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What happened to Trey Hostile?

Brandon Hostile

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By: Jim Black



After several more attempts of defibrillation on Trey Hostile before the ambulance had left the Universal Studios Arena Trey had not responded. After a slight few seconds of capacitation his heart then stopped again. Paramedics quickly rushed to the Florida Hospital of Orlando. Upon their arrival Trey Hostile still was not breathing and had no heartbeat.


At the hospital an arranged 4 major doctors tended to Trey and continued checks. They tried again to defibrillate Trey with more volts than the portable. Trey had gained consciousness again. Trey Hostile was kept in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) over night and was pronounced dead at 2:38am Eastern time.


The cause of death was a stress fracture of the 3rd rib that had punctured Trey's lungs. The fracture was caused due to an excess of muscle build up and Trey's ribs could not handle the constriction of the muscles. Doctors say that the lack of oxygen reaching Treys blood stream as well as being released into his body through the puncture wound lead Trey to pass out and eventually stop breathing.


Trey Hostile had a short signing with OCW only lasting 2 months. He competed in two matches with a record of 1-1 and made several appearances on screen alongside Brandon Hostile.


Brandon Hostile was notified shortly after and was contacted this morning for questions but refused to comment. Will this affect the current North American Championship's number one contender? Or will it fuel a fire and return the unstoppable force from 2010 that was Brandon Hostile.

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