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Omar Gibbs

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The jumble of the home video camera reveals illuminated plumes of marijuana *smoke engulfing the custom cabin of the late 2000's H2 Hummer. The feint sound of subwoofers thumping a punishing drum beat resonate throughout the massive military style vehicle. The dim glow of the dashboard DVD monitor playing OCW scouting reports reveals the once emaculate white leather interior and upholstery of the vehicle now singend and saturated with blunt ash and codeine syrup.


*A intoxicated Omar Gibbs can be seen leaning slightly to the left against the drivers side door window, reclined so far back that navigation of the Hummer is near impossible. A plush white fur coat dangles careless off of each shoulder of the shirtless gibbs. A exorbitant number of red, white, blue and yellow jeweled white gold chains drape the canvas of tattoos that is Omar's body. *A fist full of diamond encrusted rings grip the wheel of the H2 with the opposing encrusted digits pinching a smoldering blunt as ash floats towards his true religion jeans and white styrofoam cup of sizzurp.*


As Omar turns towards his compandre in shotgun holding the home camera *and begins to speak in a southern drawl his golden grill gleams in the passing motorist headlights.*


Omar Gibbs: Look at de's Lames...Ain't got no comparison and I ain't being arrogant. *


Omar points to the DVD monitor with the smoldering blunt in hand as varies OCW superstars highlight packages cascade screen.*


Omar Gibbs: Their product looks like a stomped on brick...Straight baby lax...


Omar Gibbs maniacal laugh ensues as the Hummer sways side to side on highway I-81 North from Georgia to New York.


Omar Gibbs: How ya gonna make money when your cliental is in the John wit da bubblies?


Omar Gibbs: Time to check some lames like a pair of Nikes.


Omar takes a long haul off his diminishing blunt followed by a chaser of now ashy codeine Sizzurp.


Omar Gibbs: I don't give a damn how ya feel about me, I sip lean... That pure codeine.*


As the final frames of the video package air, Omar Gibbs takes another sip from his white cup as his H2 grazes a jersey barrier in a fury of sparks.*


The scene fades to black with a chuckle.

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