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Hardcore Aftermath

Thomas Maypo

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Thomas Maypo is seen meditating, eyes shut and fist balled together in a dimly lit room with bleak grey walls with writings and passages written all over them.


Thomas: The steel... The steel... the steal.... He sprained my back on the steal. Was it revenge for putting him out for weeks. I think so. What is your thoughts?


Thomas eyes seem increasingly straining


Thomas: I Understand what you mean, I can see your view, It was done in spite. Even with my injury what i did to him was purifying. And in return he purified me. The corruption here has even started to way on me. Do you forgive me?


Thomas: Thank you, this pain was most intolerable but so enjoyable, its gives me relief, Just sitting up the stinging jolts in my spine send pleasure to my soul. But I lost my way to enlightening the others. The other one stole it from me. Am I to just let this go unredeemed?

Thomas relaxes his face and seeming pleasurable look comes to his face.


Thomas: Yes very true. But if not for the steel and my spine He slammed me into the ladde... Yes your right that's weak talk, it will not happen again. I must strive for the followers the ones who follow Maypo, the ones who follow you.


Thomas: I will fight this pain I will come back stronger!


Thomas opens his eyes and jumps up to his feet and screams in agony from his sprained spine.

Thomas: I will not be strayed! They will be Damned for the untruthful ways, I Am Maypo I lead, I will not fail I shall overcome, I will bring pain upon all those who are unpure and will end the careers of those who try to stay my path!


Thomas falls to his knees and then onto his stomach and pass's out from the immense pain.

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RDMoney: I read an article somewhere that creation would be a "Huge" part in this TNA. Now I'm reading that there are only 5 CAW slots and no CAW online. How is this playing a huge part?


MIDWAY: Understood. We need to improve in the area. Things got cut, and now we can pick the ball up on those things once again.

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