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Passing The Buck!


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Fade In


We find out hero on a boat in the middle of the Hudson River, his faithful companion Birdie can be seen. Our hero is wearing a life vest, floaties in the shape of a ducky on each arm and a lochness monster shaped floatation device across his waist, and an old timey sea captain's hat. It has a hole in it.

Birdie is wearing a rather revealing swimsuit, Our hero doesn't really notice. His trusty desk is also on the boat more duct tape than ever, in addition to a set of life vests crudely taped on the sides. Everyone's favorite Rubber Shark is on our hero's desk, we shall call him lord shark, the OCW World Championship is wrapped around or heroes neck, it also has a floatation device secured on it.


Mr.Sensation: I can't belive it Birdie, OCW has lost over 3 Million dollars!! The hottest event of the summer is going to take place in September, do you know what that means? The hottest event of the summer is now, the mildest event of the fall Birdie.

Mr.Sensation begins to tear up.


Mr.Sensation: OH LAWD, this got dam Hurricane nonsense ruined everything, I tried to play it cool, I mean what would the probability of the storm hitting our venue be??!

Mr.Sensation: I waited till the 11th hour, and just like that tickets where refunded, TV Spots where pulled, camera trucks rolled back to our facilities.

Mr.Sensation: AND FOR WHAT BIRDIE!!!!,


Birdie: Well


Mr.Sensation: ILL TELL YOU FOR WHAT!!!!


Birdie sighs

Mr.Sensation: THIS!!!

Mr.Sensation pulls out his Sensational Iphone and plays video, of a mild storm followed by a small tree branch falling over in front of the Summercide Venue.

The crowd laughs Birdie Chuckles!

Mr.Sensation's eyes widen!!


Mr.Sensation: This is your fault woman!


Birdie: ME?!!!


Mr.Sensation: YES!

Our heroes eyes widen, as he begins to explain how it is in fact Birdies fault!

Mr.Sensation: You told me to watch the TV NEWS, and I DID!!!!, and they talked about a level of disaster not seen in ages. They told me it would be Katrina all over again! They told me to hide the kids, hide my wives!

Birdie: But your not..


Mr.Sensation: They evacuated towns, they shutdown public transportation!


Birdie: But you have personal car service!



Mr.Sensation: And then you made me go to the supermarket, you know how I feel about the supermarket, YOU MADE ME GO!!!


Birdie: You told me to sandbag the office..

Mr.Sensation: SO!!


Birdie sighs


Mr.Sensation: You made me go to the Supermarket and mix with those animals, I spent 3 hours in a god damn line holding a bag of pita bread some Preparation H, and a sack of oranges, 3 HOURS MAN, 3 HOURS! And a fight broke out over cheese, PANDEMONIUM BIRDIE!

Mr.Sensation: It was at that moment I knew, that shit's about to get real! So I made the judgement call to post pone Summercide for the safety of the OCW Fanbase. And as such I have lost Millions! for a tree branch.

Mr.Sensation: So in closing this is your fault!, and I will be deducting the 3 Million from your account.

Birdie: You don't pay me that much!

Mr.Sensation: Now Now Birdie, there's no use acting like a child! You do the crime and now you will do the time!

Birdie: NO!,


Mr.Sensation eyes widen!

Mr.Sensation: Don't you NO ME, young lady, if i'm going to blame my mistakes on you, your going to smile and like it!

Our hero realizes what he said and begins infuriated, Birdie looks back and says HAH! our hero grabs lord shark!


Birdie: Don't you even!

Mr.Sensation: TRICKERY!, You have left me no choice! ITS CLOBBERING TIME!

Mr.Sensation charges his faithful assistant who refuses to budge, Lord Shark In hand our hero goes to strike down his assistant! She quickly moves to the side snatches lord shark and makes a dash for the OCW World Championship!


Our hero is beside himself, as this betrayal has now put his , Trevor's OCW World Championship in Mortal Danger!.

Mr.Sensation: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, give me back my shark, and my child!

Birdie: Say your sorry!

Mr.Sensation defiantly!

Mr.Sensation: NEVER!!!!!!


Birdie raises an eyebrow!


Birdie: Say your sorry!


Mr.Sensation: NO!


Birdie throws Lord Shark at our hero who catches it he quickly throws it back at Birdie and hits her squarely in the forehead, She is not pleased by this! She raises the Championship high above her head and launches it into the air!.


Our hero leaps forward on his desk, does a barrel roll and catches it before it falls off the side! He does a small victory lap for his Sensational reflexes. He turns to Birdie!


Mr.Sensation: HAH!!!!!


Birdie shrugs and opens up her top, revealing 2 precious jewels of her own, our hero looks and begins mesmerized for a split second, he drops the OCW World Championship over the side!!!!!


Realizing what he has just down he quickly leaps over the edge, and plunges into the murky depths! Our hero begins to flail wildly as if he is drowning, Birdie points out his life vest and our hero begins to gently float along with the OCW Championship. He yells at his assistant.



Birdie starts the engine

Mr.Sensation: HEY WAIT!!!!


Fade out!

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