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Public Announcment

Useless Dane Xavier

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The scene opens centered on Dane Xavier sitting in a throne. He is wearing a robe and looking at a Sherlock Holmes tobacco pipe that he holds in his hand.


Dane $ Xavier: There's nothing in this thing... Meh, I don't smoke anyways.


He puts the pipe in his robe pocket.


Dane $ Xavier: I'd like to take this time to publicly apologize for what happened at my bank vault the other day, I didn't expect Mr. Rockstar to cause such a scene.


Dane $ Xavier: But in my haste, I told him to go to Ambition and get himself a match. When he arrived to the show, he was kept out of the building by Management. Ha, serves him right for the way he raised his nose to me!


Dane $ Xavier: But this week, I promise that he will compete on Riot, one way or another. I personally want to see someone knock the snot out of him, but if he pays up it's win-win! Double winning, perhaps triple winning if I can manage to defeat K.Dangelo!


Dane $ Xavier: As for Mayhem... Nate... I'll cross those bridges when I get to them. WrestLution is just around the corner, but I still have a long road ahead.


Dane sighs and his eyes shift away from the camera.


Dane $ Xavier: Where's Jasmine when I need her?!


The scene fades as Dane reminisces on his beautiful assistant.




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