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The Story Of Agamu Jr. Before Comming to america Part 1 of 4

Shamulua Jr

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[The scene opens in the dark night of the south pacific's own isle of Samoa. A tribe of Samoans circled around a large fire chanting...]


Samoan Tribe: Aiga, Agia, Agia.


[The Samoan tribe leader calls the ritual to an immediate halt.]

Samshua: (In The Samoan Language)

LISTEN UP! We are family and tonight we welcome Agamu Jr. as one of our own, the 5th of 6 children in his family, yet doesn't feel as close to them as in the past,he comes to us in hope of acceptance, loyalty and friendship. Do we all accept Agamu Jr to our Tribe?


[the crowd of the tribe raises the torches they hold, signaling the acceptance.]


Samshua:Agamu You are accepted by us, we promise Loyalty and friendship and we will not allow anything other than the same in return.


Agamu Jr: (In The Samoan Language)

thank you all, and thank you samshua, i shall not let you down as a member.


[samshua places his hand on the shoulder of agamu jr]


Samhua: Good there are some very important rules here in our tribe rule number 1 at all times your face shall be covered, this is for your protection against our rivals and enemies. no face shall ever be revealed!


Agamu Jr: I understand Sir


Samshua: Good, the others you will learn in time but right now im going to pear you up with a long time member to learn and understand more about our tribe.


[A tall man tattoos from head to toe, wearing all black with a unique mask steps into the conversation]

[Agamu seems to recognize the symbol on the his mask]

Samshua: Agamu meet Sholue, a long time member, 15 years to be exact he is well known here for his witchcraft activities, i have specially chosen him for you because he is the most respected and grown of all the other tribe members that are under my wing. I see potential in you agamu Do Not Let me down.


[sholue and agamu jr. shake hands and begin walking and talking]


Sholue: (In The Samoan Language)

Agamu, the leader seems to have great faith in you, this builds my trust and confidence in you as well.Here in this tribe i am the master of witch craft myself and many others strongly believe that i posses supernatural powers and abilities, and with these abilities you can choose to do good or choose to do bad, i choose to do good, to help and cure tho's who are sick as this is how i was taught and i expect the same from anyone who i share my powers with.After Speaking with the leader,who believes in you to be a great candidate for the responsibilities that come with the unique gift of witchcraft i would like to ask you sir agamu jr do you feel you could handle the responsibilities of this


[before agamu could he even begin to think of his answer the deep question that was asked..Sholoue spoke again.]


Sholue: You know what don't even answer that its way to early to tell if you have what it takes. we will just take it slow and see how it goes. anyways welcome to the tribe son.


Agamu Jr: Thank You Sholue


[The Screen Fades to Blackness]

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When Shamulua's Music hit's you know one thing is certain, you are about to witness non stop destruction on his opponent, careless of the victory, yet so determined to unleash pain and suffering.
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