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A Update On Status & A Request For Charity

David Jackson

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*The camera fades in and we see Jim Black sitting down in a house, not standing backstage in a arena as many people are used to. Next to him is David Jackson, who has not been seen or heard in OCW for a month. Jim Black has his cue and begins this special announcement.*


Black: (To the camera) Hello OCW fans and welcome to this special webcast from the home of OCW superstar David Jackson (D-Jack waves). (Turns to David) Now Jackson, you have been seen or heard in OCW for a number of weeks, what all have you been up to?


Jackson: (Turns to Jim) It has been a eventful and busy couple of weeks for me personally. A number of events popped up over this past month that required me to shift my attention away from my OCW career. It has been trying, emotional, and down right painful. Starting Monday, I will be giving the OCW fans, superstars, and management the full story behind my absence, right here on ocwfed.com. Before I make my announcement, I would like to thank the OCW brass for giving me the time off to sort through my personal problems.


Black: They must've been some good ones to drag you away from this business. Now, let's get to the reason why you had this posted on ocwfed.com. What announcement did you have to make?


Jackson: Starting today at 7:50 AM Central Standard Time, that's in 8 minutes, I will be doing my part in a G3 drive on the Xbox 360 for The Children's Hospital in Alabama.


Black: (Surprised) This is quite a shocker D-Jack, usually chairty drives are announced a few days in advance.


Jackson: That is very true Jim. This was all thrown together last minute. I was just going to make a donation and be on my way, but a friend of mine talked me into creating my own team. I hate dropping these "last minute" bombs on everyone, but I hope that they will participate.


Black: Perhaps some information will drive some people and donators your way. What does G3 stand for?


Jackson: Gaming and Giving for Goodness. It is a organization that helps organize charitable donations for something in your state. I encourage everyone listening to get up and be involved.


Black: You mentioned that you had a team formed. What is this team called and do you have a goal?


Jackson: The team is called Team PastCactusJack and we do have a goal in mind. There are actually two types of goals available: personal goals and team goals. Personal goals are what you want to set for yourself. Team goals are want you want your team to accomplish. My personal goal is starting off at $100 and the team goal is $3,000.


Black: How do these donations work? Do you make one lump sum, is there a rate per hour of gaming, do you make the donations all by yourself?


Jackson: Yes Jim, you can do all that and more. You can find sponsors or you can be your own sponsor.


Black: Is the charity drive only available for one game or is it multiple games?


Jackson: Multiple games, you can play any Xbox 360 game you desire over the course of this weekend. Ah yes, Xbox Live, in support for the G3 event, is offering a free gold weekend from September 30th - October 2nd.


Black: If anyone had any additional questions, concerns, or feeling generous enough to donate, where would they go?


Jackson: At the end of this webcast, I will post the webpage for my own personal and team donation page. (Looks at the clock on the wall) It is two minutes to show time and I better go and get ready.


Black: Two more questions before you go D-Jack. How will you get ready for this and what game will you be starting with?


Jackson: (Starts counting with his fingers) Snacks, drinks, Gears of War 3.


Black: Will you be switching to any other games besides Gears of War 3?


Jackson: I doubt it, but anything is possible. If I did have to switch, Halo: Reach, Soul Calibur IV, Monopoly Streets, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and any other multiplayer game I have. My gamertag on the Xbox 360 is PastCactusJack3 is you have questions. (Looks at the clock again) Dang it, it's time. Gotta go Jim, thanks for showing up and doing this. (D-Jack moves out of camera range).


Black: (To the camera) Will Team PastCactusJack reach their goal? What will be David Jackson's personal journey be that he will be sharing with us starting Monday? Only time will answer those questions. Until next time, this is Jim Black saying good morning and good gaming.




*The camera fades out*

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