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Officially a main eventer

Michael Hollywood

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The scene starts with Michael Hollywood opening a door to a office and walking in. As Michael Hollywood walks in he sees his agent on the phone talking. His agents face is lit up with excitement and satisfaction. His agent motions for him to have a seat so Michael Hollywood walks over to a very comfortable looking leather chair and sits down. After the agent hangs up the phone he has a huge slick greedy smile on his face as he begins to speak to Michael Hollywood.


Agent: Hollywood, thanks for coming down here today. How are you doing?


Michael Hollywood is kicked back and relaxed in the chair as he speaks.


Michael Hollywood: That depends on what the news is that you called me down here about. It better be good because I should be getting ready to go out to a club right now with some very fine ladies instead of being here.


Michael Hollywoods phone beeps so he pulls it out of his pocket and checks it and then puts it back in his pocket.


Michael Hollywood: Another follower added, I'm becoming the king of social media. Go on E.Z. whats the big news? The ladies are waiting.


Agent: Well your day is going to get a whole lot better. You know I wouldn't have called you down here if I didn't have huge news.


Agent: All the hard work keeping you from doing interviews to drum up anticipation for you, all the hyping you on all the social media sites, and that huge expensive video package we put together and had aired at the 8 year anniversary show has paid off.


Agent: That was OCW that I was just on the phone with and its official you are in the main event of the first episode of Ambition this season!


Michael Hollywood: Now thats what I'm talking about! I knew the brass at OCW were smart people. They know a main eventer and a true superstar when they see one.


The agent has a look of concern on his face now as he speaks.


Agent: Now I know your wrestling on the Live and Unleashed In a couple of days but please don't go out there and over do it and get yourself injured before your official debut on Ambition because that's where the money is.


Michael Hollywood: Relax calm down I'm not going to get injured before my big debut I know what I'm doing. I'm a main eventer!


Michael Hollywood: So, who am I facing in the main event of Ambition?


Agent: Somebody named Ace Angel.


Michael Hollywood: Mace Angle? Is he related to that olympic wrestler?


Agent: Ace Angel....


Michael Hollywood: Whatever, Mace or Ace it doesn't matter what his name is he isn't the most watched and anticipated rookie in OCW. He's not Michael Hollywood.


Michael Hollywood then gets that trademark cocky and arrogant Hollywood smile on his face.


Michael Hollywood: When he steps in the ring with me he is going to find out what OCW going Hollywood means.


Michael Hollywood: Ace is just the first bump in the road to the top of OCW for Michael Hollywood.


His agent nods his head in agreement with his own slick greedy smile as the scene fades to black.

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