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What you missed from Riot 3-29 edition


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-The Conduit-



Cameras fade into the backstage locker area after Baracus and Matsuda had finished their match.


Pieces of a door come flying into the hall as you see the door being broken down to nothing by Ghost.


Ghost: Where the hell is he!!!!!!!!!


Ghost stops and stares at Omerta staring into the ceiling light


Ghost: And I get stuck with you!!!!


Ghost: Where is Mayhem!!!!!!


Ghost grabbing Omerta, shaking him


Ghost: Why!!!?


Ghost: What have you said to Mayhem to not make him appear here tonight, what is it about you that gets into his head making him listen to your FUCKING whispers.


Ghost: Answer me!!!!!!!!!!


Ghost clutching Omerta by the neck with one fist cocked



Omerta looks blankly into Ghost's eyes, ignoring Ghost's concerns and turning his eyes looking back into the light.


Ghost: I've had enough of this. I will have my answers but this is not my place and nor does it help the cause.


Ghost shoving Omerta back as Omerta stumbles and falls over a chair.

Ghost begins walking out.



Omerta pulling himself off the ground, shaking his head has a object that feel from his ear making a slight noise onto the ground.


Omerta quick to stand stomping his foot on the object just as Ghost stops in his tracks.


Ghost turning around to see Omerta slinging a chair. Not seeing the object that just feel from his tag partners ear.

Ghost: That's right get upset. We have work to do. So get ready.


Ghost walks out of the locker room heading out to the entrance way.


Omerta letting out a sigh of relief. Picking up what appears to be a earpiece.


Omerta walking his way out to follow, checks to make sure it's clear tossing the piece into a trash can across the hall.

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