty Charlotte that I have come to love.


(She pulls her arm away from him.)


Charlotte: You are such an ass. I hope Matsuda spits in ya face this Sunday.


Lucas: Really? Maybe you want to come to Orlando this week. You can translate for that Jap cause he wouldn’t even know if the ref counts 3 if he was to pin my shoulders to the mat. Trust me, it won’t get that far. He’s one of the deathmatch international fighters. Quick to grab anything at ringside that isn’t bolted to the floor. Luckily, this is a straight 1 on 1 match. So if he even thinks about using any weapons, that will be a quick 3 points for me in the standings and I’ll be one step closer to that OCW Ambition Title.


Charlotte: Ha Ha… You aren’t on his level. How soon you forget that match that him and Patolomai put on at Trials.


Lucas: Again, here you go. Coming from Planet Charlotte. That was a hardcore match missy. He’s specialty. This is a tourney, straight wrestling. My area of expertise. He doesn’t stand a chance.


Charlotte: Ugh, I can’t look at you right now.


(Charlotte storms into the house. Grabs her coat and purse and heads to her car. As she speeds away, Lucas walks back in the house and looks thru the mail on the table. Seeing that it’s nothing but bills he leaves it alone and walks to the living room and turns on the TV.)


Lucas: (Sighs) Women.


{The Scene fades}

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