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Words of Greater Meaning

Useless Dane Xavier

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He sits on a steel chair, wearing the training gear that he's sported for the last two weeks. To his left is a twin sized bed, and his right a dresser. Dane Xavier clearly sits in his bedroom, located within the confines of his soul property of ownership. Tonight he has mustered up the nerve to face toward us, but he looks down and the shadows cover his face.


Dane Xavier: As much as it would please me to return to OCW this Thursday and test my skills in a match against Tiberius Dupree, I simply cannot. He and I will meet again in the near to distant future... but now is not the time... I must focus on the task at hand.


Dane rubs both of his wrists, showing a sense of nervousness.

Dane Xavier: I don't expect people to understand my state of mind, nor do I expect them to believe that I am trying to change my ways. Perhaps for some it is too late, and for others it comes right in time, but for most the name of the game is respect.


Dane Xavier: There are some that I have either shown respect to or have shown nothing at all and had nothing to do with them. I do, however, expect is for those people to treat me as I have treated them, the golden rule. Such is the value of substance between myself and Vincent Valmont.

Dane Xavier: I have shown Valmont cowardice and disrespect, and in return he has shown me much more of the same. To each and every one of you who has had an encounter with my darker self, I expect your retribution, but to the others... Either show your respect or show nothing at all.


The scene fades.

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