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Break in at Mayhem manor


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*Stacy Clark is seen outside of the former OCW World Champion Mayhem's estate as police are on the scene.*


*A EMT has just turned on it's light pulling away.*


Stacy: On this morning here in Atlanta, Georgia we have reports of a break in at OCW's Hall of Famer, & Former OCW Champion Mayhem's estate.


Police say that the break in had to occur when Mayhem was asleep, power was cut and then was assaulted.


The injury is to Mayhem's face but was reported that he did not wake and was immediately incapacitated.


One would say if Mayhem had enemies that it would help narrow the the list of possible assailants but with all the enemies he has, it only leads to wonder.....



Who is stupid enough to take matters into their own hands and in turn put their life in the hands of the monster.



I'm sure when OCW's Titan awakes, we will indeed see his return & so will the suspect or suspects.



This is Stacy Clark, reporting from Atlanta Georgia, back to you OCW.


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