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Wake Up

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The sound of a vibration cause his eyes shoot open and dart around the room, he is breathing nervously and heavily and his face is covered in sweat. His eyes soon relax and slowly close as he wipes the sweat from his brow. He takes a moment to catch his breath before sitting up. He looks at the clock on the bedside table, 6:42 AM.


The vibrating once again catches his ear as he looks over toward the hotel bathroom. He notices that the mirror has been broken and pieces lay strewn all over the floor. His cell phone dances over the broken pieces of glass as it continues to vibrate. A perplexed look comes over Dane's face as he stands up and goes to retrieve the phone.


Careful not to touch any of the broken glass, Dane picks up the phone and opens it. "Hello?" He answers. He looks down at the broken mirror on the floor and just stares at it. "Oh it's you," he soon continues after realizing he is talking to a familiar voice. "I just had to strangest dream, and for some reason you were in it." Dane can't help but stare at the broken mirror on the ground. "You know what, never mind about all that right now. I'll meet you at LAX... alright... buh-bye."


Dane closes his phone, still hypnotized by the broken mirror on the hotel room floor. The camera pans over to show that Dane is looking at his broken reflection in those little pieces of mirror on the carpeted floor below. A sad look, perhaps a look of anger, or maybe both seem to creep upon the bearded face of Dane Xavier. He reaches up to the back of his head, unties bandana and pulls out his hair tie, the cloth and hair draping where they may.


Dane Xavier: This bandana... it signifies the cowardice I've displayed for many months. For those many months, I've hidden what's known as the infamous hairline. I've hidden from the locker room and from the world, my true self, just like I used money to hide my true self. I didn't make Dane Dollar-Sign Xavier, money made Dane Dollar-Sign Xavier. Greed made Dane Dollar-Sign Xavier, and Dane Dollar-Sign Xavier was only created to hide away the true Dane Xavier.


Dane Xavier: Tonight, the bandana comes off. The veil is lifted and everyone will get to see "The True" Dane Xavier for the first time. For over these last three months, the will to fight has grown strong... and the need for greed has been humbled.


Dane turns away from the broken reflection on the ground and begins heading toward the door. He collects his bags and things from the bedside table and walks toward the door. He opens it, the blinding light shines through and Dane shades his eyes. He walks out and door closes behing him as the scene fades.




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