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Small introdcution...

Jaryd Styxx

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*Jaryd Styxx walks in the door to the OCW backstage area. He is wearing black pants and a muscle shirt with his initials on it. His cold, steel eyes take everything in as an interviewer and camera crew approach.*


Jim Black: "You must be...ummm.." *checks his notebook* "Jaryd Styxx?"


Jaryd: *he looks at Jim and rolls his eyes* "You must be Jim. Don't ask how I know, I do have sources. That, and you look...well, kinda like how I'd pictured a guy named Jim would look. Sunken, beady eyes, funny haircut...Seriously, who does your hair? Lady Gaga or whatever the hell his name is.."


Jim Black: "Umm, Lady Gaga is a woman..."


Jaryd: "Hey, whatever you want to believe is your business. Now then, we can stand here and talk singing transvestites OR we can just get down to business"


Jim: "Wow, ok. Well, tell the OCW fans who you are. Who IS Jaryd Styxx"


Jaryd: "One word pretty much sums up the entirety of who I am. GREATNESS. You are standing in the presence of who could possibly be one of the greatest athletes on the planet. In 6 years, I've amassed 32 title reigns with 7 different championships. DVS Undisputed Champion, 7 times, DVS European Champion, 4 times. DVS XTreme Champion 8 times. DVS Hardcore Champion, 5 times.

DVS Tag Team Champion, 8 times. "


Jim: "I was actually hoping to find out WHO you are. Obviously, you have enough under your belt to have even been invited here."


Jaryd: "I stand at 6'8", 270lbs. I eat, breathe, sleep, and shit this business. It's who I am, it's all I know. I don't do this for those sheep, the so-called 'fans'. I'm here to weave a 'tapestry of terror', my 'Legacy of Brutality'. Once I step between those ropes, the last place anyone wants to be is on the other side of the ring. I came to OCW because I keep hearing it's the place to be and they will definitely know who I am."


Jim: "Well..."


Jaryd: "Shut up, Jim. I wasn't through talking. For fuck's sake, you already remind me of Mike Austin from DVS. All he did was talk, talk, talk. Never let anyone get a word in edgewise. Do they teach Interviewers to be like this??"


Jim: "I don't..."


Jaryd: "See?!?!?! There you go interrupting again. Look, Jim. I'm gonna get out of here and maybe find a place tto grab some grub. You just keep doing what you do, interrupting people and what not, maybe we/you can chat/interrupt me again."


*He claps Jim on the back and walks off.*


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Nicely written, keep the f-bombs and cusses to a minimum, this is cable television ya know lol.


But besides that good job!

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