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Summercide Press Conference Exclusive

Useless Dane Xavier

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The camera pans around at an indoor venue where a panel of OCW stars sit behind two long tables and Jim Black hosts in the center at a podium. The cast of wrestlers includes Tiberius Dupree, Luke S. Dimsmore, Jacob Trance, Matsuda, K.Dangelo, and Parker. In front of these stars sit about a dozen press members and about a hundred fans behind them. Jim Black looks over some papers on his podium before moving closer to the microphone.


Jim Black: Ladies and gentlemen, in just two days at Summercide, the OCW Championship will be on the line in a Ladder Match. But you won't be seeing the OCW Championship hanging high above the ring, instead what there will be is a briefcase since our hero and boss, Mr. Jaysin Sensation, has taken hostage of that championship belt.


Jim Black: Challenging for the OCW Championship is a man that has spent the last year as a cut-throat business man, being a thorn in the sides of OCW talent and employees alike. He has been on a tremendous roll as of late, please welcome Dane Xavier.


Dane steps from behind the OCW and Summercide logo-labeled backdrop and is met with mostly boos and a small group of cheers by the fans in attendance. He immediately takes a seat in the empty chair to the left of Jim Black.


Jim Black: The man that Dane will be challenging is a man who is on the wrong end of our crazed boss's tirade. He is one of the most pure wrestlers this business has to offer and he won the right to be called OCW Champion back at The Clash. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Trevor McManus!


Trevor steps from behind the opposite side of the backdrop with a wave to the people and is met by those people with cheers along with a few "boring" chants. Trevor takes a seat in the chair to the right of Jim Black. The press members begin shouting questions out all at once, but Dane raises his hand, signalling for them to shut up.


Dane $ Xavier: I will not be taking any questions from you taking-out-of-context losers here today, I'm here because I have a few things I need to get off my chest.


Dane looks over at Trevor McManus who stares Dane down.


Dane $ Xavier: First of all Trevor, I'd like to thank you for the generous return of my Golden Fist--


Trevor McManus: Yeah, who'd you pay off to jump me?


Dane smiles and simply ignores Trevor's question.


Dane $ Xavier: Second of all, I just want to let you know Trevor, that I get it. I really do! It felt so good punting Leon in the head last week, and it felt wonderful dropping the leg on the back of Parker's neck this week, so I understand that feeling you get when you use your opponents moves against them... not only that, but I've got you scouted when it comes to that situation!


Trevor smirks.


Dane $ Xavier: But on the other hand, I do have to admit you got to me a little bit when you stole my Golden Fist, you got under my skin. And I'm not mad, believe me, in fact I'm impressed and I'll tell you why.


Dane $ Xavier: Last month at The Clash, you used something that belonged to me... against me. You used my Golden Fist that I use legally in a match to help propel you to get an illegal win on me, and for that I applaud you.


Trevor's smirk warps a bit into confusion.


Dane $ Xavier: Not only did you manage to get by a rule that one of our horses in zebra's clothing obviously missed, not only were your actions clever, one might go as far as saying smart... but in that brief moment, for those few seconds that you took out my Golden Fist out of your trunks, placed them upon your knuckles, and took a swipe at me with them... For that bright and shining moment Trevor... you WEREN'T boring!


Trevor sighs and rolls his eyes, a few people in the audience laugh at Dane's sarcasm.


Dane $ Xavier: For the first time in your life Trevor, you actually weren't a snooze-fest! You had a quality to you that was somewhat charismatic and it almost ALMOST made you look like a credible champion!


Dane $ Xavier: But do you know the one thing that's wrong with that quality trait of yours? The name of that quality trait is called FRAUD! All you did was take one thing I do and you xeroxed it, and what came out was champion who doesn't even have a championship.


Dane $ Xavier: It's ironic now that I think about it, a champion without a belt. You really are a fraud! I've beaten everyone on this panel except for you and I'll expose you for the fraud you are this Sunday!


Trevor slams his fist on the table.


Trevor McManus: You think you've got me all figured out don't you Dane? You see me as only a person that has to find a way to win at all costs. From a distance I can see how it could seem that way, but let me tell you right to your face why I stole your brass knuckles and used them against you!


Trevor McManus: For months, I've watched you use what you call the Golden Fist as a crutch, both literally and figuratively. You have knocked so many people in the brains with those brass knuckles and every time you did, a part of me died.


Trevor McManus: I sat and watched a guy as talented as you, using those brass knuckles to win and destroying all sense of his dignity, and all I could wonder is why you would do that to your career. You talk about the critics and how they judge you, and you don't realize that you're only doing it to yourself.

Trevor McManus: You are the one that wins at all costs, not me. And I wanted to show you that but no matter how many times i bashed you in the head with those brass knucks, I just couldn't get it through your thick skull!


Trevor McManus: But that's not the only way you use those knucks as a crutch, is it Dane?


Dane looks at Trevor with a look of confusion on his face.


Trevor McManus: You use those brass knuckles to brand yourself. We've seen the t-shirts, we've seen your little entrance video, those brass knuckles make you. If it weren't for them, your marketing strategies, and your overpaid contract, you'd be stripped down to being nothing more than an average Joe, filling up tanks at a gas station. I said it before and I'll say it again Dane, you're nothing but an entertainer!


Trevor McManus: This business isn't about being an entertainer, this business isn't about pretty graphics and some fancy clothes, this business is about WRESTLING!


The audience cheers for wrestling.


Trevor McManus: These people sit in their seats to watch us wrestle, you signed up for this job to lace up a pair of boots and wrestle, the last word in Online Championship Wrestling is Wrestling... this company IS wrestling! This Sunday at Summercide, I'm going to destroy you with my wrestling ability, just like you destroyed your dignity with a pair of bass knuckles!


At this point, Dane is looking pretty frustrated. Speechless, he stands up out of his seat and at the same time so does Trevor. They get right in each others faces with Jim Black trying to break them up.


Jim Black: Now gentlemen, save it for Summercide!


Dane pushes Trevor, Trevor pushes back and the fans cheer. This causes the other OCW stars to intervene and pull the two apart. The two opponents continue yelling and pointing at each other. Dane pushes the guys away from him and straightens his jacket. He can then be seen saying "I'll see you Sunday!" before exiting behind the backdrop. The fans begin chanting "OCW! OCW! OCW!" as the camera fades on the stage of Summercide combatants.

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Haven't seen much from Trips on the show lately, but this was a nice little jewel before Summercide.


Everybody needs to stop sleeping.


good work gentlemen!

"You either die a hero or live long enough to become Nate Ortiz" - Drago Cesar


"Let me make myself clear: you work for me. If I tell you to fight Blaine, you fight Blaine. Hell, if I tell you to fight a lion, you WILL fight a lion and still thank me afterwards for giving you a job." - Mr. Sensation

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