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Post End Games RP

Brandon Hostile

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Brandon Hostile walks out his locker room with a smile on his face. Stacey Clark being in the right place at the right time quickly walks up behind Brandon.


Stacey: Brandon Hostile! (Hostile turns around) OCW's Ex Division number one contender! How does it feel to be three and oh since your return?


Hostile reaches out and accepts the microphone from Stacey.


Hostile: Stacey if you don't mind, I need to talk to the camera addressing things in a better way than an interview.


Stacey: Oh, okay. Go for it.


Hostile: Tonight, I defeated Justin Rockstar. A man in my mind that has been an impostor of the Ex Division. While, he did not take me to my limits, and in my mind we did not put out a five star match like I had hoped. Things are mutual between me and the Rockstar. I don't care about my challenge to him either. That was a mere instigation to help propel the Ex Division.


Hostile drops his bag and pulls a shirt over his head.


Hostile: Judas Hallows felt tonight was unimportant to him. That as the Ex Division Champion he didn't need to show up for his match with Matsuda tonight. I feel as if he doesn't even deserve to be called the Ex Division Champion. Come Riot in two weeks I will be watching Matsuda vs Judas Hallows very closely actually. I will be watching from right behind the entrance curtains.


Hostile: I'd like to issue a challenge to Matsuda. As I told him during the show tonight, If he wins, his life will become hell. If he loses, he will cease to exist. The rotten core of a divided Lotus will fall and I will take the Ex Division to the top. Tonight, is the beginning of the games and not the end. Tonight begins the Rise of The Ex! The Ex Division WILL rise!!!


Brandon Hostile hands the microphone back to Stacey and picks up his bag.


Hostile: (To Stacey) Thank you.


Brandon turns and continues walking down the hall towards the exit sign as the scene fades.

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