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Questions Must be Answered

Josiah Cross

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Cross can be seen standing in the middle of a parking lot. He's motionless staring at the large prison off in the distance. A sign off to the side says "Department of Corrections California State Prison San Quentin." Cross slowly makes his way forward to the barbwire topped gate. As he gets closer a security guard approaches him.

Security: Excuse me sir, can I help you with something?


Cross: Yeah, I'm here for a visitation appointment.


Security: What's the last name?

Cross: Cross.


Security: Alright I'm just going to need you sign this form and then you can follow me.


Cross begins to sign the paper as the large gate begins to unlock and open. Several other guards yielding guns approach Cross then signal him to follow. They walk down a long fenced off road and into a visitation building. Inside there's a man seated behind a glassed-in desk.


Security: We have a visitation appointment for Mr. Cross.


The man behind the glass begins to look through a clipboard of papers.


Employee: Alright, I see your name on the list. If you wait just a second you can enter through the door on your left once you hear the buzzer sound.

The man behind the counter presses a button and a quick buzzer sound goes off and the lobby door can be heard unlocking. One of the security guards steps forward and opens the door.


Security: Follow me right this way.


They walk down a hallway of small visitation windows. They reach the end and a security guard points for Cross to sit down in the booth. There is a thick clear wall in front of him with a telephone hung up on both sides.


Security: They'll be here in a moment.


After several minutes a unit of guards enters on the other side of the glass, behind them entering the booth is Eddie Mace and A-Jax.


Security: You got about twenty minutes, so make it quick.


Security leave the three men to talk. Cross picks up the phone, as does Mace and AJax.


Mace: Cross man, where have you been?


Cross: I've been back in OCW. You remember that place?


Mace: Are you serious? What the hell were you doing there? We are stuck in here behind bars for no damn reason and you returned to OCW when we needed you most? What the hell is your problem, I thought we had each others back?

Cross: Calm down Mace, let me explain. After news got out that you guys had been arrested, I had to clear your name. OCW released an article on their website pretty much calling you guys terrorist.

AJax: That's bull shit man, we haven't done anything!

Cross: I know, I know. Believe me, I've tried to help you guys out, but they don't want to hear a word from an ex-con. Let me tell you what has happened. So I arrive to OCW about a month ago, it was the Certified Greatness PPV they were putting on. I come out to the ring to clear your names. I know you guys wouldn't be this stupid to try and blow places up.

Mace: So that's it? You returned to clear our name a month ago? Where have you been since then?


Cross: Listen. So I'm leaving the show, I had decided to retire and step away, and do what I could to help you guys out. So I'm walking towards my car and BOOM! it explodes into a god damn fire ball right in front of me! If I were a couple seconds earlier and I would be dead.


AJax: No way! How the hell could we have done that when we were locked behind bars?!


Cross: Exactly.


Mace: Someone is targeting Death Row. Somebody is framing us. Who the hell would do this?


Cross: I've been asking the same questions. I have no idea. I spent the last month in OCW seeing if anything else would happen.


AJax: And...?


Cross: Nothing. I had a bit of a distraction I had to deal with but nothing else has happened since Certified Greatness. I'm gone, you guys are in prison. Whoever is behind this got what they wanted.


Mace: Think Cross, who in OCW would set us up? Is there anyone that you've had history with that would want us gone?


Cross: If I knew, I would have done something about it. I have no clue.


There's a brief moment of silence.


Mace: Cross you got to get the surveillance video of the parking lot from that night! Who ever framed us and planted that car bomb has got to be on those tapes!


Cross: Right now Sensation has denied me a contract, long story. To make it short, if I show up, I'll be arrested and thrown right back in with you guys.


Mace: Get a lawyer! And get those video tapes!


A security guard approaches Mace and AJax.


Security: Alright visitation is over, lets move it.


Mace: Cross listen! You have to get a lawyer and get the surveillance footage! Help get us out of here!


The security guard rips the phone from Mace and hangs it up. Several more armed men enter and escort Mace and AJax out of the room. Cross slowly stands up and exits down the long hallway. He enters the lobby room. As he's leaving the man behind the counter shouts something.


Employee: Enjoy your freedom!


Cross stops and stares down the man seated behind the desk. The man begins to chuckle.


Employee: Weather is a lot nicer out that exit door than behind those fences. Prison is a hell hole.


The man begins laughing. Cross continues to stare the man down. He slowly approaches the glass. Cross lowers his head and begins to speak into the window intercom.


Cross: I know.


Cross turns around and exits out the door.

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