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10s and 10s only

Dominick Vitali

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*Scene opens up as a man is walking down a dark street, music playing softly in the background and slowly becoming louder as the man keeps walking. Reaching into his pocket and pulling out a personal little flip camera and cutting it on starting to film himself*

Man: Alright alright testing one to three this thing on?” *the man starts to look over the camera as he continues to film himself as he walks down the street the music becoming more clear in the back ground* I Think this is working, now let me introduce myself to all you fine people out there tonight, you are looking at the one the only “The All Night Express” Dominick Vitali. *pauses acknowledging the nonexistent crowd applause * thank you, thank you, I know you are all are excited to see me but how about we keep this professional tonight, for now.



Dominick: Now that you know who I am, not like you didn’t already I mean look at me. Who the hell wouldn’t recognize someone like me? I mean serious bro you can not confuse me for anyone else because no one is even on my level. But I digress….



*Dominick turns the camera around in his hand showing a line of people outside of a club, music blaring so loud you can hear it clearly from the outside.*

Dominick: You see this is where i set up shop at every night to see who wants the next chance to see what the all night express is all about, if you know what im talking about.*Laughs* I mean damn you think i would be spending my time sitting around watching about the day in the life of some random person? Seriously bro i couldn't waste any bit of my life doing that when i could be out spending my nights with 10s and 10s alone because nothing less than that is allowed near the all night express. You feel me?”

*Dominick turns the camera back on himself as he begins to walk into the club*



Dominick: Now you see ladies and gentlepeople if I was a nice generous giving man I would let all of you see what is like to be me. But lets face it *Dominick smiles into the camera* I am a prick and this prick is open all night long.



*Dominick slides his arm around a women who gives him a quick kiss on his cheek as the camera fades to black and the scene ends*

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