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OCW Emergency meeting held.


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Exclusive from OCWFED.NET


We have learned that an emergency share holders meeting was held last night following the conclusion of DAMNATION.


Several notable board member's where in attendance including, Tiffany Sensation-Ortiz, and her husband the hall of famer Nate Ortiz.


The CEO of the company was not present at this meeting. The mood at the meeting was set to be grim, as ideas on how to liquidate stock options was on the table. Tiffany and Nate assured the board members that they will take matters into their own hands if it was deemed truly necessary.


Members made mention to the sheer amount of brutality that took place at Damnation and all of the injured superstars that will be seeking medical treatment. The exact body count isn't known at this point, nor is the extend of the injuries sustained.


We spoke with one ER Nurse at DC Metro who said it reminded her of a RIOT, with the influx of injury laden entries into the ER in such a short amount of time.



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