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Power To The Top: Tyro Kraven


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OCW Magazine was in attendance at the 8 Year Anniversary special and while the man of the hour is most certainly the New Sheriff in town Parker. Another man has seemingly risen from the ashes of yesterdays event.


Tyro Kraven has finally done what he could never do and that is to hold a high ranking OCW Championship. The man of few words was as expected emotional backstage as his peers all came to congratulate him. It is to note that the one such superstar who was not present back stage was Paul Pugh.


Some say that Tyro was 3 seconds away from the biggest prize in all of E-Wrestling the OCW Championship if not for some quick leverage on the part of Parker Stevens. Whatever the case maybe Tyro Kraven ends Season 7 on a high note and looks to be one of the big time key players for Season 8.


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 15-06, 18:20 Tiberius Dupree make him tap with brownie mix


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Tyro Kraven : "I would like to thank every single one of you..the fans ..for supporting me trough this entire year. I came back early..januari on a high note. I tought i could just walz back into the number 1 wrestling brand that is OCW and become the guy...the man. But it didn't turn out like that.. i missed so many oppertunity's..that i started to think that it was never going to happen, that my time would never come. But last night at the 8 year anni show...boy i can honestly say...this was my night. This night has refreshed spirits and i'm eager to defend my OCW Intercontinental championship in season 8 of OCW. Thank you all and goodnight.
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