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Post Chris Baxter vs Brandon Hostile

Brandon Hostile

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This was the RP supposed to be used after Brandon Hostile w/Cody Storm vs. Chris Baxter. Chris Baxter won. I do not know why the match wasn't submitted because I havent talked to the recorder yet. I've yet to see him online.



As Baxter stands up raising his arms in victory after pinning Brandon Hostile, Hostile slowly stands up arm wrapped around his waist with hate in his eyes. He realizes the opportunity to strike and postures himself, waiting for Baxter to turn around so that he can deliver The Hostile Takeover.


Cody Storm slides into the ring and Brandon sees him. Suddenly he clutches his arm, grimacing. He stands up straight and forgets trying to take Baxter’s head off. Baxter turns around just in time to see the change in heart from Hostile. Hostile extends an arm of respect, waiting to see if Baxter will accept.


Brandon Hostile: (without mic) C'mon dude I know you don't trust me but you heard me last week its time for change, and I’m working on that, slowly but surely. Good match you won it, congrats.


Baxter pauses for a second and nods his head as he extends his hand to Hostiles. Afterward Storm reaches in to shake Baxter’s hand as well. Baxter’s music plays over the system once again as he leaves the ring.


Brandon Hostile and Cody Storm remain in the ring standing. Brandon makes his way to the corner and grabs two mics. The two kindly wait for Baxter to fully exit from the stage and cut the music.


Brandon Hostile: I know most of you probably don't like me much anymore. I have turned into quite the anarchist lately. Runnin around saying I'm better than everyone and no one can stop me and all that stupid immature childish crap.


Brandon Hostile: I've had a lot to think about in the last few weeks. My role here in OCW and others that surround me. How I should be, how I truly want to be and how my brother always wanted us to be. How he would want me to be now.


Brandon Hostile: It’s time for change ladies and gentlemen. I just want you all to know this... I want to say it personally to all of your faces. Cody Storm and I here we're ready to compete. Together so far we are unstoppable. One day when the time is right, we will be the OCW World Tag Team Champions. It’s not too far off, I promise.


Cody Storm: Not only that, but my man Hostile here is just a few short weeks away from becoming your NEW North American Champion!


Brandon Hostile: Haha that’s right buddy me and you straight to the top. I'm truly confident in you sir. I know you and I as tag team partners, well the story is in last week. You really are something special. Truly the Son Of God.


Cody Storm: Son of God. You know that rings a point back to mind that I meant to talk about at some point. Apex, more specifically Aries, I don’t know what angle you’re pulling here, but I can assure you you’re not doing this in my father’s name. It’s no coincidence that I made my way to OCW. It’s no coincidence that I rose to the main roster so quickly. I set out for OCW because God, my father, told me too. He didn’t tell me why I was going, he didn’t tell me how long I’d be there, but he told me I’d know when I saw it, and I’m telling you, seeing Apex dismantled is why I’m here. Thats why, Hostile, I know you will defeat Jacob Trance for the North American Title. They would not even be considered for my fathers time.


Brandon Hostile: We can’t just go around challenging such an elite group of wrestlers, Cody. We are not strong enough and right now they are REALLY out of our league. Look at them, they hold three of the four championships in OCW, we couldn’t touch them with a 50 foot ladder.


Cody Storm: This isn’t a challenge, I’m not going to try and overstep my bounds, I know I just made it to the roster. I also know that Apex has enough to deal with in the form of McManus and Leonheart, but should those two fail to take out this roughshod running group of guys, I’m asking you to join me in taking them out ourselves.


Brandon Hostile: Look bud, our time will come just wait. Lets take care of the next two weeks. I'll go out there and beat Trance for his title and EVERYONE will know that Cody Storm & Brandon Hostile came to play.


Both men drop their mics and climb through the ropes. Brandon Hostiles music plays as the camera fades to commercial.

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