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Backstage Troubles.

Carlos Cruz

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It's the day of Wrestlution yet everyone and everything seems very calm but that calm only last for a few seconds when the noise of people running towards the camera can be heard on the Cameraman's right hand side, but just before the camera can pan around to catch the action Carlos Cruz is seen running past with a Brown Burlap Bag that is generating a quite peculiar clunking sound and following Carlos Cruz is a number of Arena Security Guards. The Cameraman lowers the camera and attempts to pursue the action

The Cameraman comes to a halt in the corridor


Cameraman: Now which way did they go. Left or Right. Hey you...


The Cameraman can be heard heard talking to somebody with a very booming voice




Cameraman: Woah woah no need to shout I'm only right here


The camera shows a concrete floor that suddenly becomes the base of a wooden door. A knock can be heard and a familiar voice comes from inside the Locker room.


Carlos: There's no-one here at the moment but could you please leave a message after the beep. Beeeeeeep!


Cameraman: Hey Carlos it's the cameraman could you call me ba... *The Realisation of what the cameraman is doing comes across* God dammit Carlos open the door.


Carlos: Me hablo no Ingles o Espanyol


Cameraman: Arn't you Spanglish?


Carlos: No no Mister Carlos Cruz no here.


Camerman: Carlos. Why were those Security Guards chasing you.


The lock on the door is heard and the doorslowly begins to open and half of Carlos's head can be seen coming from the opening.


Carlos: Are they still here?


Cameraman: No they ran down the other Corridor.


The Door quickly swings open and Carlos pulls the Cameraman inside. The Cameraman lets out a giant gasp and starts to pick the camera up when it is suddenly stopped.


Carlos: No. I can't let people know I have these until the show is over and I can pawn them off....except that one. That one I deserved.


After a few seconds a container of some sorts can be heard opening and a scrubbing noise can be heard coming from just off camera.


Carlos: They've only had them one day and look at them already this one has some pretty messed up message on them


Carlos reads the award out aloud


Carlos: Randy the Ram Die in the Ring Award. No wonder that faggot got this award. Hopefully it will happen tonight, and look at this one It looks like it's been Rap...oh god is that what I think it..oh Jesus Christ is there nothing he'll rape. You can clean that one.


The Camera man can be heard sighing and the Camera suddenly shuts off.


To Be Continued.....


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