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Introduction: Vernon Pryce

Vernon Pryce

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The new comer Vernon Pryce is seen in the arenas outside parking lot. Pryce is just walking back and forth, not paying any mind to his surrounding. What you see before you is a man who wants nothing more than to make sure his words were listened to, and everyone followed his way of thinking. Suddenly, he turns to the cameraman's view, and begins to speak with a demonic tone.



"Here we are ... all alone ... in this parking lot. Do you wonder why...? That, my fellow believers, only can be told by the very being standing in your path. But simply put, we chose not to express this toward you people. There are people in the world who always need answers. Well, we need questions. We need questions for the simple fact to keep you people interested in us ... The Divinity and Vernon Pryce. You people will always want answers, but the fact is, you will never receive them unless our questions get answered."


The simple laughter of Pryce echos across the arenas parking lot. The laughter stops, and a smirk is created. He looks onward toward the cameraman with a smile across his face that only a mother could love. But he continues to smile not caring what anyone has to say about it. The sudden voice of Pryce begins to speak, and he stops smiling.



"What bothers me about this place is the fact that proving ourselves isn't worth it to some of you. You will continue to expect us to put our body on the line every week, but at what cost? What will happen to us thirty years down the line? Finding answers to these questions are more than enough to keep me going down this path that was chosen for us. The Divinity states that only you can control your own destiny, and I have chosen mine. OCW ... it's time to give us the answers we are looking for. An answer for an answer.... And if those answers are not received, everyone in OCW will have to pay the ultimate Pryce...!."


The camera fades out, and OCW Riot continues on with its weekly scheduled programming.


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