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David Jackson Breaks His Silence

David Jackson

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*The camera fades and we see Jim Black sitting down in the studio room at OCW headquarters. He is in his Sunday best and waiting for Carlos the cameraman to cue him. From the looks of Jim's expression, he has just been signaled to start and the dialog has started.*


Black: Ladies and gentlemen, good evening. Thank you for viewing us from your home, work, or wherever you may be. In this ocwfed.com exclusive, I will be covering a controversial series of events from a unique perspective to say the least. That unique perspective is the man joining us right now. (Jackson walks into camera range, shakes Jim's hand, and sits down in the adjacent chair) For those of you that don't know my guest, he is the former EX Division Champion, David 'Daggermouth' Jackson. However, before we get to this, something impactful has happened to D-Jack. Instead of me telling you about it, I'll let David tell you about this event.


Jackson: (With a sad look on his face) Two days ago, something happened out of the blue and my professional world stopped. My captain, my tag partner, my best friend, 'The Rates ARRRRRRRR Superstar' Chris Baxter announced that he quit all activity from OCW, effective immediately. I had to sit down when I heard about this. This was totally unexpected. There was no clue, no hint, no reason why he just up and left. I've had numerous OCW personnel ask me what reason did Baxter have for leaving. I'll tell everyone viewing now the same thing I told them. I have no idea what in the world made him leave. I am just as clueless as the rest of the world. No one but Chris knows the answer.


Black: Baxter will be missed D-Jack. On behalf of myself and my guest, we wish Chris the best of luck in his future endeavors. Do you think there is a chance that he will return?


Jackson: (Sighs) There is always a chance that anyone can return to OCW at any time, but from what Chris said in his farewell, the chances of him returning at this point in time are slim to none.


Black: This was the last question I have on that subject. I know that you could fill up a whole day with you and Baxter's journeys together (D-Jack nods his head yes). Is there anything else that you would care to add? (David thinks for a second and shakes his head no) Very well, we shall move on to the reason you and I are here today. At Road to Glory, you defended the EX Championship against Hazard. That match didn't go anywhere near the way you expected it, huh?


Jackson: That's putting it mildly. While Hazard and I were squaring off before the bell rang, I knew he was fast. I didn't expect him to be that fast. His speed really threw me off my game and I thought I had prepared for it. I was wrong, I was wrong, I was dead wrong. Towards the end, I thought I was going to pull it off, but Hazard rolled me up and pinned me. Needless to say, I was happy at that.


Black: What was going through your head while you were walking back to the locker rooms?


Jackson: Frustration, anger, disappointment, rage, etc. I was hoping to hold that particular championship past Wrestlution. Just goes to show you that not everything works out as you plan. I can handle losing, but losing to Hazard is something no one in OCW can handle. The guy is a tool, plain and simple. I was sincerely hoping that our first match together would be a joyous memory, not a bitter sweet one. Anyway, after I got backstage, you stopped me and told me something I was aware of. Riot GM Cash Creed was going to make a announcement tomorrow on Riot regarding the EX Division Championship. Every single emotion and thought in my head was replaced with curiosity. What was going to happen? What in the world is the Riot GM going to do? Why do I have a funny feeling this is going to affect me and I'm not going to like it?


Black: If I recall correctly, you were backstage when the announcement regarding that title was being made. What was your state of mind during each part of the announcement?


Jackson: Let's see here...When Hazard was getting his head bitten off by Mr. Creed, I caught myself grinning. When he was told he cheated to win, a light bulb went off in my head. For those of you that don't know, a roll up pin is frowned upon in OCW, and I had completely forgotten about that rule. My train of thought at that time wasn't one of logic and reason. When Hazard was stripped of the title and the win was removed from the record books, I jumped out of my chair for joy. In my head, I was hoping that I would be called out to the ring and handed back my title. Instead, Creed says that the I would have a chance to regain my title at Wrestlution. I really didn't know what to think about that.


Black: You get to perform at Wrestlution, a rarity and a honor. Also, you are fighting for a title no less, which makes it even sweeter. Why would you have any concerns about that plan?


Jackson: It's quiet easy there Jimbo. When a title is not being held by a wrestler, boxer, MMA fighter, or whoever, it just sits there collecting dust. That is not how you treat a title of any magnitude. I just wish the title was given back to me. I don't like that plan, but I am going to have to live with it.


Black: Let me run a theoretical question at you D-Jack. If you were in charge of the EX Div Championship Match at Wrestlution, how would you do it?


Jackson: I would something unprecedented, unique, and it would put me at a great disadvantage. I have watched Ambition with great interest ever since it came back. Some of the rookies have blown me away with their skill in the ring, others left me with that lukewarm feeling I get after seeing some matches. I know how hard it is to break that glass ceiling to get a title shot of any sort and I would give three rookies a great opportunity. I would challenge three rookies who are in the EX division to a match. This match would be a 3 on 1 elimination tag match. To keep the explanation brief, if I pin or submit one of them, that person is eliminated and the next person steps in till all are gone. If one of them pins or submits me, that rookie become the new champion. I doubt I would ever see that come to fruition, but here's to hoping.


Black: That would make for a grueling match D-Jack. You would be taxed like never before and those rookies would not go down easy. Back to reality now, we haven't seen you in any form or fashion on OCW programming. What have you been up to since that announcement?


Jackson: I've been training hard at my gym Jim. If I am going to compete for a title at Wrestlution, I am going to be prepared mentally and physicly. I will not go down without a fight as I try to reclaim my championship. Whoever my opposition may be, know that I am no pushover and do not expect a squash.


Black: Do you believe with your captain gone, this will serve to motivate you in OCW?


Jackson: Without any doubt in my mind. I will be more focused on business at hand and putting away my opposition as quickly as possible. Whoever is in my way, know that I am not in the most charitable of moods. I probably won't be for quite some time. This is your one and only warning.


Black: An all business D-Jack in the ring is something I would personally like to see. Anyway, we are out of time for this interview. This is Jim Black with the last pirate of OCW David Jackson saying farewell and goodnight.


*Both Jim Black and David Jackson shake hands and start chatting as the camera fades out.*

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