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The beginning of Ernsmore: Part I

Dale Ernsmore

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*Camera shows "Twenty Years before Debut" on a black screen in white writing. The camera then pans to a small house on a hill over looking the suburbs of New Jersey. The camera being used looks to be that of home-made quality which makes it presumable that this is not a production company job. The camera moves closer to the door and is wobbly as if someone is holding it. The door opens and the camera pans around the room until it stops at a large wooden door. The camera man opens the door and a staircase going into the basement is just ahead of it. Walking down the basement many sounds can be heard until the camera pans to shelves containing graduated cylinders, flasks, scales, and various other lab equipment can be seen. A tall man, looking to be in his 50's can be seen wearing a white lab coat. The man's hair is in a mess and has a little beard going on. Next to him is a small boy about the age of eight looking curiously at what the man is doing. The man begins to speak.*


Man: Were almost there sonny ! I can feel it in my knees I'm almost there ! A little bit more tinkering with the amount of substances' amounts until we find the right formula to do the job. In a little this whole town will need me even more than ever before ! Soon enough we will be out of this hell hole don't you worry Dale.


*A year before, the man, or Henry Ernsmore was contacted by a huge corporation, Close Circuit. The corporation has heard of Ernsmore as being one of the best scientists in the area, a graduate of Princeton. The corporation was in charge of making a newly found serum that was to be used by doctors during major surgery which helps in the healing process. However that is not what they needed Henry for. This corporation has just secretly bought the company making alternatives to Close Circuit's formula in hopes of monopolizing their serum as the one to be used by all doctors everywhere. Close Circuit reached Ernsmore to offer him a large sum of money as well as making sure his family is taken care of if anything. Close Circuit made Henry in charge of developing a potion that when mixed with the competitors produces such results that the company's product would be forced to be removed by the FDA, thus making Close Circuit's serum the only one available.*


Henry: After a year of hard work and long hours down in this lab... it'll be worth it *Henry begins to laugh manically as he continues mixing solutions as the little boy is watching him closely.*

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