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The road back to OCW

Ov Terror

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The scene opens inside a Target somewhere in New Jersey. A man in a red shirt looks visibly upset with a co-worker. Obviously a supervisor/subordinate situation.


Supervisor: I will not say it again Manny, this is your job so finish stocking the fabric softener!


Manny: Sir he mocks me.


Supervisor: Who mocks you Manny?


Manny: You know who.


Supervisor: *sigh* Manny, he is a stuffed bear on the front of a box, he can't mock you.


Manny: I beg to differ.


Supervisor: I am sure you do, and you can differ all you like from the unemployment line.


Manny: Sir, Snuggle is evil! The world should be made aware of this.


Supervisor: Right. Just stock the shelves..


The supervisor walks away, leaving Manny in the laundry detergent isle with a box of snuggle fabric softener staring up at him.


Manny: You may think you have everyone fooled... but not me. No sirree. I am not buying into your mind games bear.


From behind Manny the sound of large boots can be heard. Manny keeps one eye on the Snuggle box while he slowly turns his head.


Manny: Sorry this aisle is closed due to treachery... Ov!?


Standing there in front of a shocked, happy and elated Manny was his former employer Tall Guy Ov Terror. Manny managed to put his Snuggle trepidations aside to try and hug Ov. Ov placed one hand in Manny's face and pushed him away. Manny in turn hugged his hand.


Ov: Hello Manny.


Manny: Ov!! I can't believe you are here, how long has it been!?


Ov: You were outside of my apartment this morning singing Every Rose until I flung a shoe at you.


Manny: Wow, it seems like it was just yesterday.


Ov: It wasn't... it was today.


Manny: If you need some fabric softener I can suggest our brand... maybe even bounce, but stay away from that bear.


Manny manages to fire off one side glare to the box still lying on the floor.


Ov: I am not here shopping Manny. I... I can't believe I am actually going to do this. I..


Manny: Want to split a cheese stuffed pretzel?


Ov: What.. no. I...


Manny: You want me to move in!? I was hoping you would say that! This will be awesome!


Manny moves a Tide Detergent bottle aside and pulls out plastic trash bag.


Manny: Got my stuff, let's go home.


Ov pinches the bridge of his own nose in frustration, his eyes clenched like he has a headache.


Ov: No. I need you for a job.


Manny: I could put in a word with the Manager Ov, we are like this!


Manny twists his fingers together to indicate that him and the man yelling at him moments ago were close.


Ov:No Manny. I need to hire you back as my personal assistant again. I can't believe I just said that.


Manny: Really?


Ov: Unfortunately. I am trying to get back in the door at OCW and for some ungodly reason you were well received there.


Manny: I look great in spandex.


Ov: You never wrestled.


Manny: I know.


Ov is clearly and visibly getting more frustrated with every moment.


Ov: Just LISTEN for a second. So I need you to do whatever half brained garbage you do in order to get us there again. Got it?

Manny: Got it, just as long as I am back for tomorrow. I am working 11 to 7.


Ov: You realize you won't be working here anymore.


Manny: Oh I know, my shift ended like 3 hours ago I think.


Ov: No I mean... you know what never mind.

The two begin walking towards the exit.


Manny: OCW.. Orange County Werewolves?


Ov: No.


Manny: You sure?


Ov: Pretty sure it has absolutely nothing to do with werewolves and isn't located in Orange County.


Manny: I will ask jeeves later.


Ov: You do that.


The automatic door opens as the two walk out of the store and off into the sunset towards Orange County Werewolves. Manny tries to hold Ov's hand a couple of times but Ov manages to push him away as the scene fades to black.

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Thanks guys!


Fucking hilarious! Manny reminds me of Eric Young.


Yeah? I really don't remember him all that much, I can't remember the last time I watched TNA. I sort of remember him being a little mental though. Manny is loosely based on an old character I had a few years back in an rp fed.



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I read this while at work earlier, man I had flashbacks of working overnight stocking shelves for the local supermarket for almost 7 yrs. the isle I started in was the detergent isle lol. Anyway, I thought this rp was great, the Manny character is hilarious, and I hope to see more of this duo as the weeks go on.


that and your sig is so mark worthy lol

"You either die a hero or live long enough to become Nate Ortiz" - Drago Cesar


"Let me make myself clear: you work for me. If I tell you to fight Blaine, you fight Blaine. Hell, if I tell you to fight a lion, you WILL fight a lion and still thank me afterwards for giving you a job." - Mr. Sensation

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