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Nixon White

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Charles Darwin is often referred to as a revolutionary - a genius if you will. However, when he first published his theory of evolution, he only mentioned how organic beings evolved over time. This being said, I'm here to disprove Darwin. The fact of the matter is, Nixon White is a survivor. I can adapt to any situation at hand - at any given moment. A lot of you are probably scratching your troglodytic heads with your clubs right now, wondering exactly what this means for you. Well, let me be blunt about all of this... I am a masochist. I enjoy getting beaten and rising from the ashes like a Phoenix. Hits from barbed wire-wrapped 2x4s, chair shots, even being driven through a table - I've been through it all. With my high tolerance for pain, my ability to adapt to any given match type, as well as my knack for overcoming the odds, you may just see me wearing that OCW Hardcore Championship belt one day.
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