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When You're Xtreme

Xavier Everett

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Standing alone backstage....wondering what to do.

Xavier Everett:It's time,for change in OCW.For a new era to begin.The Era of Xtreme.The new face of OCW,will very well be me.But now,all I have to do,is prove it's true for this era to begin.Because.....when you're Xtreme.....you're unstoppable.

When you,re Xtreme,nothing can stop you.
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You get and E for effort, but that's about it.


Try to put more time and thought into your roleplays.


This isn't really a roleplay anyway, it's just a run on sentence.


You also didn't use the Morrison Method of roleplaying, check out the Rules and Regulations sub forum for how to write a proper rp.


Roleplays are the bread and butter of your character, half ass it and that's how your wrestler will be viewed, as a half ass busta.


Read other roleplays, watch past shows, and learn how others were successful.

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