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How The Weekend Charity Cause Faired

David Jackson

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*The camera fades in and we see Jim Black and David Jackson sitting down in the interview room at OCW Headquarters. They are chatting away and it looks like they have been for a few minutes. Both men are cued by Carlos the Cameraman and the interview starts.*


Black: (To the camera) Hello OCW faithful and welcome to this special interview with my guest David Jackson (D-Jack nods). When last we saw you David, you were getting ready to have a intense gaming session over the course of the weekend. That is nothing new to those who know you, but you were doing it for a good cause. That cause being Gaming and Giving for Goodness. How did the weekend go?


Jackson: (Grinning) The weekend was crazy Jim. I've never played that much on any console over a three day period. I did nothing but play Gears of War 3 and advertise my personal and team donations page. (Sighs) Despite how much good I tried to do, something bad happened that really derailed the goals I set for myself and my team.


Black: (Confused) It must've been something ground breaking for it to disrupt your plans. What exactly happened?


Jackson: Situations beyond my control. People who pledge to join the cause never showed up or backed out as soon as it started. Donors who had already committed to a certain amount never donated. Also, those who say they donated, but never did. That really put a damper on what was suppose to be a good cause for your weekend. But, I made the best of it and I thank those from OCW who donated.


Black: Glad to know camaraderie is not dead in OCW. After Sunday was over, was the check sent to The Children's Hospital in Birmingham?


Jackson: Actually, the donations are going to continue to be available until November 1st. So, for those who wanted to donate, but were short on cash, the door is still open for awhile longer.


Black: A little extra time is never a bad thing. I understand that you did some voluntary community service thid morning before you flew here?


Jackson: I visited The Children's Hospital for a few hours to visit a good number of the patients there. A few I ran into were fans of OCW and one, however, was a superfan of mine. After our webcast on Friday, I let The Children's Hospital that I would be coming by for a few hours. They were glad that I would be coming by and announced it to the kids. As soon as I walk in the door, there is a eight year old wearing a exact copy of my costume. It caught me off guard. I asked the kid "Who are you suppse to be?" The kid answered "I'm your sidekick." I said, "Ok sidekick, what's your name?" He said, "My name is Diddly Jack." I laughed so hard when he said that that I fell over. Definetly my best memory while I was there. After I did the visiting, I went straight to the airport and here I am now.


Black: Memories like that make you proud to do what you do, no matter what your profession. I know we were suppose to discuss what happened to you befoe the charity drive, but we are out of time for now (D-Jack mouths 'darn'). Until tomorrow, this is Jim Black with David Jackson saying goodnight and sleep well.


*The camera fades out.*

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