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OCW GM Announcement


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Tomorrow's Asylum show will be the last OCW weekly show until WWE 12 hits in November.


After lots of lengthy discussions with Mr.Reese, we have decided that OCW needs a complete, site wide break.


Show discussion is at an all time low, show content is at an all time low, new members is at an all time low.


We have about 30 members a day log on, but most log on out of habit now, nothing more..everyone apart from maybe 3-5 people are either burnt out or no longer want to play 2011.


There is basically 2 active storylines that are carrying the shows, which is Crowe vs Dupree and Aries vs Seth..and both have agreed that this can be picked up right where they left off when we return with a special Welcome Back Supershow.

All other storylines have basicaly died off...we all need this break to get the passion back.


There could possibly be an Indy Live event between now and the return, to keep people interested, but those of you who have a love for this site, and the things we do here, I'm sure will return when WWE 12 hits, plus a few others that usually return every November when the new game lands each year.


So take this time to refresh your ideas, and plan new ones, we've been going 7 years straight..and will return stronger than ever.


Any questions please ask myself or Mr.Reese.


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