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Breaking News W/Stacy Clark


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OCW has learned some breaking news, tune in now as we take you to Stacy Clark.


Behind the scenes after a house show in Richmond, Virginia Sean McGee and Kale Lockhart were involved in an altercation regarding recent televised matches between the two. The two butt heads in an average argument that escalated into shouting and more aggressive behavior.


Superstars witness to the argument say that now punches were thrown and both superstars were separated rather easily. Sean McGee agreed to comment in an a phone call interview earlier this morning.


" Stacy Clark: Sean McGee, several superstars noted of an incident between you and Kale Lockhart backstage after a house show in Richmond, Virginia. Can you bring us to light on the situation?


McGee: Its real simple stacy,Lockhart needs to play his position...I was forced into this partnership with this cornball,im just tryin to make the best of a bad situation but he is to busy on his cell phone and taking orders from the old guy !!!


Stacy Clark: Do you think this will affect how you work in the ring together?


McGee: HELL YES...Kale Lockhart has a lot of "things" going on that i dont have time to talk about but I will tell you this ... Kale next time I see you I will deal with you...and your boy freind ...NO HOMO!!!!!!! *McGee's phone hangs up* "


Kale Lockhart was also contacted about the incident later on in a phone call.


"Stacy Clark: Kale, what are your comments on the reported incident with Sean McGee in Richmond?


Kale: You know Stacy, it was a simple miscommunication blown way out of proportion and McGee thought it was necessary to get in my face about it. Now that I know his true colours when it comes to our tag team, I don't know if we will be successful in the long run.


Stacy Clark: Successful in the long run? What if you guys win the tag team championships at Wrestlution?


Kale: I don't know, Stacy. We have to get there first; that I do know. Quite honestly I wouldn't mind getting my hands on Sean at the moment. Our next event we just happen to be in a tag match together so I guess it will have to wait. He must not understand that I enjoy hurting people so fortunate for him we have other issues in the way first.


Stacy Clark: If you guys lose before Wrestlution could this possibly lead up to a match at Wrestlution between yourself Kale Lockhart and Sean McGee?


Kale: Who knows? We're wrestlers, we don't do the bookings so we'll see. If we did lose, I'll tell you right now, I wouldn't decline the match-up. I've got to go Stacy, talk to you later.


Stacy Clark: Alright, thank you for your comments. *Phone clicks.*


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