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Interview With Illuminati and Mr. Yamaguchi


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Stacy Clark is sitting in the lavishly designed Lotus locker room, room has been furnished with the finest of oriental furniture and rugs along with several statues of Japanese warriors and dragons as well as several Samoan tribal totems, and masks hung upon the wall. across from her are Mr. Yamaguchi and Illuminati, sporting a black fitted Armani Suit contrasting the ominous mask he was wearing despite the casual setting.


Stacy Clark: Hello, this is Stacy Clark, and tonight I'm going to bring all you OCW fans the inside scoop on the new stable that has manifested on Ambition, Lotus. With me now are Mr. Yamaguchi and Illuminati. Now you know I have to ask Illuminati, where exactly did you come from and how do you fit into this new group.


Illuminati: Well you see Stacy, it is alright if I call you Stacy, yes? Anyways, What Mr. Yamaguchi and I know as illuminated men, is that both Matsuda and Patolamai are tremendous athletes and competitors. However, they both lack in the, how can I put this nicely... spoken word department, as it were. That is where I come in, I am the in ring spokesperson for Lotus.


Stacy Clark: I understand that, but how exactly did you come to meet with this stable, I mean you have no history in OCW much less with Matsuda and Patolamai.


Mr. Yamaguchi: I will answer this one, if that is alright Illuminati-san.


(Illuminati nods)


Mr. Yamaguchi: As you know, I am quite the savvy businessman and when I got wind of Illuminati-san's debut I knew he would be a perfect addition to Lotus, he is not only capable in ring, but he can handle himself around a mic quite well, so I approached him, what was it only a few days before Ambition? (looking at Illuminati)


Illuminati: Yes I believe it was the Friday before.


Mr. Yamaguchi: Ah yes, well I offered him the spot and when I told him about Matsuda and Patolamai being in the group he leapt at it.


Stacy Clark: Why is that Illuminati?


Illuminati: Well as you know Matsuda has developed quite an international following, and the two had a tremendous rivalry recently which boiled over in a fantastic match at Trials and Stipulations. Who wouldn't jump at the opportunity to work with that kind of talent?


Stacy Clark: Very true, very true. Well we're coming up on the end of the interview do you have any closing words.


Illuminati: Yes, i want to let the fans know that if their unsure of how dominant Lotus is going to be in OCW, watch Ambition this Sunday we all have matches, and we're all looking to put an exclamation point on what took place last week.


Stacy Clark: Well there you have it, the scoop on OCW's newest stable, good-night everyone.

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