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Never enough Pain...

Damien Kain

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*The scene opens again, outside the Young Bloodz Ink in Delaware, As the Camrea Guy walks through the door"


Rachel: Hey guys u know where he is right?


Camera Guy: Yes, Last Chair down.


Rachel: Yep, at the last chair.


*There's several people gettin tattooes today almost a packed house

Camera Pans all the way down. Where Desiree is standing next to Damien."


Damien: Hey guys whats up?


Camera Guy: Wanted to stop in and catch up this week.


Damien: Well as you can see a packed house business couldn't be better.


Camera Guy: Yeah looks that way.


Damien: What you guys wanna talk about today?


Desiree: Damien you know what they want, They wanna know whats going on in your life.

Damien: There are a few things in the plans for DSK in OCW.


*As Damien smiles and wipes his forehead with a towel."


Desiree: Yeah a movement is in the works something big.


Camera Guy: Can you give us any details?


Damien: You will have to wait and see...(lets out a evil smile)


Camera Guy: Come on Damien let know.


Damien: I'm about to show the world who I really am.


*Damien laughs points to his face, this is me. As he sits down into the chair Desiree peparing the ink and tattoo needles."


Camera Guy: Another?


Damien: Yeah this one going to hurt around the eye.


Damien: By the time i get my next match i will have a couple more.


Camera Guy: Dont you got enough?


Damien: There's never enough pain done to the human body. It can always take more...(Damien smirks) Later bro.


"Scene fades to Black and a DSK Logo appears with Young Bloodz Ink in the lower corner"

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